What’s Happening to Men is Alarming for Everyone

We won't survive without strong men.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on March 18, 2018

If you hadn’t noticed, there’s a crisis in America involving a particular sex, and it’s not female. Men are in deep trouble, in just about every area of life, and that spells deep trouble for all of us.

Tucker Carlson at FOX News has begun a series about “Men in America”, airing every Wednesday during March. His first installment was sobering, to say the least. It is a must-watch.


Troubling Facts

Just a few of the dismal facts:

Men are committing suicide at an alarming rate: 77 percent of all suicides in America are men. (Disproportionately white men.)

Men are twice as likely to become alcoholics, and far more likely to die of drug overdose.

Ninety percent of all people incarcerated are men.

More girls now graduate high school than boys, and more women attend and graduate college than men. Many more finish graduate school.

1 in 5 boys are now being diagnosed with some form of ADHD and being medicated for it.

Single women buy their own home at twice the rate of single men.

Liberal feminism has played a huge role in the collapse of men, and it is high time this poisonous philosophy was recognized for what it is.

Almost half of young men failed the Army’s physical fitness test for basic training. Fully 70 percent of men in America are overweight or obese.

Testosterone rates are plummeting even among young males, and sperm counts are down 60 percent since the 1970’s. No one seems to know why. Not one NIH study has been done to investigate this frightening phenomenon. (More on that later.)

Fewer men are getting married and staying married.

1 in 5 American kids now live with only their mother. It is impossible to overstate the negative consequences of this terrible trend. Millions more boys are growing up without a father in their lives. There is no upside to that. The epidemic of fatherlessness in America is an unprecedented disaster. Stream senior editor Rachel Alexander has spotlighted the crisis of boys and fatherlessness here and here.

A Bleak Picture, but Shhh…

This is a terribly bleak reality. Yet, as Carlson points out, the media and the medical community don’t seem to believe it a problem worth considering. The prevailing message of our day is that women are the real victims. Men, the terrible “patriarchy,” are the oppressors. To dare question or contradict this message is to invite venomous public wrath and political doom, so few are the brave souls willing to say a peep.

Liberal feminism has played a huge role in the collapse of men, and it is high time this poisonous philosophy was recognized for what it is. Masculinity is desperately needed in our society and there is nothing toxic about it. Women do need men, and men need women. Men and women are not interchangeable. Families crumble without husbands and fathers.

We have to be willing to thoroughly and honestly investigate all the possible causes for this ominous decline in male health.

Children unquestionably need fathers present in their everyday lives. Boys are self-destructing for lack of strong, loving men in their homes. These boys will grow up having never experienced healthy manhood and thus, will be crippled if not prevented from becoming good men themselves. And the vicious cycle continues.

Maybe All That Estrogen is Harmful

Carlson mentioned that there has not been a single NIH study on why testosterone levels and sperm counts are plummeting among even young men today. Here’s a possible reason why: liberal feminism and sex. One possible explanation for the decline is the estrogen in the water supply, created by women on the Pill. But no one wants to say that estrogen is to blame. Women simply must have the pill to be free and equal to men. It’s so liberating to be reduced to a sterile hole for men’s sexual gratification.

Do we really believe there is no consequence of decades of millions of women peeing out estrogen on a daily basis? No environmental impact at all? No detrimental side effects? The flood of estrogen isn’t affecting the boys in any negative way?

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Of course, hormonal contraception isn’t the only source of contamination in our soil and water, and our bodies. Our lives are stuffed full of products that contain many endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Yet even among those who are willing to blame our plastics and personal care products, suddenly mums the word when it comes to hormonal contraception. It’s politically incorrect to go there, and it’s unthinkable to suggest that maybe women should stop taking the Pill.

We have to be willing to thoroughly and honestly investigate all the possible causes for this ominous decline in male health. A society of feminized, weak men is a horror story, plain and simple. Everyone suffers for lack of strong, healthy, masculine men, especially women and children.

Men are in real trouble in every measurable way. All of us feel the effects. Let’s hope Tucker Carlson’s series becomes a catalyst for some courageous national soul-searching and change of behavior before it’s too late for our nation. We won’t survive without strong men.

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