Will President Trump Sacrifice Israel’s Safety, and Thousands of Christians in Syria, Just to Appease the Turks?

By Johannes de Jong Published on December 14, 2018

One hour ago I got the most terrible news imaginable. President Trump is about to endanger tens of thousands of Christians, hundreds of thousands of Kurds, and millions of Arabs just to appease Turkey.

Turkey is at this moment threatening to attack the Federation of Northern Syria. Turkey wants to destroy the same people who defeated ISIS. Who built a new society where there is real freedom of religion and equality of men and women. They established a bottom-up democracy where all ethnic groups are cooperating. I and countless other outside observers have witnessed it. The Syrian Democratic Forces have been fighting side by side with the U.S. against ISIS for the last three years.

Christian Converts Are Free Here

Historic Christian churches are really free in the Federation. But it’s better than that. Right here, in the heart of the Middle East, new churches are welcome. People who are converts from Islam can build a new church — rather than face the death penalty as they would in Iran or Saudi Arabia. In fact, such Syrian converts find welcome from the local mayor. (This happened two months ago in Kobane.)

After years of partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces, the U.S. has apparently signaled Turkey that it will no longer protect its SDF allies. This even though U.S. forces sit right there on the ground, in U.S. bases, along the border.

The Federation of Northern Syria is almost the only good news to emerge from the Middle East in a decade. And President Trump, who helped to build it, may now let the Turks destroy it. These local U.S. allies are fending off panic, and have issued a total mobilization to face Turkish attack.

Is Trump Abandoning the Allies who Beat ISIS?

Here’s the terrible news: After years of partnership with the Syrian Democratic Forces, the U.S. has apparently signaled Turkey that it will no longer protect its SDF allies. This even though U.S. forces sit right there on the ground, in U.S. bases, along the border. All President Trump needs to do to stop the oncoming slaughter is call President Erdogan and order him to stand down. But my sources tell me that U.S. troops might instead look on as churches are bombed and Christians, Yezidis, and other minorities are butchered.

If Trump leaves the Federation of Northern Syria to end up like South Vietnam, don’t expect anyone else in the Middle East to help the U.S. again.

This is what happened last January in northwestern Syria, when Turkey invaded Afrin. Turks and their mercenaries linked to al Qaeda slaughtered and drove away the Yazidis. They installed jihadists and al Qaeda forces in power. They put bounties on the heads of Kurdish converts to Christianity. At this very moment, in Afrin, Turkish backed-gangs are raping young Kurdish women with impunity. Will this terror spread to the whole Kurdish region, the only part of Syria where democracy and religious freedom exist?

Helping Iran and ISIS, Threatening Israel

Israel will also suffer if the Turks are unleashed. The Turkish regime is warming up to Iran, which still seeks nuclear weapons to exterminate Israel. A deal between Turkey and Iran would give chunks of Kurdish Syria to Iranian control, handing terrorists bases closer to Israeli targets. Much more of Syria could fall to Iranian allies later, with the only U.S. ally (the Kurdish Federation) liquidated by Turkey.

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The other winner would be ISIS. It is not defeated yet. Its thugs still hold out in the southern part of East Syria. If the SDF pulls back, it is certain ISIS will make a comeback. President Trump will have squandered his biggest foreign policy achievement to date. And why? To appease the bully of Ankara.

Will We Let Jesus’ Language Die?

American credibility and influence in the region will lie in shambles. Who would trust the Americans as allies ever again? If Trump leaves the Federation of Northern Syria to end up like South Vietnam, don’t expect anyone else in the Middle East to help the U.S. again. American soldiers will have to finish off ISIS, and pay the price in blood and tears.

Will American Christians sit idly by as U.S. soldiers watch their allies against ISIS get hunted down and killed? Watch the Turks torch churches and put bounties on Christians? By the way, Syrian Christians are among the last people on earth who still use the language of Jesus. Will Jesus’ own tongue be silenced on the earth, to mark Christmas 2018? It won’t, if we speak up. Let the President know how you feel.

UPDATE: Since this article appeared, and Christian leaders contacted President Trump about their concerns, Trump has called Turkish President Erdogan and expressed grave U.S. concerns about the upcoming Turkish attack. See The Wall Street Journal (paywall) for more.

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  • Up_Words

    “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (~Matt. 10:16)

    It is my understanding that these attacks by Turkey were originally precipitated as a response to former Sec State Tillerson’s voicing US support for a 30K ~Kurdish border force within Syria (no doubt originally intended as a good will gesture towards Kurdish allies). Now that ISIS is winding down, Turkey wants to take care of unfinished business on her border to (supposedly) keep her house in order. However, from a purely practical standpoint on this side of the Pond, it might be advantageous for our present Administration to continue tacit support (or redirected support) of the Kurds–if for no other reason than to keep President Erdogan’s feet to the fire–given his obvious support of another front: as a proud sponsor of the “Islamification” of Europe.

    In other words, Washington might wish to consider the advantages of having an ace on hand to assist in a “Europe First” program that points more towards its classical roots and may, in the long run, lend assistance to what Mr. Trump is attempting on our shores. He might do this, for example, by attempting to redirect Kurdish strongholds away from direct engagement (proximity) upon the Turkish border—to keep that “ace” available . . .

    • Howard

      “In other words, Washington might wish to consider….” I have bad news: our first president is dead.
      OK, that’s a joke, because I know what you’re doing, yet at the same time it’s not a joke, because you are arguing in a way that makes little sense given the major swings in style, priorities, and skill that occur at least every eight years. Any plan that requires more than 8 years is in trouble. In many fields — Mideast diplomacy, but also space exploration — 8 years is just not enough time to accomplish anything worthwhile, yet we inevitably keep hitting the reset button.

  • Anthony Cieszkiewicz

    Such are the fluid political expediencies of the modern politics of globalization.

  • Howard

    “If Trump leaves the Federation of Northern Syria to end up like South Vietnam, don’t expect anyone else in the Middle East to help the U.S. again.” You would think so, but we left the Shiites in southern Iraq and the Kurds in northern Iraq to the tender mercies of Saddam Hussein, so this is not the first time. Eventually, though, this must surely catch up with us.

    • Zmirak

      Perhaps the lesson is: If you’re so desperate that you’re tempted to rely on the US as an ally, your cause is already lost.

  • Constitution Cat

    Rumors abound! Lets hope this is not true.

    • Faith of Our Fathers

      ” I wouldn’t Trust any Turks they are Natural Thieves Rapists and Murderers ” that statement was actually said to me by a Turk himself. Born in Turkey but brought up in Holland. The Russians to my mind would be desperate to get into the Turks historically they’ve hated each other and Putin can’t stand the sight of that Ugly Bstard Erdogan who may just overplay his hand . Ok they are Part of NATO but the Turks are like Swingers they like it both ways .

  • tz1

    Note how Israel and it’s Jewish population doesn’t care one bit about the slaughter of Christians – in Iraq, or in Syria, or in Egypt, or in Libya, or anywhere else in the middle east. Let there be be a Holocaust of Christians, the Amaraic languages, Ancient Churches, Israel will do nothing to stop it. They won’t “hide” Christians like Christians did under the Nazis, evacuating and opening their homes to them. They won’t fight their enemies. They will let them die.

    And US Evangelicals will still applaud Israel while their fellow Christians are slaughtered? Unfortunately, I expect it. China is also persecuting Christians, but where is the call to sanction them worse than Russia or Iran? Oh, we need free trade and prices at WalMart might go up.

    And in South Africa in March they are going to seize all the land from white farmers (but they aren’t Jewish – many are Christian). Africa is about to have a famine of biblical proportions and likely a white genocide, but no one cares, especially Evangelical Christians, even those who warned it would happen. Where are all the calls for accepting refugees in the US – including the ancient church Christians, and the Boer farmers? Or do we only want Muslims because they will work cheaper?

    I don’t think this article would have been bothered with except Israel is involved.

    • Bullseye

      How does it matter whether or not the Jewish population cares about the slaughter of Christians?

      You as a Christian should honor, obey and revere God alone. This means also blessing the Jews, for they are God’s chosen, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, and supporting Israel, even when Israel sins. This is not a recommendation, it is a commandment of God.

      The world has set itself up against Israel, don’t be with the world, be with Christ. For salvation comes from the Jews, and the Good News of Jesus was for the Jews first, and then the Gentiles.

      It is not just US Evangelicals that applaud Israel, it is all true Christians all over the world that do so. I myself was not raised in the West, but even I honor God and know what His Word teaches, for all true genuine believers know God through Jesus Christ.

      You may chose to go against Israel, you will have that in common with the rest of the world, and even with mainstream ‘Christianity’, a latent form of Antisemitism. However the few of us true Christians, will always bless Israel and the Jews.

      • tz1

        I don’t bless Jews, at least not any more than other sons of the Devil, broods of vipers, or enemies of the Gospel.

        You could also say the world has set itself up against North Korea, should we as Christians do what we can to help Kim?

        Israel is a socialist, secular society based on a specific race, and has nothing to do with God. It was created by the UN, and has used military power to expand.

        And “true Christians”? You can deny that marriage should be between one man and one woman and that one flesh is formed so Divorce cannot break it. You can deny Abortion (the current Holocaust) is murder. You can deny the virgin birth. You can deny the bodily resurrection of Jesus. All that and still be a “true Christian”. But to deny the secular, socialist state of Israel that breaks the Torah should be blessed makes you a heretic?

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