Want a Frightening Glimpse of America’s Sex Ed Future? Look to Sweden

The Swedish government is pushing the LGBT ideological 'social experiment' on their students. From the looks of it, the US isn't far behind.

By Olof Edsinger Published on May 19, 2016

Sweden has often been hailed as an example for others to follow when it comes to sexuality and reproductive health — maybe not among Christians, but certainly in large parts of the UN as well as the EU. These days, however, strange things are going on in the Nordic kingdom, and especially in Swedish schools and pre-schools. This is probably a preview not just for my own country, but for the West as a whole.

What I’m referring to is the introduction of “norm-critical pedagogy,” a type of teaching that has been developed in close connection with the LGBTQ-movement to put a queer eye on the straight classroom. The core of this ideology is its critique of binary opposites, such as male/female, or normal/abnormal. It views identity as well as sexuality as something fluid, and it views traditional norms about sex and gender as oppressive.

Most frightening is probably the figure from a national survey that showed that 46% (!) of all Swedish teenagers have been exposed to sexual actions against their will.

Most activists advocating norm-critical pedagogy come either from the LGBTQ or the feminist camps. But what is new is that government authorities — including the National Agency for Education and the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society — are also pushing for this social experiment on our children.

Last year, the Equality Ombudsman published a manual aimed at all Swedish pre-schools, suggesting things like:

  • Issues concerning LGBT should be fully integrated in the whole curriculum.
  • All pre-schools should read books about families with same-sex parents.
  • All pre-schools should have sex-neutral bathrooms.

As almost all Swedish children attend pre-school, these suggestions are certain to shape the future of our nation. And once again it is clear that the problem according to queer ideology is not simply bullying or intolerance, but the general idea of heterosexuality and biological sex being natural in themselves. This pedagogical push amounts to wholesale indoctrination of the population in an ideology that denies the natural differences between men and women.

It comes as no surprise that several political youth organizations are also pushing for polygamy. Just recently the youth wing of the Liberal party in Stockholm even voted for a legalization of sex between consenting siblings, and necrophilia!

A national student organization recently published a manual instructing teachers never to address a group of pupils according to their biological sex, as there could be individuals in the classroom who did not identify that way. The problem with this strategy, of course, is that the desires of a small minority are being used to compel the majority of Swedes to change their behavior and even the language they use to describe reality. Biological sex is put forward as a ‘problem to manage’ rather than an asset and an important part of one’s identity as a boy or girl.

Space does not allow me to make an in-depth analysis of queer and/or norm-critical pedagogy. But an important issue that is raised by these examples is: What effects will this have on the next generation Swedes? Obviously a society in which one’s biological sex is perceived as a problem rather than an asset will experience massive confusion when it comes to identity and sexuality. Basically, “queer” means that our bodies tell us nothing about who we are.

Some of these effects are being confirmed already by research. Scientists are puzzled by poor psychological health of Swedish youth, despite the fact that Swedish society is prosperous and financially robust. Most frightening is probably the figure from a national survey that showed that 46% (!) of all Swedish teenagers have been exposed to sexual actions against their will.

The boundlessness of youth culture in general, and queer ideology in particular, is already taking its toll on Sweden. And from a look at the recent headlines, the United States seems to doing its best to catch up to Sweden. This is not a race that anyone should want to win.


Olof Edsinger is spokesperson for the Swedish Network for Sexuality and Living Together, and author of a report on the norm-critical pedagogy in Sweden published by the Swedish Evangelical Alliance.

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