With Hillary Clinton in the White House, Christians Would Be in a Fight for Civil Survival

By John Zmirak Published on July 6, 2016

With the new legal fight in Iowa over the free speech of Christian pastors, we must face a brutal fact: The position of Christians in America is more endangered now than it has been since the Pilgrims’ “starving time” of 1620. We are threatened by a relentless social, economic, cultural and political elite that finds our basic beliefs intolerable — in the literal sense.

Our ruling class will not tolerate Biblical moral norms that go back thousands of years, which humanized Western civilization. Billions of dollars of government action, corporate influence and media persuasion are being mustered day by day to silence those who resist Multicultural Hedonism — from pastors to sports announcers, from small business owners to college teachers. We fail to defend them, and one by one they fall.

There are many grave reasons to fear that a Hillary Clinton administration would threaten the safety of our country, even apart from her policies. Yesterday the director of the FBI laid out a grim list of crimes committed by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, accusing her of recklessly, willfully sending classified information about military and strategic matters on servers less secure than Gmail, which Russia, China, North Korea (and perhaps even ISIS) have likely pilfered and are already using against us.

Our allies, sources and agents in dangerous places might lose their lives, just as our embassy staff in Benghazi did on Hillary Clinton’s watch. We don’t know with whom Hillary Clinton met as secretary of state, because she burned her daily schedules — according to her top aide and constant companion Huma Abedin, whose last job before the White House was at a radical Islamist journal funded by Saudi Arabia.

The FBI director also noted that Mrs. Clinton crassly lied about her abuse of government secrets, repeatedly and publicly, to investigators and to voters. It seems that she also perjured herself by lying to Congress while under oath.

And yet, in the wake of a private meeting between the Attorney General and the candidate’s husband — a former president — the FBI will not prosecute her. As National Review rightly notes, this is the kind of thing that happens in banana republics, as the last few trappings of democratic governance are stripped away to reveal the raw face of Power.

Hillary Clinton, whose actions were more destructive than Edward Snowden’s, might squeak her way into our country’s seat of supreme power, which she has just learned she may abuse without any consequences. If so, she has promised her Planned Parenthood financial backers to pack the nation’s courts with the likes of Mark Tushnet, the Harvard law professor who in May proclaimed that the “culture wars” are over, and that Christians and other conservatives ought to be treated as the Allies did the defeated Nazis and Japanese.

Not since the Soviet dupe Vice President Henry Wallace was a heartbeat (and FDR’s fading heartbeat) away from the presidency in 1945 has the Republic been in such danger. The mainstream left in this country used to be just an opponent — a movement that shared our basic premises about civic order and common decency, but differed on how best to guide the economy, on the wisest foreign policy, on how much to tax and where to spend.

That is no longer even remotely true. Now the left is threatening to tax our churches, close our colleges, force our doctors to sexually mutilate mentally ill patients, and make our pharmacists hand out abortion pills. The people of Massachusetts have just been told that they may not even vote on whether the multiculturalist, dumbed-down Common Core curriculum will be imposed upon their children.

The leaders of our elite universities will not defend the teaching of basic texts of Western civilization, while the unhinged hysterical “snowflakes” whom they diploma-fy after four years of pricey coddling are screaming for their loans to be paid off by the taxpayer. So Walmart workers without college degrees would foot the bill for the next Lena Dunham’s M.A. in Women’s Studies.

Meanwhile our government proposes to spend our tax money providing sex change surgeries for soldiers and importing unvettable Muslim refugees all the way here from their safe havens in Turkey, while leaving local Christians to die.

A Supreme Court that Hillary Clinton has not yet had the chance to pack has tossed out basic safety laws that briefly made Texas abortion clinics less dangerous to women than Kermit Gosnell’s butcher shop, perhaps undoing similar laws in many other states — the fruit of decades of patient, scrupulous incremental work by the pro-life movement through the democratic process. All tossed in the trash. The icy contempt which British elites expressed for that nation’s voters after Brexit is reflected perfectly here, as the Citizens of International Business Class unite to repress the “racist,” “xenophobic” masses.

The left has made itself not our opponent but our enemy. While its partisans are still our fellow citizens and deserve basic Christian charity, they do not deserve our trust. We are long past the time when it was possible to compromise with the left in view of some agreed-upon common good. They have blasted it into No Man’s Land.

We are locked in a Hobbesean conflict for mere civic survival.

John Zmirak is author, most recently, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

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  • Mo86

    “The left has made itself not our opponent but our enemy. ”

    We’re just noticing this now?

  • Gary

    The US has been on a course of suicide for some time now. But in recent years, it has intensified the pace of self-destruction. It would be amusing to watch, were we not affected by it.

  • Jonathan Vlietstra

    All I hear is whining that you wont be able to discriminate against people and implement your Christian version of sharia law and force everyone in the country to follow your personal beliefs.
    But the left believes in FREEDOM and will not tolerate your trying to turn the country into a theocracy based on bronze age mythology.

  • Levi Sweeney

    We need to innovate around oppression and hardship.

    Even in the darkest days of Christianity, during Nero’s purges in the bad old days of Rome, Christians found a way to survive. They used it as an opportunity to trim the fat (false converts fell away) and beef up the muscle (the faithful got stronger).

    Similarly, Frederick Douglass was trapped in the bondage of slavery, but he didn’t let that stop him. He ingeniously taught himself how to read, escaped from slavery at the age of 20, and wrote, spoke, and agitated with all his heart. Then a guy named Abraham Lincoln came along, decided he agreed with what Douglass wrote and said, and later became president and dealt the final blow against chattel slavery in the United States.

    The night is always darkest just before the dawn.

    • James

      The difference is that in the olden days those Christians loved not their lives unto death. Post modern “Christians” love this present world and that’s why we’re so fuct as a society. Today’s post modern “Christians” seek to save their lives and are toofa king stupid to realize that that is how they lose their lives forever. Because they are dummies, er something, I suppose.

      • richard40

        Made obvious when many of the foolishly voted for Trump over Cruz.

        • James

          I started off being for Ted Cruz, but I went for Trump because he punches back thrice as hard. Ted Cruz belongs on the Supreme Court, where his thoughtful and civilized approach is more appropriate. Not a criticism of Cruz, really. So he’s not as inclined to slam the SJW’s heads into the pavement the way Trump is, we can’t all be crazy. And, Nancy Pelosi told me that I have to vote for Trump to find out what is in him.

          • richard40

            Yes trump likes to punch, but for who. I see no principles he is for, other than for power for him. His incredibly dishonest and sleazy attacks on Cruz tells me Trump is willing to say and do anything for power, no principles, no ethics, no honesty. As for Cruz not being a fighter, he did plenty of fighting leading the Tea Party faction in the senate, did plenty of pushback against SJW’s, and even now is fighting the dems from the senate. The only difference with Cruz is he is honest, he wont lie, which according to trumpies makes him weak. Trumps undisciplined selfish style of fighting is just as dangerous to conservatives as it is to the dems, kind of like Custer/Hooker/Burnside, and a lot of people confuse crudity, personal insults, outragiousness, and hostility, with being strong, when to me all it demonstrates is Trump is an ass*ole.

          • James

            You mention Custer, Hooker, and Burnside, but what about Patton the blowhard, Grant the drunk, and Sherman the crazy guy? I didn’t like Trump going Alinsky on Cruz, but he’s a loose cannon so that’s what happens. Weapons of mass destruction like Trump tend to cause a lot of collateral damage.

          • richard40

            Yes, it can go both ways, which is why those agressive personality types belong in the military, being carefully watched by more careful superiors, and their natural aggressiveness being directed against the right enemy, not as commander in chief, where nobody knows what they could win up doing. As great of a general Patton was he would have made a terrible prez, and Grant, also a great general, was a bad prez, so you just provided some more great examples to prove my case against Trump.

  • Boston_Patriot

    The Left wants Statism; government control. The Right wants…..hmmm, not one mention of individual rights or liberty in that article….

    • James

      Christianity is not Right or Left according to the way the stupid world looks at politics. Christian politics would be according to the pattern Jesus set when He told His disciples that whoever would be great among them would be their servant, and whoever would be greatest would be the servant of all. Hence the tradition of Christian politics being “public service” provided by “public servants.” Whereas in contrast Jesus pointed out that the rulers of the gentiles lorded it over them and exercised great authority upon them. No wonder the psychotic megalomaniacal tyrants hate Jesus so much. They hate having their oppressive ways pointed out.

      • richard40

        Public service, but definitely not provided by public servants working for gov, Jesus call to charity was individual and voluntary, not cooerced by the gov through taxes. Jesus was not a leftie, since a leftie would have been calling for charity from Rome. The charity Jesus wanted was individual and voluntary, totally antithetical to the leftist ideal, but compatible with the non cooercion libertarian principles.

        • James

          Government charity requires stealing, and stealing is a sin, so, Christians ought to know enough not to support it. That’s why Jesus cannot possibly be a Lefty. The Left is all about expropriation. The Left says all property is theft so they can justify stealing it. They used to call it expropriation but they don’t even bother using euphemisms anymore. Also, I think it is the mental perversion of our socialist age that we think of the government as a welfare machine. Public servants are supposed to carry out the public business, and not doling out charity the way they do now. Public servants are supposed to be judges and generals and a few administrators for roads and aqueducts and such things. The rest of government is essentially a communistic lie. Because communism and socialism give so much power to government and bureaucracies, they are anti-Christ in principle.

    • richard40

      Not from Trump either. He does not have you back on this, since he agreed with the LGBT people on the NC bathroom law, and is silent on this Iowa outrage. Cruz was the only one who did care about this, since he cared about liberty for everybody, but according to trump and his trumpies Cruz and his supporters, people like you, were a bunch of creepy religious nuts. Yes NYC trump and his trumpies were spreading leftie anti religious propaganda against fellow repub christian voters, so you know where trump really stands, you are rubes to be conned to him.

  • Techtor Gorch

    Not sure how important “civic survival” is. After all, we are just in this world, not of it.

    • tiredofRHINOS

      Welcome to Hidabeasts America you pathetic self-righteous nevertrumper!

      • Techtor Gorch

        It’s from a book called the Bible.

      • richard40

        Of course despite his bloward talk, Trump is actually the biggest rhino of them all.

  • lhfry

    The left targets religion as it targets all sources of authority outside the state.

    • Boris

      Because there is no authority outside the state. Your religion tries to assert authority over unbelievers which is why we have had to do away with it. Your children will be atheists.

    • richard40

      yes, and trump targets all sources of authority outside of trump.

  • immanuelgoldstein

    We are living in a new Feudalistic age, where the elites of every country express their loyalties only to each other, and never to their countrymen in whatever country they live in. Cultural sabotage might just be our only recourse.

    • richard40

      yes, elites like trump and hillary

  • Phil Ossiferz Stone

    Massive civil disobedience is called for. There is no reason to play the game when it is rigged from top to bottom.

  • Susan Matthiesen

    Before Hillary closes the country and locks us all in we could flee to Ecuador whose Roman Catholic President, Rafael Correa, is adamantly pro-life. Ecuador is filled with healthy lovely and kind people with young families and children everywhere. Correa very much despises those – the UN and the US – who try to push other countries, his especially, to decriminalize abortion…or as he calls it – prenatal euthanasia. Of that situation he says: “They can do whatever they want. I will never approve the decriminalization of abortion. Ecuador is a pro-life nation.”

    He could teach Obama and Hillary how to have God’s blessing bestowed upon a country because presently Ecuador is definitely being blessed by God. Round trip from Ft Lauderdale International’s squalid airport to Quito’s exquisite clean and beautiful one is only $338. They use the dollar and it goes a LOT further there than here. Voltage is the same, and Ecuador provides WiFi everywhere.

    In addition, Our Lady overlooks the old part of Quito high on a hill. People wear scapulars, go to Mass, don’t have tattoos, shaved heads or ear plugs. Children wear school uniforms…the country is beautiful. My only quandary is: Do I stay here and fight or move to Ecuador. It’s a tough decision because I love America.

    • richard40

      What is Correa’s economic policies. Are they closer to the free market policies of chile, or the socialist ones of much of the rest of S America. If closer to Chile, I agree he sounds like a good leader. I am nowhere near ready to leave America though, this country was too great for too many years, and our founding ideal too good, for me to give up on reforming it now. And I will still hope, despite now being faced with 2 totally anti liberty candidates, Trump and Hillary, from our major parties. We lost the battle for religion and liberty already now when the repub party went brain dead and nominated Trump, but there is always 2018-2020.

    • Kyle Reese

      B—, I hope you just get raptured up!

      • Billy Chickens

        You believe in the rapture trap! Susan doesn’t because she’s Catholic and not swayed by protestants, because she used to be one.

  • Jeremy Klein

    It is true that eventually every worldly empire will turn against Christ and Christians. However in the meantime Christian citizens in the U.S. are still part of ‘We the People’, and therefore are part of the Sovereign of this nation. It is our responsibility to do what we can to promote the well-being of our nation. Preaching the Gospel is foremost. Also in this fallen world we often don’t have the ideal choice of ‘good’ and ‘bad’; instead we are forced to choose between evils, often intertwined goods and evils that take wisdom to understand. I will not quarrel with those who say that the nation has fallen so far that they are going to leave, or refuse to participate in the political process. However in my opinion it is our responsibility as the Sovereign of this nation to engage in the process and fight the evil.

  • An_A_C

    If I were to send this to my pastor and ask for comments, he would doubtless advise doing what faithful, evangelical, believing churches have done for the past decades. Unfortunately, that has led us far down the slippery slope to the precipice where the church in America teeters now. The church may already be over the edge and falling. Keep in mind that the fall is painless; how would we know we are off the edge and our trajectory to destruction cannot be reversed? Except, possibly, by an act of God, should He choose to intervene.

  • JamesCincy

    Let me dab away my tears for the oppressed majority. A great majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Nobody is coming after Christians. The above article is completely ridiculous.

    • Susan Matthiesen

      Talk about someone with their head buried in deep deep sand!

      For starters let’s just say that Christians and Yazidis butchered in the MidEast and North Africa – you do agree about that, right? – are an oppressed minority. They don’t have a chance to grow to be a majority because of the genocide.

      In the US no one is rounding up Christians YET and slaughtering them. That lies down the road a bit. But nevertheless Christians are being persecuted, not physically but in every other way. There is no longer freedom of speech for Christians, no longer conscientious objection for not performing abortions,no freedom for teaching religion at a religious institution. Nope…it’s all about Islam today. Muslims have freedom to do and say whatever they want with impunity.

      You didn’t say if you identify as Christian. Perhaps you are Muslim?

      • JamesCincy

        @Susan – Rounding up Christians “yet?” Not sure where you live but I’m thinking it’s remote in some way. Nobody is coming after you or your beliefs. Sorry, but my brain doesn’t flow the way yours does. Your response has 11 different ridiculous, paranoid things going for it and I don’t really know what to say. I’ll just move along. Take care.

        • Susan Matthiesen

          If you’re still there…have you ever read history? Anyway, I bet I could be put in jail way before you. All I have to do is go out on the street and start telling people that homosexuality is a sin and so forth. You, obviously a liberal, would be the type of person to report me by calling the police. BTW, not that it’s any of your business except you are trying to stereotype me, I don’t live in a remote area.

        • richard40

          This Iowa commission is declaring what pastors say in their churches as illegal hate speech, and declaring how they organize their bathrooms as illegal. If its illegal, they can then round them up for it. So what you are denying could ever happen already has.

      • richard40

        More likely he is a radical leftie atheist. But dont expect help from trump on this either, since he sided with LGBT on the NC bathroom bill. The only one who did have your back on these issues was Cruz, but according to Trump and his trumpies those Cruz people were all a bunch of religious nuts.

    • Jim Walker

      James you are daft. The signs of Christians oppression are already existing, just that, you (if you are a Christian) do not feel the heat in the Pot that you are in, slowing warming up.
      You can’t put a Banner “God Bless America” on your store’s door post, and its a matter of time when they will remove “Under God” in your pledge of allegiance, these are some of the oppressions that are warming up to lukewarm Christians who won’t feel a thing.
      Everything your president did begins the start of Christian persecution.

      • JamesCincy

        The only reason someone wouldn’t put God Bless America on their store’s door post is if they were the owner and were thinking they might alienate a customer who wasn’t Christian or wasn’t religious. When does that ever happen? Can you provide a link to a story where a private business had to pull down their God Bless America sign? Of course you can’t. BIg companies like Macy’s, maybe other department stores, Etc., will have banners that say Happy Holidays versus Merry Christmas because they don’t want to risk losing any market share. It’s their choice, not something required by the government. Both of your examples are poor ones. No one is requiring anyone to pull down banners (you can’t provide proof of it) and no one is taking Under God from the pledge of allegiance. What you’re thinking has no basis in reality but you’re entitled to your opinion.

        • Jim Walker

          James go search online news. An owner of a store was asked to take down his “God Bless America” banner by his state department.
          So what happened to the First Amendment ?
          There are petitions to remove “Under God” going on and with a Liberal far left govt, its a matter of time.

        • Cheryl walsh

          James Cindy, your comments sound like Orwellian denial,………”there’s nothing to see here, move on along.” Some of us choose not to be deaf, dumb, and blind. Some of us know the Truth in spite of people like you.

  • Cheryl walsh

    “Hobbesean conflict”….what do you think he meant when he used these words?

  • robnbc

    Trump doesn’t know the difference between a Mormon and an evangelical, doesn’t go to church and his 3rd wife is a porn queen. Demonizing Hillary merely diverts people from Trump’s soullessness.

    • Soforizo

      I’d rather deal with a ‘soulless person’ than a demon any day.

  • Bob Whitehurst

    The lack of consensus in the comments is so predictable. As the author of this excellent article states so eloquently, we are long past the time when it was possible to compromise with the left in view of some agreed-upon common good. And so here they are trying to play it down as if it isn’t even happening.

    • MissNomer


  • Kyle Reese

    Kermit’s Butcher Shop? No – false. About 50% of abortions are pill induced before the 10 week mark. Democratic voters rejected the “Free College” candidate, but there should be some way to get out of crushing debt more quickly after graduating.

    The author does nothing but evoke a bunch of phantom evils – which he probably did while Obama was elected, and never came to pass – and promote hysteria. And then blame it on the left for not being able to be civil and compromise. Good stuff.

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