Why The Stream? To Give You a Joshua and Caleb Report

By James Robison Published on March 7, 2018

Do you want fake, deceptive, manipulative news fed by fear, doubt and unbelief? Or do you want the truth that is filled with faith, hope and trust in God’s desire to bless your life in every possible way?

Today’s news media is like the 10 spies who returned from scouting the Promised Land of Canaan. (Numbers 13-14) They push aside the milk and honey, dwell on the problems, and promise a fearful future. Their reports drip with despair and distortion. They diminish the God-given power of man and distain the promises of God.

The Stream serves to follow the footsteps of those other two scouts, Joshua and Caleb. We don’t deny the troublesome “giants” in the land. But we know we are not grasshoppers. And we know our God.

The Promised Land

God not only delivered Israel from bondage to Pharaoh and Egypt, but also desired to lead them to freedom in a land of abundant fruitfulness and blessing.

Where others see “strong fortifications” and a “land that devours its inhabitants,” we see a land that can prosper its inhabitants.

We can see America as such a land; a land where you have bountiful resources and opportunities that only freedom offers; opportunities to reclaim what the enemy has stolen, limited or damaged.

For instance, the tools are at hand to:

  • Greatly improve the economy.
  • Limit foolish, excessive taxation.
  • Eliminate out of control federal government overreach, damaging regulations, and ineffective, unsustainable bureaucratic agencies.
  • Uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Repair entitlements that require no accountability or responsibility.
  • Demand the wise use of people’s money and vote out of office those who are lousy stewards.

We can protect the lives of the innocent and unborn. And we can send packing politicians who openly, blatantly cast aside the Ten Commandments, religious liberty and the preciousness of life.

In other words, where others see “strong fortifications” and a “land that devours its inhabitants,” we see a land that can prosper its inhabitants.

But we can’t do it alone. In fact we can’t even start without the Lord in our corner.

Joshua and Caleb Share the Key

Joshua and Caleb understood, as The Stream understands, that not even an acre of ground can be captured, but for the Lord. “If the Lord is pleased with us,” they say. “Do not rebel against the Lord,” they warn.

The One who knows what the best is and wants nothing but the best for His children, “led them out to lead them in.”

Those who follow Him and trust Him will themselves become a well watered garden and an inspiration to all who observe the fruit of love, joy, peace and every aspect of Holy Spirit life manifested in their lives, even when facing challenges, threats and attacks.

Paul said that we are God’s cultivated field: “For we are God’s fellow workers [His servants working together]; you are God’s cultivated field [His garden, His vineyard], God’s building.” (1 Cor. 3:9 Amplified)

We are to yield our lives, allowing Him to plant good seed of the Word, and bless with the sunlight of His radiant glory. The receptive soil of your yielded lives will produce fruit 30, 60 and 100 fold for His glory and kingdom purpose. The world will be impacted by the weight of His transforming truth, power and presence revealed through Spirit-filled believers.

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He then says He has given us a garden to tend and oversee. It is far greater in potential blessings and productivity than the Garden of Eden, and much larger. It’s called “Planet Earth.” Always remember, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

The fulfillment of every worthy dream and goal is made possible when those created in His image accept with total dedication His command to allow the reality of His kingdom presence and peace in our lives to prevail.

There is not a challenge, need, goal or dream that cannot be accomplished by those created in the image of the Creator, by those who willingly submit to the direction of Divine Providence. Believe it and let’s together claim the land of promise in our day by yielding everything to Him with no strings attached. Amazing things will happen.

Don’t believe me?

Look Around Your Land

Consider a few amazing wonders — needs met, miraculous inventions and meaningful comfort and blessings:

  • No bird can fly as high or fast as man can now.
  • We control the temperature in our homes, workplace, transportation, and even in automobiles.
  • We have shopping centers and stores.
  • Multiple means of transportation — highways, bridges.
  • Meaningful laws and security.
  • Communication via radios, television, smart phones and now the internet, where knowledge is available at your fingertips. The good news can now reach every nook and cranny at every corner of the earth. The Stream does this.

There is nothing man, created in the image of God, cannot accomplish. However, there’s also nothing the deceiver and destroyer cannot diminish, damage or destroy — except God’s unshakable kingdom. Every good thing is under attack by the enemy, the principles and powers of darkness.

The enemies of truth and freedom aren’t going to hand over the land without a fight.

The Lord enables us to be “overcomers” and “more than conquerors.” Believers can reclaim the land that the enemy has taken and we can restore principles and values that the enemy has cast aside. God’s people can and must reclaim the land of promise, not by sitting on the sidelines merely going to church, but by being the church and fulfilling our kingdom purpose.

As in any war, victory depends on a true assessment of the challenges and wisdom necessary to determine the best approach.

Every challenge and crisis will be met with wisdom from above, unconditional love, and determination with the faithful pursuit of God’s will on earth, because His kingdom is at hand and is manifest through the lives of born again believers who are serious about the Lord’s great commission.

We can witness mountain-moving manifestations of God’s presence with abundant harvests, blessings, provision, peace and comfort. But as in any war, victory depends on a true assessment of the challenges and wisdom necessary to determine the best approach. Which gets me back to the purpose of The Stream.

The Purpose of The Stream

The Stream was birthed in prayer and launched to share truth, insight and inspiration to give understanding of the times, reveal serious problems and the best approach to find effective solutions. The Stream seeks to help find common ground to address our common concerns, guided by God and articulated in The Stream’s Ten Principles:

  1. Every human being has equal value and dignity.
  2. We are inherently and specifically social.
  3. Marriage and the family are the fundamental social institutions.
  4. We can know God and moral truth.
  5. Judeo-Christian religious faith guards our freedom.
  6. We’re all sinners.
  7. We need a state strong enough to protect and maintain the rule of law but limited enough not to violate it.
  8. We are meant to be free and responsible.
  9. When we’re free, we can create wealth and value.
  10. Culture comes before politics.

I believe Kingdom people will embrace the true Joshua and Caleb reports and follow the Shepherd’s guidance, living in the shadow of the Almighty. This is not only the mission and goal of The Stream, but also the desire of our Father for his family through which He can bless the nations of the world.

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