Why are You Surprised?

By The Stream Published on February 20, 2018

Why are you surprised?

Why are you surprised when I bring hell to your hallways.

You talk guns, guns, guns. Give me ten minutes and Google, and I’ll have a dozen ways to take out dozens more. It ain’t the tool, fool. It’s the thirst.

Thirst for vengeance, thirst for thrill, thirst for destruction, thirst for the kill, thirst for attention, thirst for fame. You’ve shown me since birth that fame rates more than merit. Bring terror? Who cares? I’m trending. Looking good, Kylie and Kim. Where’s the magazine covers for the girl who works a soup kitchen?

I’ve been disconnected, misdirected. My video game avatar is my closest friend. We mow down enemies for hours on end. How many billions do game makers rake in? How many millions in Hollywood ads does Kimmel take in?

You rant about the NRA. You say nothing about the DGA. I’ve seen slasher flicks and shoot-em ups since first opening my eyes. Endless gunfire glamorized. Tarantino’s latest won what big prize? Why are you surprised?

You’ve seen the stats. I’d rather stay in. Rather be on social media than be social. I’d rather have a smartphone in my hand than a handshake. Porn than a prom date. And you’re okay with that.

I am told I am my own king, my own God, my own reality. I can be a male today, a female tomorrow and you gladly oblige me. Today I want to be a killer. Who are you to deny me? Why are you surprised?

You tell me murder in the womb is a choice. Why cry when I chose murder outside the womb? Why are you surprised?

Spare me your weep and woe. You reap what you sow.

You pump me full of drugs instead of hope. Ban prayer but legalize dope. Dad’s long gone. Mom’s singing her own song. Who catches me when I’m at the end of the rope?

You want answers. You want solutions. Congressional resolutions. “Trump, do something!” But you’re only just showing. Showboating. You’re not interested in knowing.

Truth could set you free, but you can’t say it on TV. Derision is your religion.

You took “Thou shall not kill” off the school walls. Verses are treated like curses. “Your t-shirt quotes Jesus. Put on a jacket!” Che is more welcome than Christ. To say you hear Christ’s voice is to get you despised. So tell me, why are you surprised?

What is mentally ill? To have “love your enemy” running through your head? Or “they get what they deserve”? Some nerve.

There is an answer. The answer is Christ. Do not act surprised.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream.

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  • Paul

    Won’t see this in the MSM.

  • Jonathan Roberts

    What is DGA?

    • Ken Abbott

      Given the context. possibly the Directors Guild of America. Filmmakers.

    • Donaldus Magnus

      Ken Abbott has it.

  • Gregory

    ‘It ain’t the tool, fool.’

    Really? Then there isn’t any reason not to ban guns then, is there? Not if any tool will do.

    • Bryan

      Nope, not really.
      Should there be no law about guns? Of course not! But an all out ban on guns is not practical nor does it deal with the next section about the thirst for violence, vengeance, fame at any cost, etc.

      • Ken Abbott

        Just kicks the can down to the next set of tools. It doesn’t deal with the root problem, that of the heart.

    • Gerry Sawyer

      Chicago has guns banned, banning doesn’t keep killing down, hearts have to change.

    • ImForgivenToo

      the heart of man is desperately wicked from childhood…
      Why do you lock your doors at home ?

    • Mo

      Of course it’s not the tool. The tool is a piece of metal. It can’t do a thing on its own. The person with the intent to use that tool to slaughter innocent people is the problem. (Maybe we should ban people?)

      There isn’t any reason to ban guns. The first reason being that it cannot be done anyway! Do you honestly think a person intent on murdering others is going to obey any laws? They’ve already ignored the laws against murder! Do you think they give a damn about obeying a law that says you can’t own a gun?

      Answer me. Do you seriously believe that?

      • Jack62

        @Mo I saw a bumper sticker today: “Have you hugged your AR15 today?” Well, have you?
        How convenient that you can so easily find a way to disparage possible solutions when you know so little? If the CDC were allowed to study gun violence (NRA holds a gun to Congress head (lobbying) to ban funding.) then maybe we could get a handle on the cause, not some shoot from the hip (pun intended) solutions or refutations. Obviously, these people were shot. Ergo, they were killed with a firearm. So if you say guns don’t kill people, or laws won’t stop people, of what value are you in the conversation? Since the NRA is “so smart” why don’t they come up with a solution, besides giving every teacher an Uzi, or passing it off as mental illness.(Not supported by the evidence nor vouched for by psychiatrists) Even so not frequently enough reported anyway. Other modern industrial nations allow citizens to have guns, yet only in America are school children at this great a risk. Will it have to wait for your loved one to be shot for you to be concerned?!

    • rizon

      Then why was it, years ago we didn’t seem to have this problem? We’ve lost respect for others and no law will solve that problem.

  • Xrucianus

    Beloved, it’s time we ALL asked ourselves how we’ve contributed to the level of hostility that’s become the norm in our culture??
    From zero-sum political rhetoric,
    to Hollywood violence,
    to glorification of the gun-toting-warrior,
    to acerbic FB posts,
    to body-count video games,
    to assisted suicide,
    to racial antipathy,
    to abortion on demand…
    17 grieving families in Florida might tell us it’s time for us to stop pointing fingers & consider our collective complicity to the devaluation of human life in our nation.
    Jesus might just tell us:
    “I told you, ‘Blessed are the meek.’ (Matt.5:5) Your murderous spirit is directly linked to your raca spirit.” (Matt. 5:21-22)

    • Joanne Sgrignoli


  • J.W.Lee

    This IS the way it looks when morals, respect, common sense, and reason are under attack 247…and the goal is to deconstruct our civil society in the name of “fundamental change”. In one word: Evil.

  • Az1seeit

    Equally, why is anyone surprised at the sexual assault epidemic? Exact same problem: erase truth, morals and the reality of cause and effect… and there you have it!

  • LMJ313

    I. Love. This. Article.

    Very well said.

  • Posy

    You normalize insanity and then ask why kids shoot up schools. Here is the answer.

  • Cody

    People that murder,rape and do horrible and wicked things like this are just simply demonized. And now once again we have many grieving families, and this murdering savage is being rewarded with life time room and board free medical, three meals a day.he will not have to work, and the tax payer has to pay for it all even his burial.whats wrong with this picture? I believe its time to rethink the thought of capital punishment, I can’t afford this anymore. the scripture says if you kill with the Sword you die with the sword rev 13:10

  • Al Lejdly

    This explains thoroughly what is wrong with this world. It’s been taken over by demons.

  • Ginger

    Nailed it! Godless society! The reap what they sow.

  • LifeSurfer

    You are 100% right

  • IHC

    Lovely and so apt! Thank you! 🙂

  • God’s judgment is not pretty.

  • Ben Willard

    Well done!

  • Janie Even

    Yes that is great.

  • Joanne Sgrignoli

    This is a WOW!

  • Bart Moran

    Just about 55,000 killed last week in abortion. They were deemed an unnecessary inconvenience. I hope they don’t decide us old folks are an unnecessary inconvenience.

  • swordfish

    If “The answer is Christ”, why is it that belief in Christianity is already far higher in the US than in European countries like Sweden which have far lower levels of gun violence?

    • Dr. Strange

      Sweden the rape capital of the EU? The one that stopped reporting the race and ethnicity of rape because it showed overwhelming evidence that bringing in immigrants was the cause of the spike in such attacks?

      Next what is the demographics of Sweden?

      As well does Sweden share a boarder with a country like Mexico? Or is it another nordic country?

      It is not just about ‘christ’, though the systematic removal of such a belief with nothing but a vacuum to replace it, a vacuum with no clear moral conviction, is a bad thing.

      Then again Sweden has 10million people, the entire NYC population would fill Sweden, Norway, Finland…

      • swordfish

        This article is about gun violence, not rape. Perhaps you could explain why the vast majority of the US prison population identify as Christian?

        • Dr. Strange

          Oh sorry, as long as there is rape but low gun violence we are ok…

          Because you don’t find atheists in a fox hole.

          • swordfish

            Again, this article is about gun violence, not rape. As for not finding atheists in foxholes, that is a blatant and obvious lie, and equally irrelevant to the issue of gun violence.

          • Dr. Strange

            Prove it a lie. Next because guns are not just gun violence. If that was the case then we have to look at what makes it so.

            Like the 60% of them being suicide.

            Like the 36% that are murders, of those 36%, 74% of the victims had criminal records, more than 60% of them (victims) were convicted of a crime. Each had an average of 11 arrests.

            For every dead person…of all gun violence….there are 75 people that have used their gun to defend themselves.

            How guns on campus reduced rape by 90%…imagine that…guns and rape going together. I wonder if swedes were allowed to carry how much rape would drop? They are 3times more likely to be victims of rape.

            Or how about the stat that in the US of all violent crimes 90% of them involve NO GUN.

            During a review it showed that 74% of homicides were committed by less than 1% of the population…

            Gang violence accounts from 50 to up to 90% of all violent crimes…

            No it is not irrelevant, it is irrelevant to you because it goes against your agenda.

            Imagine that a gun is bought, is put on a shelf. Until a PERSON uses that gun IT WILL NEVER HARM ANOTHER PERSON EVER.

          • swordfish

            “Prove it a lie.”

            Hey, you made the claim, you back it up. You won’t be able to, and its offensive to the many millions of atheists who have served their countries in the military.

            “Like the 60% of them being suicide.”

            As good a reason as any not to have so many guns lying around, don’t you think?

            Regarding the rest of your stats, I agree that the reasons for gun violence are complex, but the point I’m disagreeing with is that more Christianity isn’t likely to be the answer in the USA, where belief is already much higher than in countries with obviously less gun violence. I don’t see how your stats refute that.

          • DebraBrunsberg

            Do not mistake the number of people who profess themselves to be Christian with those who actually follow Christ. They are two completely different things. The loss of faith is one of the many contributing factors to the mental illness that we are seeing widescale in our society. It truly is not the guns that are the problem. It is the dumbing down and the unraveling of U.S. society.

          • swordfish

            Is US society actually ‘unravelling’ or are you just being overly pessimistic? What Christians (True or otherwise) see as ‘unravelling’, others might see as progress. Homicide rates in the US have fallen by nearly 50% over the last 25 years according to official figures, so maybe things aren’t as bad as you think?

          • GPS Daddy

            >>that is a blatant and obvious lie

            Yea, that is very much a fact of the battlefield. Facing your death from an overwhelming enemy causes the unbeliever to re-evaluate. Not all do. But it is very, very common. Atheism is for those who have an armchair life and can afford the intellectual laziness of such beliefs.

          • swordfish

            What you’re claiming is that atheists only pray when someone’s pointing a gun at them and they’re just about to die. I don’t see that as much of a vindication of Christianity…

          • GPS Daddy

            You really don’t understand much there, swordfish. Maybe living life more will gain you understand. Or maybe not.

        • Ellen

          I can answer that for you as my brother has been doing prison ministering for several years now. He is a deacon at his church in Florida. While I was visiting once I went to the ladies prison with his wife to minister to them there.
          When they have been sentenced to prison, many come to realize their mistakes and when there are prison chaplains and visiting missionaries that hold bible studies, the prisoners come to saving grace in Jesus Christ because they ask forgiveness for their sins. They really do come to a place in their hearts where they realize how much they need Jesus. That is why there are so many born again Christians in the prisons. Hope this helps.

          • swordfish

            I doubt if that’s a significant factor. The percentage of prisoners classified as Christians is about the same as the percentage of Christians in the US populaton as a whole. Also, the reoffending rate is about 67% so Christianity doesn’t seem to help much there either.

          • Ellen

            1 John 1:5-6 5 And this is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you: God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with Him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.
            There are some that proclaim to be Christians (followers of Jesus Christ) yet they go on walking in darkness and doing evil. They are fooling themselves and lying. There must be a change for the good in a persons way of living. All things become new again: “When I became a follower of Christ Jesus I no longer wanted to do the things that I knew would break my Lords heart!”
            So who of those are you calling Christians? Are they proclaiming to be? Because if they are still doing evil in the sight of God and man then they are NOT Christ followers and that my friend is what a true Christian is!

          • swordfish

            This is a classic example of a No True Scotsman fallacy.

      • Corrine Zils McDonald

        Curious as to where you found your statistics? I found the % of rape in the USA was .1% while the % of rape in Sweden was .069%. So, again, the USA wins the crime award!

    • rizon

      Its show the level of stupidity that you focus on the very last line while ignore the rest of the article. Are you saying the rest of the article isn’t true?

      • swordfish

        Do you really think there’s a connection between transgenderism and gun violence or atheism and gun violence? If so, why has gun violence actually halved in the last 25 years?

        • rizon

          So, if we have half the gun violence than it was 25 years ago, why do we need more gun laws when those on the books are not enforced enough? I never said anything about atheism, but I do think we, as a society, need more respect for others in general. Especially at the young age. Teach them respect, instead of forced ‘tolerance’.

          • swordfish

            You accused me of ignoring most of the article, so I listed some of the factors the article claims are somehow responsible for the level of gun violence.

            I never said anything about gun laws, but since you raise the issue, it doesn’t make sense to argue that because there’s been a decline in gun violence, there doesn’t need to be any further decline. Having said that, I don’t live in the USA and don’t have any problem with your gun laws either way.

        • Hogan Milligan

          Swordfish, I think I get your point. But there’s a little more to it. It’s not really a link between homosexuality and gun violence, but a breakdown of morality in general. Also, it’s not really about a certain type of violence, and our culture has been in the process of rejecting traditional morality for far longer than 25 years.

          • swordfish

            I’m not a US citizen, but I’m not buying the idea that there’s been a “breakdown of morality” in any general way over any time period. Go back 54 years and you had widespread segregation of black people. Go back 101 years and most women didn’t have the right to vote. Go back 153 years and slavery was legal. Go back 270 years and ‘witches’ were being burned alive. At what time was people’s behaviour morally preferable in general?

  • Lettie Kendall

    Thank you. This is the best, most accurate, post I’ve read in a long time.

  • Zada Toohey

    If someone wants to kill they do not need a gun. Knives, hatchets, or even a stone can kill. We took God out of our schools, and now we have mayhem. We can pray and try to talk to others. what else can we do?

  • DebraBrunsberg

    Amen to that!

  • Magnificent! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And may our Father God bless you and your words with fruitfulness.

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