Will Deception and Division Destroy America’s Freedom? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

By James Robison Published on January 24, 2022

I want to make a few things absolutely clear. I’m 78 years old. We will soon have our 25th grandchild — 11 grand and 14 great. We love our three children, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I love you, your family, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and everyone else you care about. I love them with an unconditional love. I’m not angry at any people. I am very angry at the deception and foolishness that is prevailing now on what appears to be the vast majority of our country. I don’t want to believe it is really the majority because I think anyone with common sense who thinks well or thinks at all — certainly anyone with wisdom that only comes from above, anyone who has enough common sense knows that our human body in creation was not just the result of some accidental explosion any more than me dropping my fishing tackle box could accidentally organize all my lures. I know I can’t get them back in place by shaking it harder. The more you shake things up, the worse it gets unless it’s a milkshake.

It is nonsense to believe there is not a greater power and a force bigger and stronger and more creative than anything we ever imagined. So let’s just stop that discussion right now because too many people are determined not to think. Not to open their eyes and realize something as simple as this: The watch on my arm is not an accident from plastic, tiny little needle-like pins and all kinds of wheels and gears just plopping together. That is absolutely beyond insanity. How does anyone totally lose the ability to reason and think clearly?

The Reprobate Mind

This article is not going to be a sermon, but please consider an open-minded reading of Romans Ch. 1, beginning with verse 18 through the end of the chapter. This might help explain how people get to the place that they have a reprobate mind (a mind incapable of thinking clearly, void of understanding). These are not verses meant to focus only on same-sex attraction and other potential distractions and addictions. It’s the damage that comes when we don’t believe the truth and change it into a lie. You might focus also on verses 28-32. Now meditate a moment on verse 32 because in our own once truly great nation, many influencers in the United States are promoting practices and policies that lead to this unstable, unhealthy thinking — approving and encouraging the horrific acts we watch on the news and watch sadly too often as eye witnesses.

Our Creator, the source of all truth, love and compassion and everything that matters, did create all life, including human beings. He created us to work effectively as overseers of His great garden called Planet Earth. He asked us to love one another the way He loves us — and you know what? It’s possible because He sent us a beautiful demonstration of it. Pause a minute. He actually said, “I have revealed everything that is true everywhere you look. I revealed the foundational principles necessary for meaningful life and freedom, where you can’t miss it if you just open your eyes and look.” As an example: You can learn great life lessons observing birds, flowers, ants and bees. The irrefutable laws of sowing and reaping are forever undeniable and visible to everyone. All truth — all sound, unshakable principles upon which freedom stands — must stand and must be in place for freedom to be preserved. It’s all revealed in creation. Those of us who believe in that great person who says He is God, realize He loves us and desires to be our Father in a personal relationship. He wants a family that looks like Him and actually do love each other and our neighbors. We may not agree on many things or anything, but I still love you unconditionally. We can sit at the table of reason and common sense to seek the best ways to help our families and others while preserving freedom.

One Force Gives Life, One Takes It

The all-powerful Being I referred to as our Creator, who claims to be God, wants us to know there is an invisible force that in many and most ways controls those of us human beings who live on planet earth. These invisible forces lead most into deception, dissension, division, death and destruction. The other power in the invisible realm is one that never fails but is too seldom tried: unconditional love; transforming, unshakable truth and abundant life now and forever. Not necessarily abundance in life but abundance of life. One of these forces gives life; the other takes life. It never stops taking life, and it doesn’t care how it takes life. Sadly, this manner of thinking is beginning to prevail overwhelmingly in the United States of America and even more around the world. Now then we demand there be no law enforcement because many people don’t know which laws are best and whether there should be any. The only ones they will tolerate and enforce are the ones that support their damaging, deadly points of view.

We need to understand that those with this mind-set want those who disagree out of the way or even dead. If you don’t die in the womb before your birth, it would certainly be meaningful to them if you die early, because you are useless to their cause. When you are elderly, you are wasting everyone’s time, energy and money. They believe old people are better dead than taking away from the radical progressive’s very biased, damaging point of view. Anyone not supporting their cause and belief system is better off dead. It’s easy to understand why Stalin killed up to an estimated 60 million people and Hitler exterminated millions of Jewish families, including precious children, along with anyone who disagreed. While entire families were hauled on trains to the execution chambers, German church members sang louder to drown out the cries of the desperate people. How can anyone accept and support the slaughter of such innocent, precious people and tolerate undeniable genocide? How does our own most-blessed free nation and the most prosperous, and yes, benevolent nation in history stand back with the slaughter of more than 60 million of the most innocent, helpless human beings on planet earth? People like me! I was born in difficult circumstances but allowed to live because a doctor would not abort the unwanted, unexpected little baby of a 40-year-old divorced woman that she could not adequately care for. Her doctor said “no” to death; “yes” to life and amazing possibilities. Three children, 11 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and tens of millions of lives that have been saved by our mission outreaches around the world who were touched by the life of this unwanted baby who was allowed to live and share life with many of the most unnoticed, desperately needy, precious people who would not have lived without the unconditional love of our Creator.  And millions accepting Christ in over 600 life-changing, citywide crusades, as well as reaching millions during the last 50 years on television.

In other words, you need to understand that this force that is trying to take over our country is far from mere socialism. It is Marxist, communist, fascist, anti-social justice, anti-any form of justice, anti-God and everything that opposes their unreasonable, intolerant will and way. They not only wish you dead, or totally ignored, or thoroughly misrepresented; they will set everything in motion to see that your desire and beliefs ultimately die with the same attitude Stalin had, and don’t dare accept them saying anything else. Their actions speak much louder than their words. They wish you dead. As a matter of fact, they will let people walk in and rob and kill you while you are working. They will just push you in front of someone on the subway — and by the way, they probably just got out of jail because we don’t enforce laws; we don’t even know what laws are any more except the laws of the liars.

The Dangerous, Anything-Goes Sexual Agenda

Imagine this: a normal, heterosexual couple getting married asks a bakery to make a wedding cake, but they want the wedding couple to be nude. All parts. Over on the side of the cake, they want the couple having full-blown, very clear sex on top of the cake. If we follow the same logic as those from the LGBT crowd, like those who persecuted the baker in Colorado, then those bakery’s owners will likely be arrested for discrimination, probably accused of being against sex and maybe even against marriage and the beautiful relationship marriage offers. The bakers will be fined heavily, their business will be forced to shut down, and they will likely be put in jail — the same jail where robbers, molesters, thugs and common criminals are put — while they wait for enough financial support to get highly-trained attorneys to get them out of jail knowing they can never go back to their bakery.

These are far more than liberal, progressive socialists. These are very dangerous people, and they are out to destroy everything that matters to life, to say nothing of anything godly because there is no God except what they think is God, and you better not mess with it. They are going to remove every law except being certain you don’t make it — that what you love and believe never makes it. The fact is, you don’t care if they disagree because you understand they may have desires and appetites that really look like they could be damaging. It doesn’t matter to them.

Those who supported the sexual revolution demand sexual activity in any form, fashion or place. Surely you are aware that the radical gay movement demanded that the bath houses never be inspected for cleanliness, forced relationships, or pedophilia. The law enforcement officials were ordered to stay out. Anything went unchecked! And no one wants to talk about the fact that over 500,000 primarily young men, many of them teens, died of AIDS contracted in those bath houses and spread everywhere. In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, I said on nationwide television that sexual impurity — and yes, gay activity — was going to lead to one of the most deadly diseases ever known to man. A few years later, everyone knew indeed it did. At the start, AIDS was uncontrollable and incurable. Precious people died because of what came out of those uncontrolled bath houses to prove there are no limits in sexual activity regardless of who it hurts, damages or kills. That point of view is rapidly increasing today.

Now we are allowing and protecting and even promoting mutilating the human body, even of young children, because they refuse to believe what creation and their own bodies say they are. There is no limit any more on the deadly, uncontrollable, now-protected insanity. This breaks my heart. So many people and little children are dying needlessly, and meaningful life and true freedom are being destroyed. By the way, I was threatened and kicked off television by the use of the Fairness Doctrine. There was nothing fair about it. I fought it, as did faith, family and freedom leaders; and we totally defeated the Fairness Doctrine. It’s gone. But the liberals want it to come back so they can use it to destroy any healthy, wise opposition or discussion.

The Solution for Course Correction 

I believe one of if not the most important truth we shared in Indivisible is there is nothing man created in the image of God cannot do or accomplish when submitted to the Lordship of Christ, who is THE HEAD of His body — THE CHURCH. Too many of our citizens are blind or refuse to see that most of the hardships we are suffering are because we have rejected the time-tested, historically proven principles that God revealed clearly in all He created. We are without excuse. They are visible to everyone who opens their eyes to see the irrefutable proof of what he has revealed for all eyes to be able to see. I personally see reason to hope for the greatest outpouring of God’s love and the transforming power of truth shared in that unconditional, redemptive love in history. I believe America and freedom’s greatest days are just ahead of us.

To immediately and effectively begin the course correction that is essential for our nation, we must take advantage of perhaps the greatest gift our founders, faith, family and prayer have given us. It is the paper we can hold in every hand and immediately begin the course correction. IT’S CALLED AN HONEST, FAIR BALLOT. Purchased by great diligence and great determination as well as heavy bloodshed necessary for the birth and the preservation of it. Too many deceivers in power are determined to take it away from us or not ensure it is honestly overseen. It’s not guns, swords or clubs that will win this very serious battle for the future of freedom. It is the piece of paper in our hand to choose wise, truly principled leaders in every place of authority in this once great nation. Personally, I believe we will witness the greatest spiritual awakening in history beginning this year. Can you be counted on to stand for truth and freedom’s future? I pray so!!


James Robison is The Stream’s founder and publisher. He is founder of LIFE Outreach International and co-host of LIFE Today. He’s the author of many books, including Indivisible (with Jay Richards) and Living Amazed.

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