If Only Women Bore Lions: Protecting the Baby Killers

By Jennifer Hartline Published on July 30, 2015

Count me among those who are appalled that a hunter thought it his prerogative to kill — for no good reason whatsoever — Cecil the African lion. He was a magnificent creature. It is truly a shame that he was killed and his body ripped apart just for sport, so some adrenaline junkie could get his kicks. It shows no respect for life of any kind. I hope they can charge the selfish dentist who killed him with a crime.

But I wish Americans could muster a smidgen of the outrage they feel over Cecil’s death for the millions upon millions of American children who have been hunted, shot in the heart, stabbed in the skull, torn limb from limb, and then picked apart for salable pieces by Planned Parenthood for decades now.

If only women bore lions. Or puppies. Then, I strongly suspect abortion would be outlawed in a New York minute. We take greater offense at the brutal treatment of animals than we do our own pre-born babies.

But abortion-loving feminists can afford to be outraged by the mistreatment and killing of animals because it won’t jeopardize their “reproductive rights.” The only outrage they display on behalf of the killing of children in the womb is for the audacious effort to expose the reality of their brutal deaths to a willfully blind and indifferent nation, who’d simply rather not acknowledge the slaughter taking place in their own towns.

It can’t possibly be true that an abortionist would tear a baby’s legs off while the baby was still alive. It couldn’t possibly be true that they stab a little baby in the skull and suction out her brains to kill her. It can’t possibly be, as we see in the newest undercover video, that “doctors” do this while admitting cavalierly that “it’s another boy!” and “it’s a baby.” That’s science fiction horror stuff! All we really want is for the poor woman who doesn’t want to be pregnant to have a “choice.” Geez, we’re not monsters. That stuff isn’t really happening.

What Will It Take?

It’s beginning to seem like a Twilight Zone episode that our President, half our politicians, candidates, business leaders, religious leaders, and of course, the media, are so stubbornly defending the brutality of abortion and the unethical practice of selling baby body parts. The only wrongdoing they can see is that the respectable, benevolent veneer surrounding Planned Parenthood is in danger of being melted away by showing the public what the business of abortion really involves.

So you’ve seen it now, dear public. What are you going to do about it? What will it take for you to acknowledge the humanity of that little child in the womb? When will you be so horrified at the extermination of babies that you stop calling it a “choice” and start calling it unconscionable?

Do you still doubt the truth of what you’ve seen? How exactly do you think a baby of 15-weeks, or 20 weeks, or 24 weeks is killed and removed from the womb? Do you think it’s done gently and painlessly? Do you really believe the baby doesn’t feel the dismemberment? Is this really what civilized people do?

If what we’ve seen in the last two weeks doesn’t shock the conscience of the nation enough for people to snap out of their delusions about abortion, I have to wonder if anything ever will. If this isn’t enough to demand that Planned Parenthood not receive another cent of tax dollars ever again, then we will have cemented our flag permanently on the hill that is the bloody grave of our children.

Millions of us are individually outraged, of course, but as a nation we sanction their destruction, pay for it with federal dollars, give invincible cover to the organization that preys upon them and exploits women and young girls for profit and cries foul only when someone dares to provide proof of all the above.

As a nation, we don’t care because those unwanted and inconvenient, or imperfect little parasites have no right to get in the way of our individual freedoms and wishes. We can’t be expected to curb our sexual appetites, or show any regard for another person’s life and body when that little person has the unmitigated gall to require a mother’s womb to grow in.

This is the real horror of these grotesque Planned Parenthood videos. We still refuse to admit that the reason Planned Parenthood has baby body parts to sell is because their business is killing babies. The reason we can be disgusted by their cavalier attitude toward the body of a dead baby is because we are cavalier about killing that baby in the first place.

We don’t merely tolerate their deadly business. We require it so that we can be “free.” The abortionists may be holding the forceps and doing the deed, but the blood of guilt is upon our whole nation.

What, you think that language is too strong? Too dramatic? Then, you are still deluded. Still stuck in the euphemisms of “choice” and “reproductive rights” and “women’s health.”

And that delusion is why as a nation we are willing to butcher our children and experiment on their remains, and tell ourselves it’s for our own good. It’s humanitarian. Some terrible disease won’t be cured unless we keep doing this. It’s really for the good of all. How noble we are!

It’s just a fetus. It’s just an embryo. The euphemisms justify and excuse our unwillingness to protect that son or daughter, and instead to protect the predators.

If only it were a puppy. If only it were a lion.

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  • John Catley

    Perhaps anyone considering such “convenience” should be required to watch the procedure before signing up.
    It won’t stop everyone, but many might reconsider.

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