Will 2019 Unfold Like a Bad Apocalyptic Novel?

By John Zmirak Published on December 31, 2018

I’d like share with you a key analytical tool. It’s akin to the Gini Coefficient, which measures economic inequality across countries. But I call my discovery the GANI Coefficient. It comes from an acronym: “Gunshow Apocalyptic Novel Insanity.”

Now, try to remember how you saw the world in 1996. What you expected from the future. Who in that year imagined any of the following realities in place by 2018?

  • That European governments would inundate their people with millions of Muslim men of military age. And pretend that they were “refugees.”
  • Those same governments would imprison citizens for complaining about it, dubbing their speech “extremist.”
  • The European Court of Human Rights would deem criticism of Muhammad illegal. Even when it is truthful.
  • The courts would impose same-sex marriage on 50 states. Those states would punish Christians who refused to acknowledge and take part in such weddings.
  • The sad stories of a tiny number of mentally troubled people would lead the media, the medical profession, and governments to declare biological sex a meaningless fiction.
  • Those who refused to go along with the idea of sex as a social construct would themselves be designated as mentally ill. They suffer from “transphobia.”
  • The Democratic Party as a whole would embrace open borders. And condemn any who resisted as the moral equivalent of Nazis.

Predict the Future, Using the GANI Co-Efficient

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Who could have foreseen all of the above? Just one group of people. The authors of self-published apocalyptic novels sold exclusively at gunshows. Hence the Gunshow Apocalyptic Novel Insanity co-efficient. It tells us how much more unthinkably worse things could get, and how quickly.

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First, one must look at the rate of cultural change going on around us. Then apply the GANI coefficient. It “predicts” the monstrous, dystopian forms that ominous current events will take. That is, the worst shape imaginable, a shape which only someone typing single-spaced in a double-wide trailer whose windows were covered in “Come and Take It” bumper stickers would have the dot-connecting vision to predict.

So that’s what I’m going to use to make my top three predictions for 2019.

Some Deranged Leftist Will Attack the President, and Be Stopped by the Secret Service. The Media Will Blame … Republicans.

Of course we hope and pray that people keep their heads. But two years of constant, drumbeat demonization of President Trump, his entire family, and everyone around him have had their effect. We’ve seen Trump supporters assaulted in public. TV and movie stars get away with expressing violent fantasies about the president. A Bernie Sanders supporter tried to massacre the entire House GOP leadership, and just barely fell short of succeeding. Mass media covered up his motive, which he shouted at the legislators as he attacked: “This is for healthcare!” So reported Senator Rand Paul, an eyewitness.

By styling itself as the “Resistance,” the hard left has painted its opponents as basically … Nazis, and Trump as a kind of Hitler. And what would an addled zealot do to the American Hitler if he got the chance? He’d make like Tom Cruise in the movie Valkyrie, and try to take him out.

If the assailant survives the attack, expect the headlines and chryons on CNN/MSNBC, etc., to unfold as follows.

  • Lone assailant’s motives unclear, mental health history under investigation.
  • Gunman a white male, baptized Christian, sources say. Attended Sunday school till age 10.
  • White House shooter bought weapon used via lax state laws, spurring calls for gun safety legislation.
  • Failed assassin’s anti-Trump ties exaggerated, media analysis shows.
  • White House gun violence perpetrator’s selfie with Kathy Griffin discovered on Instagram. Republicans pounce.
  • New Yorker essayist explains how madness in high office sparks cycle of insanity, violence. Only impeachment can bring us civil peace.
  • Republicans try to politicize gun violence, but gain little traction.

Pope Francis Will Join Google, Facebook, the EU and China in Literally Silencing His Critics.

Church Militant reports:

Vatican leaders are now calling for Catholics on the internet who do not meet their approval to be censored. The censorship would come in the denial of official certification from the Holy See. … Paragraph 146 of the final approved Synod document speaks to the need for creating “certification systems for Catholic websites, to counter the spread of fake news regarding the Church.”

Which news about the Church isn’t fake, for Francis? Church Militant journalists found that out for us. They took a snapshot of a list of approved Catholic media at the recent U.S. bishops meeting:

The Father Rosica who drew up that list? He’s the same guy who published an article claiming that Pope Francis is uniquely infallible. That Francis, unlike previous popes, can override previous Church teaching and even the Bible.

As I wrote in the Rome-based magazine Inside the Vatican:

European governments, which work with their local Catholic bishops to oppose populist parties, regularly censor and punish populist critics. One French court has sent politician Marion Le Pen for psychiatric tests because she shared news of ISIS atrocities. What the pope apparently has in mind is the global censorship of Catholic sites that don’t back his policies. Google can just include them in the sites it routinely buries as “fake news” or “hate speech” with its left-leaning algorithm. But if European governments join in, it can go even further. Google and social media companies can effectively ban such sites. Only Catholic sites specifically authorized by his minions will be exempt. As only churches approved by his ally, the Communist government, escape demolition in China today.

Remember that Google willingly worked with the Chinese government to create a search engine that serves the Communist Party’s thought police. In the West, Google routinely buries stories that don’t fit its political slant. How long before stories about the Church get the same treatment? Facebook banned Franklin Graham last week. How long before Facebook lets the likes of Fr. Rosica decide which Catholic media venues are “fake”? So their stories just … disappear….

Conservatives, Gun Purchasers, and Vocal Christians Will See Their Credit Scores Lowered.

I know, it sounds crazy to suggest that we here in the West might be subject to something like the new, Orwellian Chinese system of “social scores.” That imposes direct economic costs on Chinese citizens whose politics or religion don’t toe the party line.

Except that it’s already kind of happening. The left has launched its trial ballons and so far they are floating. What else does it mean when GoFundMe can ban clients because it disapproves of their views? That happened to Catholics trying to help Fr. Paul Kalchik, whom Cardinal Blaise Cupich removed and tried to institutionalize for stripping a rainbow flag from the sanctuary of his parish. (Parishioners burned the flag on their own initiative.) Thankfully, a pro-religious crowd-sourcing site, FundingMorality.com, let Fr. Paul’s friends continue the fundraising.

How long before governors like Cuomo and companies like Mastercard approach Experian and Equifax? Then explain to them that people with “hateful” views (on abortion, transgender surgery, fill in the blanks) are a poor credit risk?

How about when sites like Patreon ban conservatives from fund-raising just because of their views? That happened to a list of prominent, intelligent conservative commentators, including Lauren Southern, Laura Loomer, and “Sargon of Akkad.”

And when Mastercard and Visa refused to process payments made to ex-Communist, pro-Israel conservative David Horowitz? That was on the say-so of the viciously partisan Southern Poverty Law Center?

Now New York State is trying to use its vast financial power to force credit card companies to report all their gun and ammunition sales to the State government. Mind you, these are legal products being bought legally from licensed, heavily regulated gun dealers. To purchasers who’ve passed all legal restrictions on their Second Amendment rights.

How long before governors like Cuomo and companies like Mastercard approach Experian and Equifax? Then explain to them that people with “hateful” views (on abortion, transgender surgery, fill in the blanks) are a poor credit risk?

I’m guessing this happens by April 15. So you might want to make your major purchases before that.

Of course, the GANI coefficient is not infallible. Often, it turns out to have been too optimistic. Please keep that in mind and pray accordingly.

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