Why is Pelosi Impeaching Trump? Why the Censorship? What are They so Scared Of?

By Al Perrotta Published on January 11, 2021

Joe Biden’s inaugural theme will be “America United” … just days after he implied that those who didn’t vote for him are white nationalist Nazis … and his Big Tech and Big Business partners have launched a jihad against Trump supporters … and as Nancy Pelosi launches her latest impeachment farce.

Joe must be taking hits from Hunter’s crack pipe.

“This inauguration marks a new chapter for the American people — one of healing, of unifying, of coming together, of an America united,” said Presidential Inaugural Committee Chief Executive Officer Tony Allen.

Oh, gosh. I can’t wait to see the chariot of unicorns galloping Biden down Pennsylvania Avenue!

Name one thing … one thing … Biden and the Democrats have legitimately done since the election to try to bring calm and healing? Try to ensure that the concerns of 75 million people were heard? Just one thing.

We say “We fear Democrats and Big Tech conspired to steal the election.” The response is for Democrats and Big Tech to conspire to silence our voices. If you are willing to take our voice, you’re willing to take our vote.

President Trump says he’s focused on a smooth, successful transition; that after a time of heated passions its time to get back to the business of America. The Democrats’ response is to ignore the business of America and try — with Biden’s tacit approval — to impeach Trump. When he’s days away from being a former president living the good life on a fairway.


The Impeachment Nonsense

Today, Speaker of the House Pelosi launched an impeachment effort accusing President Trump of “incitement of insurrection.” Of course he did no such thing. An infinitesimal percentage of people at his rally crossed a line when he specifically called for a “peaceful and patriotic” protest at the Capitol. And he wanted National Guard on hand to protect against violence by fringe groups, but was rebuffed by DC’s mayor.

Then there’s the bothersome little detail uncovered by National Pulse: Using the media’s timelines of when the trouble started, Raheem Kassam reports there was no way any of the people listening at the Trump rally made it down to the Capitol in time to start the trouble.

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While Trump never called for violence, and is pushing to prosecute the Capitol offenders, these same House Democrats cheered as the anarchists and BLM, Inc. crowd who hate and want to overthrow our country rioted outside the White House. Tried desperately, but failed to breach the White House security. Burned and looted and defaced and destroyed good stretches of the federal city. Violent revolutionaries who laid constant siege to federal courthouses, blinded federal agents with lasers, called themselves CHOP in reference to the guillotines of the French Revolution. Who toppled the statues of American heroes symbolizing their desire to topple America.

There’s your insurrectionists. And Pelosi, Biden and Harris all but invited them in for $60 ice cream sundaes.

So, no. This has nothing to do “insurrection.” Especially, considering that Pelosi’s call to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussing possible efforts to thwart Trump — interfering with the chain of command — is far closer to insurrection than anything Trump said last week.

So what is Pelosi really up to?

Wants to Stop Trump from Running in 2024?

A rational person asks, “Why would you ignore the business of the American people in order to impeach a president whose bags are already packed?”

Pelosi stated one of her main reasons last night on 60 Minutes. She wants to stop Trump from running in 2024.

A rational person then asks, “Whoever worries about the future election threat from someone who lost a presidential election?”

Did any Republican spend a minute trying to destroy Al Gore and his supporters after the 2000 election worried he was going to win a rematch? No. They saluted him off to a life of celebrity making hundreds of millions peddling planet doom. Didn’t give him a second political thought.

Really. If Donald Trump legitimately lost to a dementia-laden, China-compromised, mistake machine who sat in his basement mumbling for months on end, why do you think Trump would have a shot against an actual living, breathing, functioning candidate?

So why target Trump? Vindictiveness is certainly part of it. The obsession with hurting Trump and anything and anyone associated with him is pathological. Those still allowed on Twitter know what I’m talking about. They’ve seen the blood-thirsty glee. That Kathy Griffin’s picture of her holding Trump’s severed head is still allowed on Twitter shows not only the double standard of Big Tech, but the pipe dream of even once-sane Democrats.

Holding Onto the Impeachment, Holding Onto Hate

A further example of this obsession. Remember how after the bogus Ukraine impeachment Pelosi held off delivering the impeachment to the Senate for weeks on end? Milking that sucker like a big blue cow?

According to House Majority Whip James Clyburn, expect that to happen again. He says if House does vote to impeach, they’ll likely hold off delivering the articles to the Senate until after Joe Biden’s first 100 days. Meaning, the Senate won’t get a chance to quickly dispose of the matter.

Why on earth would you keep impeachment alive long after Trump’s off on some faraway golf course? Why wouldn’t you act now when even some Republican Senators are hot and bothered at Trump? Just why would you want the Trump distraction hanging over Biden’s first 100 days? Why would Biden want it? It’s baffling.

Is it because the new Emperor has no clue, so you want to keep focusing on “Orange Emperor Bad”? Is it to provide cover for all the radical actions they plan, actions the American people never wanted?

Or is it just because the hate is so great, the obsession so ingrained, that the thought of letting Trump go and moving on is too hard to bear? Trump junkies unable to go cold turkey?

Trump critics, both Democrat and Republican, like to call Trump supporters cultists. Stunts like this impeachment and holding onto the impeachment articles … AGAIN … demonstrate it is the Never Trumpers who treat Trump like some extra-human being they must be fed by to survive.

Snap out of it! He’s just a guy who, despite his flaws, worked his tail off nearly 24/7 for four years to improve the lives and ensure the safety of the American people. The Trump show goes off the air in nine days.

The Trump Defense

Then again, perhaps there is another reason to do everything possible to hold off on a Senate trial.

Wait, and Trump — as President of the United States — will have no opportunity to defend himself.

The last thing Democrats would want is President Trump defending himself. Why? Their charge, basically, is that he incited an insurrection by repeatedly insisting the 2020 Election was rigged.

So what would be a major part of Trump’s defense? Demonstrating that the 2020 Election was rigged. Or at the very least, demonstrating that he and his supporters have every good reason to believe the election was rigged — especially in wake of the refusal to allow forensic inspections of the Dominion machines and proper signature verification.

President Trump presenting the evidence at an actual trial in front of the Senate and the American people? The Democrats can’t have that. At least not until the Biden or Harris Administration is so far advanced that there would be no practical remedy.

They Fear You

Ultimately, we ask a question I’m seeing all over the place in the wake of what the political elites and their Big Tech cronies have done in recent days. (I mean, I just was suspended from Twitter. Am I really a greater threat to the country than the Ayatollah? Or CCP? Or even Madonna?) “What are they so scared of?”

Easy. For four years Donald Trump has escaped every one of their snares and schemes, legal and illegal. He is so in their head, they are petrified he will somehow, someway, somewhere beat them again. And continue exposing the Swamp’s corruption.

They are scared of the MAGA Movement. And one aspect in particular. All the young blacks and Hispanics, and older ones too, who rushed to Trump’s banner this fall. That’s why Facebook went after Brendan Straka and #WalkAway.

My friends, Joe Biden isn’t calling Trump supporters white nationalists because a few people entered the U.S. Capitol. Nancy Pelosi isn’t impeaching Donald Trump because some extremists played revolutionary. They are impeaching Trump because vast numbers of minorities are fleeing the Democratic plantation.

And they are petrified. Petrified of Americans yearning to breathe free.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with @JZmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl on Twitter and Parler and Gab. Well, at least Gab at the moment.

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