Why Leftists and Feminists Make Excuses for Islam: It’s the Enemy of their Enemy

Their common foe is Christian civilization and orthodox faith.

By John Zmirak Published on March 29, 2017

Want to get a headache? To bang your brain against a brick wall? Try waking up leftists, feminists, and LGBT activists to the problems with Islam.

Remember the slaughter at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida? The culprit was a Muslim. He was doing what Islamic law says should be done with homosexuals: He killed them.

To be fair, he didn’t do exactly what Muhammad’s followers did: toss them off mountaintops. Nor what ISIS does today: throw them from ten-story buildings.

But in shooting 50 Americans, Omar Mateen acted in the spirit of today’s Islamic law. The death penalty is in effect for homosexuals in Saudi Arabia (the Sunni Vatican) and Iran (the Shiite Vatican).

The response of many gay activists to this slaughter was to dismiss any connection with Islam. “Mainline” Christians quickly spoke up. The local Catholic bishop blamed Christianity, not Islam, for the violence. Some gays marched with signs equating critics of Islam with “homophobes.”

Why would gays (or liberal Christians) pretend that Christianity is just as intolerant as Islam? Why treat Muslims as another oppressed minority, instead of potential oppressors?

Women’s March Leader Threatens Women with Violence

How about Women’s March organizer, Linda Sarsour? A dogmatic Muslim, according to Fox News, Sarsour

tweeted in 2011 that [critics of Islam Ayaan Hirsi] Ali and Brigitte Gabriel should be assaulted and that she wished she could remove their private parts because they “don’t deserve to be women.”

Ali, a victim of genital mutilation while living in Somalia, blasted Sarsour as a “fake feminist” who is not interested in universal human rights.

But feminists welcomed Sarsour as the public face of the Women’s March. It focused its outrage on crude private comments made a decade ago by Donald Trump. Her own crass, violent comments about a victim of Female Genital Mutilation … got a pass.

You would think that idealistic crusading feminists would notice Islam. They could spend their plentiful outrage on atrocious crimes against women endorsed by Islamic tradition or law. Think of ISIS’s sex trafficking of kidnapped non-Muslim women. (Again, ISIS is faithful to Muhammad’s example in making sex slaves of “infidels” after killing their menfolk.)

Crusading feminists could spend their plentiful outrage on atrocious crimes against women endorsed by Islam.

Women might object to the permission sharia law gives for domestic violence. Or the unequal treatment of women in sharia law courts. Or the spread in the West of “honor killings.” These go unpunished in Muslim Pakistan. Muslim immigrants have exported that practice to the West.

Would Christians Who Preached Sharia Policies Get a Pass?

You really could go on all day listing the things that secular liberals as much as Christians should object to in Islam. What if a fringe Christian group advocated such practices? You can bet that leftists, feminists, and gays wouldn’t march alongside them. They wouldn’t demand that millions of members of that church be welcomed to our country. They wouldn’t call criticism of Christian honor-killings or wife-beating “Christianophobia.”

You can’t say that such Muslim human rights abuses are a distant distraction from here-and-now problems. (Like Catholic employers not paying for the abortion pill, for instance.) Not when millions of Muslims have emigrated to the West, founded families, and had plenty of kids whom they doggedly intend to raise as Muslims — not Westerners.

Yet the left in America and Europe rallies to Muslims. These Muslim, we’re told, are not people who choose to hold to an intolerant creed. No, they’re victims of Western, Christian “bias.”

Why Accept Such a Double Standard?

There’s an old and miserable saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

It’s not always true. When two rival street gangs shoot it up in Chicago, that doesn’t make either one a “friend” of the Chicago police. But it always feels true, especially if you consider yourself powerless against some greater evil. And leftists, however rich or powerful, are experts at imagining themselves as hapless, put-upon victims.

Britain in June 1941 really was a victim. The embattled Winston Churchill was thrilled when Hitler blundered into war against Stalin’s Russia. But he never fooled himself that Stalin was his “friend.” Nor that Communism was any more humane than its collectivist Nazi cousin.

By contrast, Franklin Roosevelt let his pro-Soviet aides dupe him about Stalin’s trustworthiness. Eastern Europe paid the price. The Germans’ Soviet enemies were not the Polish people’s friends.

The Enemy is Orthodox Christianity and the West

And here we find our answer: Leftists, feminists, and “Mainline” Christians who back them have identified the enemy. It is orthodox Christianity and the society which it built up in the West. That includes bourgeois society, private property, the traditional family, and the market economy.

And there is literally nothing on earth that today’s left hates more than traditional Western society. When modern progressives watch Father Knows Best they get the same chills as we do from Schindler’s List.

Marx Knew His Enemy

As a socialist materialist, Karl Marx marked Christian humanist institutions as targets for destruction. Campus feminists who hate “the patriarchy” now work alongside their allies:

  • Socialists who hate the free market.
  • Gays who hate orthodox Christianity. And
  • Muslims who hate the West.

Whatever divides these groups, they’re united by common rage at what the West is and has been for centuries. To tear it down, they’re willing to work together. They can sort out their differences later.

Islam Provides the Muscle and the Numbers

Islam stands out from all these other movements for a key reason. It’s much stronger than feminism, socialism, or sexual libertinism.

There is literally nothing on earth that today’s left hates more than traditional Western society.

The latter three are merely parasites on the body of the West. They’re Christian heresies, if you will. They rest upon Christian ideals of justice and charity. But they saw off the metaphysical limb that supports them. (What’s the Darwinian case for equality, sodomy, or feminism, after all?)

But Islam has its own powerful metaphysical system. It breeds fervent warriors. It has a 1300 year track record of attacking and subjugating Christian countries.

Unlike feminism, among its followers Islam raises the birth rate. Unlike gay activism, it attracts normal “macho” young men. Unlike socialism, it works, after a fashion. Countries ruled by Islamic law might be stunted and technologically backward, but they don’t all descend into famine, like socialist Venezuela and North Korea.

If your main goal in life is tearing down the traditional West, to repay it for past grievances, then Islam can be your best ally. It’s the Red Army that can march into Nazi Berlin — which is on some level how you imagine America. So keep on importing millions of angry young Muslims into Western countries. Keep demonizing those who criticize Islam.

Just don’t think too carefully about what will happen next. Here’s a hint: The angry leftists and feminists who helped bring down the Shah of Iran didn’t end running human rights commissions. They landed in Khomeni’s prisons.

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  • Gary

    Satan, and his people, all know that Christianity is true, and that the God of the Bible, and HIs people are their real enemies.

  • Stannius

    Liberals would oppose Islam and the danger it poses to our culture, but that would mean they would be agreeing with Conservatives, which is the most horrible thing a Liberal can do. They would rather see America destroyed than for a Conservative to be proven correct.

  • ImaginaryDomain

    It’s evil aligning with evil.

    • David Pimentel

      I appreciate the orthogonal nature of your avatar and pseudonym.

  • Patmos

    “It’s the Enemy of their Enemy”

    And it’s also their enemy, even more so than any conservative or any Christian, but the left is quite simply too dumb to see it.

    • Yes, although I don’t know if it’s actually their enemy. If leftist feminists actually cared about women, then I would agree. But they don’t care about women. They are authoritarians, and they see is Islam a suitable mate for that cause.

      • Kevin Carr

        It is their enemy, however they are useful to Islam, wait until Islam gains a better footing them tells them to wrap up in a burka and hijab, and they better not protest.

        • Yes, but that is partly my point. I’m not convinced they would actually protest. They might be rather happy to wear the hijab if it meant the demise of Western civilization.

          • Kevin Carr

            You could be right.

      • When push comes to shove, leftists will convert.

        They hate the living God but love power. It’s a natural fit.

  • Wild_Bird

    Bingo! Progressives and Islamists share a pathological hatred for Christians.

    They hate America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and its founding principles.

  • As a Catholic I’ve been so disheartened to see my church appease Islam as we do. It’s a disgrace actually. Islam could not take over Europe though they tried for 1500 years but we are just handing over the continent and our culture over to them without any resistance. In fact we are inviting them in. Wait until they take out churches and convert them to mosques. I’ll fight and pray against it until my dying day.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Hypocrisy runs rampant thru the halls of left lane justice. These advocates of anti Judeo- Christian values promote publicly their disdain for any on the right who oppose their failed idealogical beliefs . Even if it means embracing a culture that has embraced a systematic strategy for their destruction. There must be celebrations in ” polite demon society” whenever the left ramp up another demonstration of politically correct exasperation. I think Satan gives out bonus points to every demon participant standing otherwise unrecognized by each demonstrators side. I mean, no one could come up w/this kind of self delusion independent of some unseen inspiration ….

  • Gary

    The time is coming when the God of the Bible will destroy all of His enemies.

    • allthingsnew

      pc burqaism

  • Drew Riggio

    LOL Pretty much everything this author whines about regarding Islam also happens with Christians. What a hypocrite.

    • Nearly Over

      You are a perfect example of the leftists mentioned in the article. Kind of self unaware, aren’t you?

    • Antileft

      Yet you secularists side with Islam so that both of you can destroy Christianity

    • Micha_Elyi

      Hypocrite, you identified yourself. Also, your bald assertion is not proof that “everything this author (revealed) regarding Islam also happens with Christians”. Nor was it an argument, it was mere hand-waving. Come back when you have something honest to say and can back it up with facts.

    • Christianity is the foundation of Western Civilization and our modern notions of Liberty, equality, and human rights. Islam, on the other hand, requires the rape, enslavement, and slaughter of all who refuse the “invitation” to convert.

      Only the suicidally ignorant and murderously mendacious try to equate the two.

    • Sure, because the Episcopalian bake-sale down the street is as dangerous as radical Islam. You f__ing moron.

  • Douglas Anderson

    Pretty bigoted article.

    • Micha_Elyi

      Yes, Mr. Zmirak’s article was about bigotry. The Left’s and Islam’s. Problem with that?

      • Douglas Anderson

        I would suggest reading it again. Bigotry, hate, and lies are dangerous.

    • Because facts are “bigoted.”

      You’re proving the author’s point.

      • Douglas Anderson

        You are suggesting that the article contains facts. Alternative facts would be a better term (otherwise known as lies.)

        • What, exactly, is untrue? Do leftists defend Christianity and condemn Islam? Does Islam promote respect for adherents of other faiths?

        • Act like a rational adult. Cite one lie and show it is a lie.

  • CJ Severance

    Islam was once described as Communism with a god. In a similar vein, Leftists are secular jihadis.

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