Waking Up With President Joe Biden

By Al Perrotta Published on January 21, 2021

So I woke up today and Joe Biden was President of the United States. It’s like waking up and discovering Mr. Magoo is the quarterback of the Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes has been flown to Florida.

We also woke up to the news of Antifa riots in Portland and Seattle. Riots directed at Biden and the Democratic Party. So after two weeks of hearing how horrible and violent and insurrection-minded the average Trump voter is, after the nation’s capital was turned into a military camp, after swearing to go after “domestic terrorism” (aka Trump supporters) … the only violence on Biden’s Inauguration Day was from the leftist thugs who helped Biden get elected. Say, didn’t Biden and Michelle Obama pinky-promise the violence and “chaos” would end if we voted for Biden? Their blackmail is backfiring.

In warding off Antifa, federal agents used tear gas. Remember the media horror and outrage when federal agents under Trump used tear gas to clear out rioters at the White House? Funny how gassing Americans became fashionable again at noon Eastern. Will drone strikes be next? Hey, that’s good motivation to keep to the New Year’s diet. Give ’em less of a target.

The Media Lovefest Over Biden

Meanwhile, the media isn’t crying from the tear gas. They are weeping tears of joy at the inauguration of Biden. So many tears, the Potomac River is at flood stage.

Now, I normally don’t mind a day of fawning over a new president being inaugurated. It’s kind of an American thing to do. The pomp. The ceremony. The hope. Let’s rally behind the new guy and assume best intentions.

But after four years of 24/7 hatred and lies and vitriol and violence directed at Donald Trump, I thought the media would have the taste to still the thrill up their leg. Not be so obvious and over the top with their glee. Show some measure of restraint, especially given Biden didn’t actually do anything to earn the office.

One of my favorite blue check drool fests is this tweet from CNN’s Matt Dornic:

“Shake our foes?” Only if they have palsy. Here’s a newsflash, CNN: China invented fireworks 2,000 years ago. They’re not impressed. For that matter, Iran’s been throwing a massive winter festival called Sadeh that’s been lighting up the skies for 2,500 years.

Then again, by “foes” perhaps Dornic means Trump supporters. Because certainly more effort has been expended to wreck us than there has been to hurt America’s enemies. Fortunately, we’re actually sane. We can look at an amazing fireworks show and say … wait for it … “That’s an amazing fireworks show.”

We can’t leave this fireworks show without pointing out the first Biden Moment of his presidency. Hours after mandating mask wearing on federal property, Joe Biden was on federal property at the Lincoln Memorial with no mask on.

Do as I say, not as I do. Literally. When asked about it today, Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave the answer of elitist technocrats everywhere, “We have bigger things to worry about.”

Confusion Over Israel

Joe’s not the only one confused. Yesterday, almost immediately after the swearing in, the title of US Ambassador to Israel was changed to “US Ambassador to Israel, West Bank and Gaza.” Then Fox News tells us the name was immediately changed back after a massive outcry.

Or did we see the first signs of the inevitable battle between the fervent radicals and the corrupt globalists over control of the West Wing?

Or is the slap to Israel just a first symptom of Biden eventually wrecking Trump’s massive progress towards peace in the Middle East?

In any event, the supposed master of foreign policy couldn’t go more than a couple hours without a massive screw-up.

Confusion Over Pronouns

Also immediately after the swearing in, Harris-Biden demonstrated what is truly important to them. And it ain’t unity. The White House contact form changed to honor the obliteration of male and female.

A screen-grab of the White House contact form via the Daily Caller News Foundation.

No surprise. Biden’s already signed an Executive Order calling on schools to allow transgenders to compete in girls’ sports. Of course, a candidate who had the media and Big Tech working overtime to tip the election his way knows all about “unfair competitive advantage.”

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Finally, take Joe’s pick for Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. Of all the nation’s wonderfully qualified health professionals, Joe Biden picked the one who pulled their own mother out of a nursing home before stuffing COVID patients into Pennsylvania’s nursing homes.

Who cares how many people Rachel Levine killed after going out of way to protect ol’ Mom? Levine is transgender, so “Hello, big promotion!”

Confusion Over His Own Bio

Hello, sucking up! Fox News’ Chris Wallace called Biden’s inaugural address the best he’s heard in his lifetime. Wallace was born yesterday.

Certainly it was the funniest inauguration speech on record. Take this howler:

“We must reject the culture in which facts themselves are manipulated and even manufactured,” Biden said. “There is truth, and there are lies.”

Says the man who has lied for 50 years about the circumstances of his wife’s tragic death. Tarnished the reputation of an innocent man to brighten his own political future.

Lied about the circumstances of his first date with his current wife. Go talk to Jill’s first husband. Excuse me, Doctor Jill.

Lied repeatedly about his own biography. His deeds. His education. His experiences. Still waiting for that mugshot after his arrest for trying to see Nelson Mandela.

Lied maliciously about Trump, repeatedly peddling the abhorrent Charlottesville Lie.

Lied about his direct involvement in Biden family financial windfalls from Communist China.

And hot off the presses: Remember when he insisted he was not going to go after fracking? Got all mad after being challenged by Trump in the second debate? Well….

Most damaging of all … and likely criminal … Joe Biden was directly involved in using the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax to sabotage the incoming Trump Administration.

Comfortable With Lying and Liars

In fact, the person who first came up with the idea to divert attention from Hillary Clinton’s crimes was Jake Sullivan, Biden’s new National Security Advisor. So Biden’s going to take advice from someone who advised a presidential candidate to concoct a lie about her rival and a dangerous enemy, thus endangering national security. He’s also picked Susan Rice as his domestic foreign policy adviser most famous for repeatedly lying about the Benghazi terror attack and lying about her knowledge of the unmasking of Trump staffers.

For fifty years, Joe Biden has concocted stories big and small. He is comfortable with lying and surrounding himself with those who have lied to the American people about the most grave of matters. Their lies were used in the sole, naked pursuit of power.

The reason Joe Biden is so easily tongue-tied is because he speaks with a forked tongue.

We awoke this morning with a new president. And with this new president and his advisors we must be wide awake every day forward.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl on Twitter and Parler.

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