When the Washington Post Spiked My Sex Abuse Tip

By Mark Judge Published on August 21, 2018

On August 17, Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein tweeted the following: “the 2018 Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis for some U.S. Catholics is the opening of civil war over homosexuality and Vatican II. The unanswered question is how many Catholics.”

In fact, the Catholic civil war over homosexuality has been going on since at least 2006. That’s when Boorstein herself ignored a tip I gave her about homosexuality and its connection to sexual abuse at a Catholic school I had attended from 1979-1983.

My Tip to the Washington Post

Boorstein at the time was covering the story of a priest at Georgetown Prep. Georgetown was an all-boys Jesuit high school in Maryland. The priest had been convicted of sexually abusing a male student. She ignored my tips, which was a doozy. They would have revealed the larger problem of the gay mafia that had taken over the Catholic Church in the 1960s and 1970s.

Like the bishops, Boorstein ignored the truth.

The 2006 story involved charges of sex abuse against Garrett Orr. Orr was a teacher of mine and at the time was a Jesuit. Orr would eventually be arrested and in 2011, he was sentenced to five years probation.

A Much Larger Story

When Fr. Orr was first accused of sexual abuse in 2003, Boorstein called me, a former Prep student, for comment. I told her there was a much larger story at Prep and in the larger Catholic Church. That story was the mass infiltration in the priesthood of gay men. It made an all-boys school like Prep an interesting and sometimes harrowing place to be.

I was especially appalled that one of my teachers had been Bernie Ward. Ward is a former socialist radio talk show host who is now serving a prison term for trafficking in child pornography. Ward had studied to be a priest. He then taught sex education at Georgetown Prep in the early 1980s, before decamping to San Francisco where he became a socialist version of Rush Limbaugh. As early as 1978, Ward had been accused of sexual misconduct around students. In 2007, he was convicted of distributing child pornography. He served a sentence of seven years.

My 2005 book God and Man at Georgetown Prep details how liberalism had corrupted some of the school’s faculty. A prime offender was Mr. Ward. His sex-ed class was heavy on Betty Friedan, Freud and orgasms, and light on Augustine, Aquinas, or John Paul II.

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Boorstein said she would call me back.

“Listen,” she said a couple of days later. “I talked to Georgetown Prep. They say Bernie Ward never taught there. So that won’t be part of the story.”

I still remember standing there, dumbfounded. I had just tipped off a reporter for the Washington Post — the Pentagon Papers, Woodward and Bernstein, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post — that a former priest who had been indicted for child pornography had once taught sex education at the same school where another man had been caught making “inappropriate contact” with a student. Boorstein was taking the school’s word for it.

Finding out the truth was as simple as opening an old yearbook. Boorstein later confessed that she and her Post colleague felt I had “a gay problem.”

Broken, but Not by the Mainstream Media

In the years since then, I have been waiting for the story about the sex abuse scandal to explode — and not just in the Catholic Church. I’m related to people who have lived and worked in Los Angeles. For years I have heard about the problem of sexual abuse in that town. In 2014, I wrote about “Hollywood’s Sex Abuse Cover-Up.” Yet I was unable to find anyone in the media — either mainstream or conservative — to offer me a contract to go West and dig deeper. The story, of course, was eventually broken by Ronan Farrow — tellingly, a reporter outside of the mainstream media.

Handling the Truth

In the 1992 film A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson plays a Marine officer who orders a “code red” to silence a disgruntled soldier under his command. Something similar has been happening in the media for the last several decades when it comes to homosexuality and sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

In one famous scene in the film, Nicholson cries that his interrogator, played by Tom Cruise, “can’t handle the truth!” But Cruise in fact could handle the truth — as can today’s honest Christian faithful. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Catholic Church was overrun with far too many gay men, many of whom were given positions where they were around too many boys and young men. This fact is even obscured in the now notorious Pennsylvania grand jury report on sex abuse and the priesthood. “Most of the victims were boys; but there were girls too,” the report reads.

I’ve reported on the gay Catholic mafia for over 10 years. I am sick of the continuing misdirection. It was mostly boys and young men, who suffered at the hands of homosexuals.

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  • B King

    This article claims this has been an issie since the 1980’/90’s. Try 1517! Martin Luther’s 99 thesis. After 500 years of the same old thing it’s time Catholic’s find a church that isn’t run by a medieval fiefdom so they can have a preacher accountable to his flock, not protected by a political power structure. Every segment of society has predators but no other segment of society repeatedly protects thousands of child rapists on such an industrial scale, well Islam, but they are just doing as instructed by their profit. In my opinion this wouldn’t be a problem if people just stopped going to a Catholic church and instead went to an independent protestant or Baptist church. I don’t question catholic faith only cannot understand what motivates them to stay when there are millions of church congregations that would love to have them.

    • SophieA

      My family stays in the Catholic Church because of her authority and the Eucharist. Besides Protestant churches aren’t immune to scandals of this sort. Sin exists everywhere. Although painful as these sinful revelations are, we should not be surprised when God works to purify his church.

      • B King

        What authority does the Catholic Church have that any other congregation of believers does not? Individual believers do not need a Pope or Saints or Eucharist to be born again, go to heaven, or to have a personal relationship with God. To God almighty the Pope is no more important than you are. Most churches have communion, or Eucharist as you called it. And yes, sin exists everywhere man is. That indeed is the entire underlying message of the Gospel. I pray your local church is not part of any of this madness but the truth is your priest is under the authority of the church and even if he knew of child abuse he would be silenced. Silenced by the authority you give the church leadership. God doesn’t give the church authority to abuse children. Luke 17:2. The Catholic church has long abused it’s power and authority to facilitate and support child rape. You say you stay becuase of the “her authority” . By “her” I assume you are referring to the bride of Christ. See my issue? The bride of Christ wants to change the Lords prayer? The bride of Christ wants homosexual priests? The bride of Christ wants to use it’s authority to sexually abuse children and then cover it up? I have no doubt that God can and will purify his flock, I just wonder how he will do it when the rank and file Catholic continues to bow the the authority of the Vatican rather than stand for what is right and just in the eyes of the Lord. No offense meant by any of this, just trying to understand what a every day regular Catholic thinks.

        • SophieA

          Finally, all of you, have unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or abuse for abuse; but, on the contrary, repay with a blessing. It is for this that you were called—that you might inherit a blessing.
          1 Peter 3:8-9

        • Apostolic Succession. God founding one’s Church, and God at the head of the Church. There being no salvation outside of the Church being another.

          The Church also has the only substantive intellectual tradition in human history, and created civilization. The Church also is a part of the Communion of Saints.

          What you are is a gnostic who has somehow confused personal, wishful thinking for Divine Will, and uses this confusion to excuse anything you want.

          • Jim Walker

            I guess if my confessions and accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, made on a shipwreck won’t count, and to you, I’d be in hell.

          • you would be, but you’re still alive. As I have said on the message you are replying to: there is no confession to your own ego, nor is there the ability for you to call your own ego to be God.

          • Kelly B

            that’s how all catholics think – they are brainwashed into believing that they are the ONLY way to God. I am pained when I meet “lapsed Catholics” who want a relationship with God but don’t because they truly believe that the only way they can have that is to embrace all of the catholic dogma – the RCC shuts the door to salvation and throws away the key.

          • Jim Walker

            I guess this is what they understand about the road to Heaven is thru the(ir) narrow gateway and wide is the highway to hell.

          • Yes, there is only one narrow gateway to Heaven.

            Everywhere else is a very easy road to damnation. ESPECIALLY the easy road where you erroneously think that a deathbed “confession” to your own ego absolves you of all sin for eternity.

          • There is no Salvation outside of the Church. Especially when you incur the sin that cures to Heaven for blasphemy every day.

            Those heretics/apostates are right to despair as they have an idea of what your invincible ignorance will not allow you to realize.

          • Vincent J.

            Um …. do you really know what a gnostic is? Perhaps you should do some research before you call people names.

          • Fundamentally, someone who fell for the devil’s lie that “knowing” or “enlightenment” or “illumination” will make someone “be like gods.”

          • Vincent J.

            There’s much more to gnosticism than that. You might be surprised, if you google it.

          • So you are now a devil worshiper who honestly believes that his ego can change reality as if he usurped Divine Will?

            Explains a lot.

          • Vincent J.

            Wow! Where did all that come from?

          • Reading your message. Clearly you have sympathy for them, and it is no wonder considering you share their views on so many things.

          • Vincent J.

            So you’re saying that something which came from your mind and your fingertips came from me? I don’t think so.

          • Projecting onto me in the attempt to absolve yourself of guilt is the mortal sin of despair. Do you know what a mortal sin is?

          • Vincent J.

            Actually, I was trying to show you (gently) is that you were/are projecting on to me.

          • despair is the mortal sin where you try to absolve yourself by projection because your pride will not allow you to admit your evil. I pointed out that you were doing this.

            your response? Trying to scream “I know you are but what am I” to try to project your act of projection.

          • Vincent J.

            You projected. I reflected. By your own admission, you are in despair, though I admit that I can’t understand where that despair comes from. Perhaps you know more about psychology than I do.

            I’m curious. Do you believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God? Yes or no, please.

          • I pointed out your sympathy for gnostics (who are par excellence devil worshippers) is consistent with your prot belief that your ego can control the Will of God and allow you to read anything into scripure. Of course you have sympathy for gnostics, YOU ARE ONE!

            When I pointed this out, you then claimed that I made it up as if I am the gnostic here. That is projection of your gnosticism onto me in an attempt to absolve you. When one projects (as you are doing) in order to absolve yourself, that is called the mortal sin of despair.

            When I pointed out your despair, you then doubled down on despair to try to project your despair onto me.

            When I mentioned you doubled down on it, you tripped down on it in this very message.

            Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity, which is referred to as the Son. Funnily enough, you are quoting from the Niscene Creed written by the Church.

            Yes I would believe that as it is official Church dogma. Why are you quoting the Church?

          • Vincent J.

            ROFL! There you are with the projection again. Amateur psychology isn’t worth much. It certainly misses the mark here.

            I don’t claim to be able to read anything into scripture. Some scripture is difficult to understand, as Peter wrote of Paul’s epistles. Some scripture is not difficult. “Thou shalt not kill” is easy to understand. No exegesis is necessary. John the Baptist is greater than any person born of woman is easy to understand. No exegesis is necessary.

            I noticed that you waffled on saying “Jesus is the Son of God.” Can you type that out just as I typed it and say that you believe it? I suspect that you can’t.

          • It is thou shalt not murder, as in killing of innocents. There is nothing against killing the guilty in self defense. That is an example of one of your bad prot translations.

            I was wondering why you spit on the Mother of God by trying to apotheocize a prophet, when you quote the Nicene Creed. I am Catholic, the Niscene Creed is Catholic.

            Of course I believe the Nicene Creed, I read it every time I go to Church. The question is why do you?

          • Vincent J.

            You wrote: ” … you quote the Nicene Creed.” Actually, I was quoting scripture, not the Nicene Creed.

            It seems strange that you can’t bring yourself to say (type), “Jesus is the Son of God.” You mention the Nicene Creed, which is Catholic, you are Catholic, but you haven’t said, “Jesus is the Son of God.”

            If you want to know why I’m pursuing this line of thought, read 1 John 4:1 (from a Catholic bible):” … do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God….”
            If you read verse 15, you see, “God abides in those who confess that Jesus is the Son of God, and they abide in God.” You might be surprised by how many angry people cannot come right out and say, “Jesus is the Son of God.”

            So, I ask you once again, do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?

        • Kelly B

          Amen brother King! The RCC puts themselves between God and his creation, keeping us away from a relationship with Him – it would be like telling a married couple that they cannot communicate directly with each other – they have to go through mediators in order to communicate – ridiculous, blasphemous, and demonic.

    • luther was a drunk who was excommunicated for rape.

      The German government picked him up as a propaganda minister to help create their unfied, hobbsean “god-state.” The heresy you follow is just the result of that.

      • B King

        I am a Baptist. As in John the Baptist who baptized Christ. Baptists pre date the Catholic church. Furthermore, we follow the Bible as the word of God not the words of men. Considering what you are defending I would be careful who you call heretic.

        • I am defending the One True Faith. The baptist sect of protestantism is from around the 1800’s.

          • B King

            If you think there is no salvation outside of the Catholic church you are clearly not Christian because Christ said no such thing. You are ignorant of Baptists as well since Thomas Jefferson corresponded with the Baptists in the 1700’s. I suggest you read the Bible because clearly that is where you are most ignorant. I am not a gnostic nor does my Faith excuse any sin. Sin is sin and Christ is the only thing that can absolve sin. You are the one using the Church to excuse any behavior you want. You are the one that needs to pull the beam out of your own eye. You attack my faith but what have you done to stop the homosexuality and pedophilia within your own ranks? Anything at all? Or just attack anyone who asks why Catholic’s put up with it.

          • “No one comes to the Father except through Me” and there is only one place to actually find Christ.

            Pretending God is equitable to your ego is not valid. Of which makes you a gnostic.

            Nothing in the Church supports sodomy, and the scandal did not involve pedophilia.

          • B King

            Get the hence Satan!

          • Kelly B

            You speak truth – Satan IS the head of the RCC – who else would convince people to ignore Jesus’ words that no one goes to the Father except through Him – and that He is the way, the truth, and the life. They are like the world: ABC = anyone but Christ. To them, Christ’s death on the cross was not quite good enough, making purgatory necessary. Evidently Christ lied when He said that He is the only mediator – it’s MUCH better to pray to Mary and other dead people (which God calls an abomination). the ONLY one glorified when that happens IS the enemy – period.

          • Actually, God is the head of the Church and is in control of the Church.

            Claiming the work of the Holy Spirit is the work of the devil is the worst form of blasphemy outside of suicide and assuming for yourself salvation. That’s the second post with blasphemy in just the first sentence I have seen of yours here.

            Purgatory is mentioned in the last 6 books of the OT. It is where a soul that is not damned is purified. Even if you were to genuinely repent and confess, you would still have to pay for your multitude of blasphemy in some way. sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance cannot be merely forgotten.

          • Linda ILL

            Then stop asking your friends to pray for you! You just pray to God yourself, otherwise those friends of yours are being mediators! Mary and the saints are merely praying for us just like we ask our friends and family to pray for us.

            Yes, Jesus is the only Mediator to God, but aren’t we all mediators to Jesus when we pray for others?

            Very simple logic!

          • Kelly B

            Hmmm… communication with the dead is the same as asking a living friend to pray for you? Then why did God punish Saul for attempting to contact Samuel after he died?

            Deuteronomy 18:10-14 “Never sacrifice your son or daughter as a burnt offering. And do not let your people practice fortune-telling, or use sorcery, or interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, or cast spells, or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead.

            The Lord categorizes speaking to the dead as sorcery and witchcraft. But because some catholic people said, “Nah – don’t listen to God – listen to me instead!” Catholics heartily respond “OK! And in fact I’ll mock and denigrate people who DO obey God’s commandments!”

            Ecclesiastes 9:4-6 says “the dead know nothing…they will never again share in what happens here on earth.”

            1 Timothy 2:5 tells that the Christ is the ONLY mediator we need – we can and are admonished to pray ONLY to God – speaking to others instead puts a wedge, a barrier between the Lord and his saints (yes, all Christians are saints). Our relationship with the lord is to be the CLOSEST relationship we have – He “sticks closer than a brother” so what’s wrong with talking directly to him? It would be like going through a third party to speak to your husband or child – why on earth would you want to involve a third party when you can speak directly to them? What’s wrong with Jesus that you can’t speak directly to him, particularly when speaking to the dead is “detestable” in the eye of the Lord?

            No – I am NOT a mediator when I pray to others – that is Christ’s job alone – I would not dare to assume that role.

          • Why are you invoking your dark master?

          • Kelly B

            I’m pretty sure he was referring to your satanic posts, and I’m blocking you because it hurts me to read words that grieve the Holy Spirit and glorify only satan.

          • despair, or projecting ones own faults one others because you cannot admit you have them yourself, is a mortal sin.

          • Kelly B

            “No one comes to the Father except through Me” So why do catholics read that and say “Nah! That’s OK! I’d rather go to mary, or some other dead person?” What’s wrong with Jesus that catholics go to ANYONE but Him? He said that he is the ONLY mediator – do you call Jesus a liar?

          • Mary is the Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven&Earth as well as the most powerful human in existence.

            Christ performs the Sacraments.

            The problem with protestant bibles you have been reading is that they are completely different from the real thing.

          • Vincent J.

            11 Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist ….

            How is it that you put Mary higher than John the Baptist?

          • Because Mary is the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Earth, and the most powerful human.

            The devil rebelled because he refused to kneel before a human woman as God commanded all to kneel before the Queen.

          • Vincent J.

            I can’t recall seeing that in the bible. Please refresh my memory, and give me chapter and verse.

          • For what?

            Virgin Mary being the Mother of God? Is that something you prots honestly deny in your hatred of her?

            Virgin Mary being the Queen of Heaven and Earth? That happened after her Assumption. It is also mentioned in Genesis and Revelation.

            Virgin Mary being the perfect human? Clearly she has to be if she was Immaculately Concieved and is the new Ark of the Covenant.

          • Kelly B

            She was immaculately conceived, huh? Chapter, verse please? She called God her savior because she was human, just like the rest of us. Raising a human being up to the level of a god(dess) is demonic, pure and simple.

          • Mary’s mother prayed that she be concieved without sin. This made Mary worthy of being the new Ark of the Covenant.

            Virgin Mary was Assumed into Heaven because she already without sin, and had no need to die or recieve a perfect body.

          • Linda ILL

            In Luke, the Archangel Gabriel pronounced Mary “without sin” by addressing her as “Hail, full of grace”, in the original Greek, meaning, “who has always possessed the fullness of grace”. No creature has ever been “always in the fullness of grace” other than Mary, not because of anything she did on her own, but because the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity could not take His sacred humanity from sinful flesh. That would be illogical. Hence, Mary was conceived without original sin, and remained sinless her entire life.

          • Kelly B

            Blasphemy from the pit of hell. If the actual Mary could read those words she would cry over the thought of people making a deity out of her. I can’t read your satanic lies anymore – blocked.

          • Linda ILL

            Of course Mary needed a Savior–she is a creature like all of us. But God simply saved her in a different manner than He saved the rest of us. He prevented her from Original Sin by His Almighty power. Because God can do anything. I’m sorry for you that you possess such disdain and contempt for the holy Mother of God. How sad that she’s not a part of your life.

          • Vincent J.

            Despite all that, scripture, which is inspired by the Holy Spirit, says that John the Baptist is greater than Mary. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit made a mistake?

            Matthew 11:11 Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist ….

          • Claiming your “personal interpretation” fueled by a heretic Bible total different from the real thing as the work of the Holy Spirit is blamsphemy. Similarly, claiming your ego is the Holy Spirit is the capital sin of pride.

            Mary is the Mother of God, Queen, and is the Ark of the Covenant.

            John the Baptist was a Prophet of the Old Covenant who spoke of the coming of the new.

            Can you see the difference? Moreso, what do you think God (actual God, not your ego pretending to be God) thinks of you insulting His Mother?

          • Vincent J.

            So, you’re saying that, when the Holy Spirit inspired that scripture about John the Baptist, He made a mistake?

          • Once more, claiming your “personal interpretation” crafted in your ego to spit on the Mother of God as the work of the Holy Spirit is that sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy.

            The passage you quote is a compliment to the Prophet John the Baptist. It is not putting John the Baptist over and above the very Queen of Heaven and Earth whose womb is the Ark of the New & Eternal Covenant.

          • Vincent J.

            That scripture is clear. John is greater than Mary.

          • Again, once more, for the third time today: Virgin Mary is the Mother of God, the crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Bearer of Light, the Ark of the New & Eternal Covenant.

            you are saying a prophet is “greater than that.”

            The only person greater than Mary is Christ Himself, and Christ is God. So what position does St John the Baptist hold if he is “greater” than Mary as you blasphemously say without a single regard to the fate of your soul.

          • Vincent J.

            So, you’re saying that the Holy Spirit made a mistake, when He inspired the scripture which says that John is greater than every other human, including Mary, but not including Jesus, of course?

          • I am asking you to think with reason here. What you are doing is trying to put a trap to think you will get me to blamspheme, but you are blaspheming every time you ask it.

            Mary is the Queen of Heaven&Earth, the Mother of God, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Bearer of Light. This is who the Virgin Mary is.

            St John the Baptist is a later prophet of the Old Covenant, but not the last as the Apostles were the last Propets of the Old Covenant. Had St John the Bapstist not been martyred, he would have eventually become a Bishop of the Church just like Lazaarus did.

            Christ is not the Holy Spirit. Christ is a separate person of the Trinity. The quote you are making is an offhand comment given by Christ in public and witnessed to by St Matthew. It was not divined out of the aether by St Matthew thanks to the Holy Spirit, St Matthew was an Apostle and was there at the time.

            There is nothing in your quote that implies that a mere prophet is greater than the Mother of God. That is what YOU want it to say because you HATE the Mother of God and erroneously think your baptist heresy dates back to St John the Baptist (it doesn’t).

            Therefore, you cannot claim that your poor eisegesis and wishful thinking is the work of the Holy Spirit.

          • Vincent J.

            So Jesus just made an off hand comment, which means it can be untrue? THAT is blasphemy.

            The Apostles were prophets and part of the new covenant. Jesus sent them out (which is the meaning of “apostle”) to preach the good news of the kingdom of God, the new covenant.

            The scripture which I cited does not imply anything. It states plainly that John is greater than Mary. No interpretation is needed. No exegesis is needed.

            You wrote: “… you HATE the Mother of God ….” Once again, you claim to know my mind. Only God can know a man’s mind. Are you God?

          • No, the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy is self-injury by denial or rejection of God. It is blasphemous for you to spit on the Mother of God, it is blasphemous to apotheosize a Prophet, and it is blasphemous to claim the Holy Spirit and your ego are one and the same.

            Apostle means “messenger,” Angel also means “messenger.” The Apostles were the first Bishops of the Church. The Virgin Mary is the Mother of God. Like all prots, you share your dark master’s desire to diminish her because she threatens your ego-drama.

            This is a sad exchange. you repeat yourself because you don’t like what I have to say, hoping for a different answer. I am done with you.

          • Vincent J.

            You wrote: It is blasphemous for you to spit on the Mother of God ….”
            This is a straw man. I never did that in any way.

            Blasphemy is a sin against God. It’s impossible to blasphemous when speaking of a human. Mary is a human, therefore one cannot blaspheme against Mary. Perhaps you believe that Mary is a goddess?

            You wrote: “… it is blasphemous to claim the Holy Spirit and your ego are one and the same.” This is another straw man; I never made that claim.

            You wrote: “…she threatens your ego-drama.” Once again, you claim to know my mind. Only God can know a man’s mind.

            You wrote: ” I am done with you.” I’m not done with you, Nigel. I intend to pray for you, asking God to open your mind to the scriptures.

          • Vincent J.

            Heretic bible? Let’s look at a Catholic version of the bible:

            Matthew 11:11 Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)
            Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has risen no one greater than John the Baptist ….

            Luke 7:28 I tell you, among those born of women none is greater than John ….

            It’s the same as the so-called “heretic” bible. Clearly, there’s no problem with the version of the bible which I first cited.

          • The problem is your eisegesis, which is injecting into scripture what is not there. Nowhere in that half-sentence is Christ putting a mere prophet over and above the Queen of Heaven & Earth.

            In fact, Virgin Mary being the Queen of Heaven & Earth precludes anyone being above her, no?

          • Vincent J.

            That scripture clearly puts John over Mary, hence your (plural “your”) conclusion that Mary is over John is incorrect.

          • Mary is the Mother of God, crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Bearer of Light, the Ark of the New & Eternal Covenant.

            This is simple fact.

            your blasphemous hatred of the Mother of God leads your eisegesis to also blasphemously claim that a latter prophet is greater than the Mother of God, crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Bearer of Light, the Ark of the New & Eternal Covenant just because of an errant compliment.

          • Vincent J.

            I don’t blasphemously claim anything. I merely repeat what the bible says. Why do you have a problem with that which the Holy Spirit inspired?

          • your blasphemy is threefold.

            First is the claim that a Prophet is above the Morher of God. Second is the intention of why you do it, to not only self-justify your heresy but also to self-justify your hatred of the Mother of God.

            Third is you believing that your ego is in control of the Holy Spirit. Therefore whatever you blasphemously read into scripture, you claim that the Holy Spirit decrees whatever your ego desires.

          • Vincent J.

            I don’t claim that John the Baptist is above Mary; scripture states it plainly.

            You wrote: ” Second is the intention of why you do it ….” You can’t possibly know my mind, so your statement is false witness.

            You wrote: “Third is you believing that ….” Again, you can’t possibly know my mind, so, again, your statement is false witness.

            It’s been my experience over the past sixty-seven years that the only people who claim to be able to read minds as you do are liberals. I’m gonna guess that you voted for Obama and Hillary. Am I correct?

          • No, you claim it, then blasphemy claim that the Holy Spirit does so just because you do.

            Four messages from you in my queue right now, all of which consist of this same blasphemous nonsense and attempts to bait me into a trap. I know your kind because I have dealt with hundreds of you over very many painful years of my life. I also know your theology and your intentions. Instead of arguing what your intentions are, or address what I said, you just sneered. That tells me I hit the target.

            Consider yourself blocked.

          • Vincent J.

            “Consider yourself blocked.” Oh, no! A fate worse than death.

          • Vincent J.

            If the problem is my exegesis, then there’s no reason to label the protestant version of the bible “heretic.”

          • your problem is eisegesis.

            exegesis is reading things that are there (and you can do that either correctly or incorrectly), eisegesis is reading things into scripture from your own ego.

          • Vincent J.

            Nice deflection, but you haven’t addressed what I said. If the problem is exegesis, then there’s no reason to say that the problem is a “heretic bible.” Do you agree.

            On the matter of exegesis, there is no need for interpretation. The meaning is clear.

          • eisegesis is reading things into scripture that isn’t there. This is your problem. That is not a mispelling of exegesis, eisegesis is its own word.

            And no, the meaning of scripture is not clear, especially when you are so far off. There are four senses of scripture, and you reject all of them to merely assume the Bible says what you want it to say.

            Similarly, you ignore what I say to merely pretend that I am saying whatever you wanted me to say.

          • Vincent J.

            If you take the time to look in a dictionary, you’ll see that exegesis is “critical explanation or interpretation of a text or portion of a text, especially of the Bible.” Bible scholars do it. Theologians do it. Even Catholic theologians do it. There’s nothing in that word which means “eisegesis is reading things into scripture that isn’t there,” as you claim. Dictionaries also tell us how to spell exegesis correctly. A dictionary can be your friend, Nigel. You might want to start using one.

          • EXEGESIS, ex-ay-gee-sis, ee – ex- ee – gee – ee -ess – eye – ess, reading things that are in the Bible.

            To have proper exegesis, you have to know the four senses of scripture: historical, allegorical, anagogical, moral.

            EISEGEIS, ice-ay-gee-sis, ee – eye – ess -ee – gee – ee – eye – ess, reading things into the bible that are not there.

            Exegesis is valid or invalild depending on how you do it. eisegesis is always invalid.

          • Vincent J.

            Holy moly! You’re correct, and I was wrong. I apologize.

          • Kelly B

            That’s because catholics treat the bible the way obama treats the constitution, like toilet paper.

          • Kelly B

            Even the devil knows that humans are not God.

          • The devil is more afraid of Mary than he is of Christ because Mary is to crush his head, and the devil hates humans and especially women. The devil has no problem losing to God, but to lose to a human woman (even the perfect human) is a grave insult to him.

          • Kelly B

            You suggest a catholic read the bible? First they’d have to go to a protestant’s house to find one, then the friend would have to point out which book it is, then they’d have to pray to mary for forgiveness before reading it… so that’s not going to happen…

          • The Church wrote the Bible. The “bible” you have has been edited to be unrecognizable.

            What you have just done here is the mortal sin of calumny and the sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance of blasphemy. Do you have any idea what that does to you?

          • Vincent J.

            The old testament Hebrews wrote the old testament. The new testament is a collection of letters written either by the Apostles or people who knew the Apostles. The Church did not write the bible. The early church fathers merely put all the letters and scrolls together in one volume.

          • The Old Testament was written by Prophets of the Old Covenant. The New Testament was written by the last Prophets of the Old Covenant and the first Bishops of the New Covenant, the Apostles.

          • Vincent J.

            Yes, thank you for repeating what I said. I’m happy to see that you agree with me.

          • So you said that the first Bishops of the Church, the Apostles, wrote scripture? That’s not good news for your heresy.

          • Vincent J.

            That’s not good news for my heresy? What heresy would that be?

          • The prot heresy.

          • Vincent J.

            I don’t know what a prot heresy is. Can you be more detailed?

          • Guess.

          • Vincent J.

            Guess? So it has no real meaning. OK.

          • No, I mean read my message.

          • Vincent J.

            I grew up Catholic, and we had a bible in the living room, but nobody ever cracked it open to read it. It was just for show.

          • Linda ILL

            So because your family disregarded your “for show” Bible somehow confirms Kelly B’s hateful assertion against all Catholics?

          • Vincent J.

            No, Kelly B was being sarcastic, not meant to be taken literally ……. I think.

          • Linda ILL

            You, Kelly B, should be embarrassed by your utter ignorance of the Catholic Faith, and your bigoted accusations against Catholics’ knowledge of the Bible–the Holy Book compiled by the very Catholic Church that you hate.

            And you just had to get your dig in against Mary, didn’t you? Protestants’ disdain of the Holy Virgin Mother of God does not sit well with her Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. To not love His mother, whom Jesus loved more than any creature ever created, is a slap in the Face of your own Redeemer.

        • Linda ILL

          Why do you believe the Bible is the Word of God? Who said so?

          It was the Catholic Church who compiled the Bible, discerning under the guidance of the Holy Spirit which of the spiritual epistles and “gospels” that existed during the 1st 3 centuries were indeed the infallible Word of God.

          So when you read and quote and believe what is in Sacred Scripture, you are showing that you trust the Catholic Church!

          If you DON’T trust the Catholic Church, then please throw your Bible in the trash!

    • Linda ILL

      Hey, B King–so you think the Catholic Church is the “only” institution that covers up sexual abuse of minors?

      You might want to read the Shakeshaft Report on U.S. public school sexual abuse and massive cover-ups. This exhaustive research discovered that the sexual abuse rate of minors by public school employees–teachers, coaches, counselors, etc–and the constant transferring of these predators to other schools–is 100X greater than that in the Catholic Church.

      Do your homework before you implicate ONE organization as the ONLY one engaging in heinous practices.

      • B King

        Why don’t you take your own advice and do YOUR homework like scrolling up and actually READING my posts! Schools are a secular organization and we homeschool our children. I suppose you still yours to be altar boys?

        • Linda ILL

          And your point is…?

    • Daniel M Perrine

      The plural of “Catholic” is “Catholics,” not “Catholic’s.”

    • Daris Darrison

      Sure thing buddy. No booting in the Episcopalian church. Oh wait…

  • I hear you, but the media will never be interested in exposing the ruin of young men by homosexual men. The acceptance of homosexuality, pederasty, and sleeping around is something they will not turn their back on, because to do so means to question the sexual revolution and Kinsey. It is all one big ball to them, and it is not separable. To deny homosexuality is to deny freedom to sleep around.

    You might ask, “What about the children?” They don’t care about children, either. The abortion-loving left sees “wanted” children as sex toys. Hollywood always has and so have homosexual men. This is Babylon.

    • Tim Pan

      Amen .

    • Jim

      Wow……just wow. Settle down.

      • Andy6M

        Settle down…? You’re joking right…

      • I can see what side you are on.

      • Linda ILL

        Jim–InRussetShadows is 100% accurate. These are hard, cold facts. And you obviously refuse to believe simple truth.

  • Freedom Rides Yet Again

    Figures. Stupid girl reporter blows tip.

    • It’s usually how they get promotions.

      • Andy6M

        Is that a double entendre? Not appropriate.

  • canoe39

    Mark, you will now be targeted by the PC police. They do not believe in religious freedom. Look what they’ve done to bakers who refuse to bake wedding cakes for gays.

  • Ray

    God bless you sir for raising your voice.

  • Steve Little

    Complete imbecile! You blame gay folk for the paedophilia in the Catholic Church? Gay people are no more responsible than you are. Many of them were the victims. Idiot!

  • PeterJ D

    Mark Judge the drunken serial abuser of women on his moral high horse. Good luck with all you legal troubles. You and Bart O’Kavanaugh.

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