We Hold the Key!!

By Dudley Hall Published on October 31, 2018

We are experiencing a suffocating wave of despair and loneliness in these days. Many are wringing their hands wondering where we are headed. While rancor and violence are on display, voices that could offer solutions are either silent or ignored. Political parties offer to solve the problem, but are obviously a major part of stirring it. But there is some good news. It is in fact, great news because it has the authority of heaven behind it.

We Hold the Key!

We hold the key! America’s moral future is in the hands of Christians. It is our time to shine in service to our culture. We have no time for being personally offended by those who don’t understand. We are not victims of a darkness that cannot be penetrated. We are vessels of mercy in the hand of our God who loves all people and wants societies to flourish. Jesus declared us to be lights in a dark world as we reflect him. We are sprinkled in society as salt for the preservation of truth and the establishment of peace.

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We have been given the great privilege of knowing the Father through the Son, thereby having access to both his wisdom and his life. We can not only know what to do, but do it, as we are energized by the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

We have kept silent while those who deny the existence of the creator have tried to find a way to run the world. With no creator of order, and no discoverable order, there is no right way to structure life. We cannot stand by while such nonsense permeates the public sector. We have the word and the voice that offers hope.

The word is the truth that sets people free from the deceptions that paralyze them. It declares that God has acted to restore us to the humans he envisioned in creation. As humans who can know and be known by God, we are capable of being his partners in earth’s development.

We Have a Voice!

We have a voice. There are still millions of ears eager to hear the sound from God’s body on earth. There is a lot at stake. We can no longer shrink back from criticism or fear of losing tax status. God addresses moral issues and if we are faithful witnesses, we do too. There are several issues that we have a right and responsibility to address.

(1) He endowed humans with a dignity that is not determined by public opinion. Humans are persons whether in the womb or outside, with the rights of all humans. That is not political. That is moral.

(2) God gave personal property as a means of developing our managing skills. It is to be protected.

(3) God gave some more than others to ensure human sharing. He wants to the strong to care for the weak.

(4) God is the source of our provisions, and governments that deny that are sure to fail. All cultures that refuse to recognize the distinction between creator and creation are doomed to deception and destruction. It is impossible to ignore the source of truth and hope to find truth.

It is time to stop with the complaining and criticizing and get on with our commission. We are sent into the world as God’s vessels of mercy. We represent the ultimate authority and it will not be toppled. We will suffer persecution, but that is not a deterrent. Amid persecution, we shall display a kind of peace the world does not now know, but is desperately longing to find. The key is in our hands. Let’s stop wringing them and use them to hold up our Lord. 

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  • Ray

    Well. we know that sin opens a door to the Devil. It’s gives the Devil a place of access. Jesus also gave us keys to the kingdom of heaven.

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