Why Women Aren’t the Answer

Our society is broken. Women and men are getting hurt because of it. Men and women are to blame.

Participants seen at Take Back The Workplace March And #MeToo Survivors March & Rally on November 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

By Liberty McArtor Published on November 17, 2017

Hollywood. Business. Church. Congress. Where hasn’t sexual misconduct, including assault and harassment, left its ugly mark? As #MeToo has revealed, the experience is common to millions of women. Old and young, rich and poor, black and white. It’s heartbreaking.

When so many famous men have been dethroned, people are looking for solutions. A tweet by comedian Conan O’Brien last week sums up the country’s exasperation: “I’m ready for the all-female reboot of America.”

That’s meant to be a joke. Yet a joke’s not a joke unless its holds a grain of sincerity. In light of #MeToo, many have called for more women. In Congress, as CEOs, in other leadership roles.

As an idea, it’s one I support. So often women forge their careers in male-dominated fields. It’s harder to stand up for yourself when you’re in the minority, with few to understand your experience or perspective.

Maybe men are the problem. Maybe we wouldn’t have sexual assault, or violence, if we just got rid of these men. Right? Wrong.

A History of Abuse

Throughout history, women have been treated as sub-par humans, with fewer rights and less value. Even in the Land of the Free, women haven’t enjoyed the full-scale rights of citizenship as long as men have. For centuries, men have held most of the powerful public roles.

We need men and women to care for each other. To build each other up. To view each other as teammates rather than enemies.

Power tends to corrupt. So when you have more men in power, it’s no surprise you have more men abusing power. Throw in men’s generally stronger physique, social expectations influencing male and female behavior, and the controversial but science-backed fact that men tend to be more aggressive than women and Bam! When the gates hiding rampant sexual misconduct finally break open, no wonder it’s mostly men tumbling out.

But that doesn’t mean men are more sinful. Or that women are more holy. Or that the solution to our society’s brokenness is to eradicate one sex, let your guard down with the other, and assume everything will be okay.

Women Are Sinful, Too

Let’s get biblical, here. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (Romans 3:23) Women, that includes us. Often, our sin will come in different stripes than the fellas’. After all, our brains are different. And so are our proclivities. Again, this is both common sense and solid science.

But don’t think that means women aren’t capable of vile behavior, including violence, aggression and even sexual assault. These stories from the past month didn’t get as many hits as others. They had the likes of Roy Moore, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey to contend with. But they happened:

And if you want to talk about public figures, “feminist hero” Gloria Steinem brushed off Bill Clinton’s accusers for years. Nasty Women co-editor Kate Harding argued Thursday that “we should not force a Democrat to resign for sexually abusing women,” because it would make room for “more men who hate women deeply and openly.” (She’s talking about Republicans.)

Let’s not even get started on Hillary Clinton. Her career was built on a pile of expendable women and empty empowerment jargon.

It’s not just conservative women who will agree with this. Ask any liberal female whether they truly think all women deserve to be in power. They’ll quickly recite the faults of chicks (especially those pesky pro-lifers) deemed unworthy of their own sex.

Needed: All of Us

Don’t misconstrue my words to mean that I don’t think more women should run for Congress, lead businesses or speak up in general. Don’t think I’m ignoring the systemic problem of powerful men abusing women. Don’t think I’m bashing #MeToo.

Hear what I’m saying: our society is broken. Women and men are getting hurt because of it. Men and women are to blame.

We need good women to have courage to stand up for what’s right even when it’s difficult, to continue to pioneer new paths for posterity, to teach their children what it means to be loving, respectful, confident and determined.

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We need good men to have the courage to stand up for what’s right. To speak up for the vulnerable when their voice carries more weight. To teach their children, especially their sons, what it looks like to honor, encourage, and assist women as co-laborers on this earth.

We need men and women to care for each other. To build each other up. To view each other as teammates rather than enemies. Not as feminazis or toxic men, but as fellow image-bearers of God.

The all-female reboot of America sounds cute. Even a little refreshing in a time when the misdeeds of men are getting exposed. But it’s not the answer. Not even close.

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  • tz1

    Men and women are different. Men look for pretty women and are visual. Women look for alpha males – high status to the lizard brain, not the rational faculties.

    How many women who are making the accusations, which I can take seriously and condemn, are still virgins? Oh, bad question. As is “Is virginity something sacred and extremely valuable, or something common and base?”.

    We cannot have both a hookup culture where men and women engage in one-night stands and at the same time hold sexuality sacred, or even valuable. If Weinstein stole women’s ice cream cones would there be a big controversy? But how dear, valuable, is that very thing that Weinstein violated?

    Giving something away practically for free sets a value, and that is the cause of the schizophrenic view on sexual abuse. How can it be abuse when in nearly every other circumstance there is preemptive surrender and consent?

    Before 1970, virginity was all but assumed. And considered of a value next to life itself, hence the huge penalties for rape which were often similar to murder. Now virginity is the second thing lost when going to college (the first is solvency due to student loans).

    As slutty as I want to be at this moment? That doesn’t work.

    You see that in the accusations of campus rape – no, it is not 20% if you exclude regrets. And especially the false accusations or hoaxes like Duke LaCrosse or Rolling Stone’s Jackie.

    We must decide if virginity is sacred, or sex is merely another commodity and treat the violation as one or the other.

  • Bc

    Clearly the previous person that commented would feel that if someone tied them down to sexually assault them it would be the same as getting slapped in the face. In a day where virginity is not something many if any attempt to keep until marriage, it still does not make sexual assault any less of a crime. In boxing you expect to get hit in the ring and at the gym, not in your office building or in the grocery store. But perhaps this commenter feels that because they are accepting to fighting in a ring means it is okay to hit them anytime. Please let’s not lessen how important this time is that people are coming forward about these things. I doubt you could throw a rock in any direction and not hit someone who has been assaukted or harassed. It’s time people stood up and thought it was important enough to put a stop to. And then perhaps th
    E sexual banter will be less which will demand more respect, which will maybe in turn get people to realize their bodies are a temple.

  • John

    My wife spent her entire “working age” years as a stay-at-home mom. Does no one care enough about the children to live that lifestyle anymore? I guess the second income is the all important thing in these women lives. After all what could be more important that your children? They would not be victims in the workplace if they were at home with their children.

    • Concerned Christian

      My wife stayed at home as well because she could trust me. It appears your wife did the same because she could trust you. The majority of women that i know would like to stay home with their kids. Then why don’t they? Look at the men.

      I’ve never known a man who wanted his wife to stay home that didn’t unless the man was abusive or controlling. The problem is not on the woman’s side, if men are men, women will be women.

  • Bc

    Some women don’t have children. Some of the women that have this happen in the workplace are in their late teens. And this commenter that states women would not have this happen if they would stay home… wow. I’m so thankful we have evolved from caveman days or have we. Apparently some people think it’s the women’s fault they are preyed upon just because they showed up at work. I guess this commenter had a male secretary and a male nurse and male dental hygienist and so forth. Back in the day when women had only certain jobs… hang in there world certainly there are people with better ideas to stop the harassment than “women stay home” and “if women aren’t virgins then they shouldn’t complain”. Isn’t this the mindset of another country that kills women when they are raped because now they are “unclean”.

  • Bc

    And also while your wife spent her “working years” at home, where you at the office harassing the women there? Hopefully not. But that’s great your wife stayed home that was your decision as a family. My mother stayed home with us while my father went to work too. But I could honestly say that I would Joyner have felt less important if my mother had worked too.

    • Conr

      It isn’t about feeling ‘less important’. If you’re not parenting your child, someone else is…

  • benevolus

    As we approach the end of the age, I suspect more and more women will become lesbians (the behavior having become completely normalized), and will abort male babies, except for a few as breeding stock. This will be sold as progressive, anti-patriarchal, and good for the environment, because it limits population growth. Look for this first in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Then maybe the USA and China. The Catholic countries and Russia will resist until the end.

  • Let me see, ummm Hitlery cliton, smirky murkey of germnanny, the TOTALLY screwed up $#*)(#+ females who run the dead brained country of sweetden. Then there are those like the good Margaret Thatcher. I don’t think it has much to do with gender, but knowledge of truth and heart.

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