The Great Battle of Our Time: The War on Sanity

For the love of everything sane and right, think.

By Jennifer Hartline Published on February 2, 2017

To borrow from Thomas Sowell’s famous quote, “The problem isn’t that America can’t think. The problem is that America doesn’t know what thinking is. America has confused thinking with feeling.”

The past week in particular was proof-positive that thinking is out and feeling is everything. And no feeling of any kind, on any subject must be kept private or remain unexpressed. If your feelings compel you to smash windows and start fires, then by golly, smash and burn! If your feelings “inspire” you to scream vulgarities or spew threats, then you simply must!

Do not stop to think. Just react. Don’t reason. Whatever you do, don’t evaluate anyone’s actions honestly. Don’t put anything in context. Let your personal dislike be the only influence. Search your feelings, and go with the force.

A New Civil War

If protests and marches were our only trouble, or even the greatest trouble, it would be a surmountable problem. But those are small potatoes. We’ve got a much bigger problem. We are fighting a new civil war. Dennis Prager is right. We are indeed fighting over two radically different and ultimately irreconcilable versions of America. They cannot coexist. Only one will triumph.

Yet I will go even further than Prager. It’s not simply America at stake here. It’s sanity itself. The choice is between right reason and madness. Yeah, it’s that drastic.

It’s not simply America at stake here. It’s sanity itself. The choice is between right reason and madness.

In the new civil war, no one is anything other than what they wish to be, what they claim to be, however they identify; all based solely on how they feel. There is no objective reality based on observable, physical or natural law. There’s only the tyranny of feelings. And you are not permitted to disagree. It doesn’t matter that there are four lights. You will say there are five, or three, or none at all.

A girl who feels like a boy is as much a boy as any boy, and every boy must now assent to that delusion. Any boy who thought his maleness had something to do with his physical body must be made to disabuse himself of that antiquated and intolerant notion. (Notice here that his feelings do not matter at all.) In discussing the decision of the Boy Scouts to admit biological females to any troop, Dr. Gerard Nadal sums up what this really means for our children:

In any troop where a delusional girl is granted admittance, every boy will now be forced to welcome her, work with her, and play along with her delusional psychosis. Therein lies the great difference. If the homosexual issue could be papered over with assurances that the rest of the boys would not be affected, now healthy boys must accept and participate in the severest form of delusional ideation on pain of retribution, as certainly their “Scout Spirit,” a requirement for every level of rank advancement, will come into question. Their healthy responses to psychosis in their midst will be held against them as hatred, bigotry, and intolerance; all the things scouting stands against. These will be the lucky scouts.

The most tragic of all scouts will be those who are raised and inculturated to see no problem with boyhood and masculinity as not being rooted first in biology. It will not go well for a boy to be told that a female body must be accepted as male if that’s what the female says.

A boy who feels like a girl must be permitted to shower with the girls and use toilet facilities with the girls, and if the girls object to this invasion, they are called intolerant bigots. If they feel uncomfortable sharing intimate space with a young man, or even a grown man, it is they who must stuff their feelings, and submit themselves to irrationality and personal violation.

Brainwashing and Child Abuse

This is state-sanctioned, mandated brainwashing and child abuse. It’s now becoming law that we must teach our children to be irrational, and to accept madness as proper and unquestionable. Our kids may no longer know that God created them male and female, and that males — boys — have a penis, and females — girls — have a vagina. They must be taught that they can and should totally disregard their physical body if their feelings on any given day don’t “match” their body. Actually, even that’s not good enough. Now the kids must not be “assigned” a gender at all, but must be allowed to choose for themselves whatever they feel like. There are no boys and girls anymore. Those binary terms are now hurtful and oppressive.

The medical establishment has surrendered to the coercive thought control. Men are getting pregnant and giving birth now, and you shouldn’t call a pregnant “person” an expectant mother anymore, says the British Medical Association:

A large majority of people that have been pregnant or have given birth identify as women. We can include intersex men and transmen who may get pregnant by saying ‘pregnant people’ instead of ‘expectant mothers’.

A large majority? Really? They just “identify” as women?

Even motherhood, the most fundamental and intimate of all human realities, no longer belongs to women. Madness has reached into the essence of woman as God created her to pilfer the gift and profane the mystery.

Even motherhood, the most fundamental and intimate of all human realities, no longer belongs to women.

Soon, there won’t be any mothers anymore, for that word will surely be deemed hurtful and intolerant. You’re not even biologically male or female — you’re simply “assigned” male or female.

We’re living right now through the attempted remake of the human person into a nebulous creature of constant fluidity, defined only by feelings and delusions. Every human relationship will also be remade and renamed in order to make the madness seem kind, and sanity cruel.

If you think you’d rather sit this war out, think again. Please, people, think. For the love of everything sane and right, think. We’re being ordered to believe and to parrot madness. This is absolutely a fight worth fighting.

I don’t know about you, but I will not forsake sanity, nor will I abandon my children to insanity. May the God of order and reason restore our society to both.

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  • JP

    Stop it. This is to well reasoned.

  • Craig Roberts

    It’s just as crazy to give your time, talent, and attention to the crazies as it is for them to act crazy. If a person is really crazy they can’t be held responsible for their actions. Meanwhile they take up all or our precious time because we’re not sane enough to ignore them.

  • Autrey Windle

    This is what happens when both parents go to work and pay somebody minimum wage to raise their kids. Latchkey kids are prey for predators. Predators turn boys and girls into confused, abused adolescents and adults who want desperately to be anything but what God made them that brought them to the attention of these child abusers. It isn’t any wonder that the damaged children have damaged children and that it leads to fertile ground for the enemy to further degrade the human race with gender or sexuality confusion. The wonder is only that it has taken this long to bring a Judeo-Christian nation to it’s cultural knees. This is what happens when there is no one home to protect the children. This is what happens when parents are so full of guilt for not wanting to be parents that they never set limits, spank or otherwise discipline their kids. Untrained children like untrained pets do not know what is expected of them unless they are taught. Children, like pets , want most of all to please the adults but with no direction are bound to act out and lose control; witness this article about the snowflake or just plain flake generation. If you don’t start taking parenting seriously and protecting these helpless gifts from God, we will have a nation of weak-kneed whiners with no respect for anybody and no idea if they are male or female and who never heard of the love of God. Please America, be part of a family. The demise of the family is tearing our nation’s future asunder.

  • Autrey Windle

    Sorry for the tirade, I’m just a bit miffed…

  • G Hazel

    When half your FB friends believe the transgender line of thinking, how do you swim against the stream? Can you reason against unreason?

    • Gary

      I don’t know if it is possible to reason with the insane. Might be better to stay away from them.

    • Dean Bruckner

      Pray. That is the way light can reach them. And share God’s word, which also has supernatural power to take down fortresses.

  • Gary

    Excellent article. A nation where half, or more, of the population are insane is not likely to endure for long.

  • llew jones

    Rosaria Butterfield was a practicing lesbian who became a Christian in the late 1990s through the ministry of a male Christian pastor, who was her neighbor. She subsequently married another Christian pastor and has children by him. She is now involved in Christian ministry. Her approach to winning those from the LGBT community to Christ is worth some
    consideration. She is on youtube and at The Gospel Coalition site.

  • Dean Bruckner

    Yes, it is a war on sanity, but before that it was a war on righteousness, an all out nuclear, biological and chemical war.

    They are trying to destroy the nuclear family and create fission, a chain reaction that will melt humanity into subatomic particles, rootless individuals with no identity not assigned to them by the demonic Progressives. They are trying to destroy biology itself from all sides, denying it was created with a purpose and saying it itself is evil, except where it supports Progressives’ gnostic culture of death. And they are trying to mainline drug abuse in every form, to open the door of the psyche to the occult in such things as spirit dinners and amphetamine fueled 0rgies.

    Progressivism poisons everything. That ideology must be crushed to dust.

    • Marc Leysens

      It is complete postmodernism.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Purposefully stated. This remaking of social & cultural norms is as defined by this rebellion against Judaeo/Christian moral & ethical precedent not surprising. Our repurposed social agenda by a “radicalized” comparative few has been coming to the surface ever since the first legally victimized unborn child was butchered in it’s previously safe place. In place of the millions of men & woman denied their first breath by a systematic process of self imposed ignorance & brutality we find ourselves instead inundated by succeeding generations of fallacious thinking. All of this is rooted not in a culture gone bad, but rather in a bad culture pretending to be good. In other words, culture is not a redemptive force. We redeem culture only to the extent that we ourselves are redeemed. No wonder something less than half this nation seems bonkers ! I’m not suggesting that we
    who process some sane perspective give up the fight. The fight as revealed to those w/a modicum of spiritual discernment though, is not primarily political or even idealogical, though important as they are. Right. The fight is spiritual. We as a nation have been given a reprieve. This administration is, I believe, as much a result of the prayers of the “faithful” remnant as it is of their votes. Just as we’ve begun to see a significant departure from 8 prior years of duplicity & questionable ethics, We have the opportunity before us to both envision & embrace a return to sanity. Both cultural & spiritual. Thank God. He has a people who still think enough of culture to see it redeemed.

  • mbabbitt

    Too true. Time for the sane to say, “No, that is insane”, to the insane, even if they have MA or PhDs after their name as they, being human, are not exempt from this breakdown in sanity.

  • Marc Leysens

    Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good. – Thomas Sowell

    • Dean Bruckner

      Another way to say this is that liberals do what feels good, while conservatives do what IS good. Ideally anyway.

  • Melissa Nuala

    I have a sibling that was born with partial gonadal dysgenesis (a difference / disorder of sexual development), and this article – like most articles I encounter these days on the topic of gender dysphoria – was a bit painful for me. I suspect that the author didn’t intentionally fail to include any mention of those born with a DSD (despite the relevance of such people to the topic at hand). Instead, I think it’s likely the case that she (like most people) is not well-informed about the nature, frequency, and variability of DSDs. DSDs occur more frequently than some other well-known genetic defects like cystic fibrosis…and gender dysphoria can be one of the downstream impacts. The rate of gender dysphoria in those with DSDs is between 9% and 20%, depending on the nature of the DSD. But, there are some genetic defects impacting sexual development where the rate of gender dysphoria exceeds 60%. My expectation is that some day medical knowledge will advance to the point where improvements in diagnosis and treatment protocols can stave off unfortunate downstream impacts like gender dysphoria. We’re not there yet. And so, out of immense love for my sibling – and out of respect for the great psychic pain that she has endured – I would like to ask that the readers of this article keep their minds and their hearts open. And, if you’re so inclined, please pray for the arrival of the day when the parents of newborns with DSDs can fully inhabit the joy and the miracle of the life they’ve created.

    • Jennifer Hartline

      Dear Melissa, I cannot say strongly enough how much I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt, assuming the best rather than the worst, and being so respectful in your comment. Thank you for that. It is no small gift. It is never my intention to minimize the unique trial of people dealing with gender dysphoria. I would never desire to hurt your sister or anyone else suffering from gender dysphoria. I know only enough (from a brief period when I worked in a NICU and saw babies born with ambiguous genitalia, and other gender-related issues) to know that it happens, and more often than we realize. And that it is a painful cross to bear for everyone involved.

      I think we would all agree with the statement, “The human person has two arms and two legs.” Even if we occasionally meet a man with only one arm, or only one leg, etc. We still know that the human person has two arms and two legs. Sometimes things go amiss in development, but that’s not the norm, and it doesn’t change the basic reality of the human person. Yes?

      The problem with all the “transgender” madness is this sudden idea that the human person exists on a continuum of 50+genders, and that a man can become a woman, or a woman can become a man. That’s utter nonsense. The human person is created male and female. Period. One sex cannot become the other sex. This insane notion that a man can become pregnant and give birth, or that a young, physically healthy child should be encouraged to “transition” into the opposite sex because they have confusing feelings, is demonic. I can’t imagine how any adult in their right mind could be content to chemically castrate their healthy young son, or even surgically mutilate their child on the basis of feelings which will almost certainly resolve themselves given time and proper counseling. To encourage our children to disregard their bodies, ignore the physical reality, and reinvent themselves based on feelings?? To claim it’s oppressive to even call them boys and girls anymore? That is child abuse.
      To deny biological sex and use this ridiculous term, “assigned”? Total madness. To require young girls to share showers and bathrooms with biological males? That is abusive.

      And the insanity never ends. Now even pregnancy and childbirth is open to everyone! People who look at a pregnant woman and call her a man simply because she “identifies” as a man, and is a “trans” are like the people who gushed and marveled at the Emperor’s new clothes.

      Does that make any sense? I hope I have not sounded harsh, and I thank you again for writing, and for giving me the benefit of the doubt. I will remember you and your sister in my prayers. And I will remember your words.

    • Gail Finke

      That is a fine and charitable note. It seems to me that people who have real physical disorders such as your sibling highlight even more that what is being heralded as an “additional gender” or whatever the term of the day is are an entirely different case. It trivializes their sufferings when a person with a physically healthy body claims to “really” be the other sex — just as, if the body dysphoria that causes some people to want to be amputees suddenly became a fad, it would trivialize the sufferings of people who lost or were born without limbs. When a woman who has hormone treatments and has her breasts removed is featured ins newspapers as a “pregnant man,” it’s not only a lie, it’s an insult to people with physical disorders, as well as to many whose emotional and mental problems cause them considerable anguish.

  • Jennefer O’Brien

    I agree with you completely! Thank you for publishing this, and for your thoughtful but clear views on what sadly has happened in our society! I stand with you also, to NEVER forsake sanity!

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