Venezuelan Christians Pray for Peace, Ask for Prayer as Protests Against Socialist Leader Become Violent

By Nancy Flory Published on January 24, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Venezuela to protest the socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro. As the threat of violent retaliation increases, Venezuelan Christians are asking for prayer.

Venezuela is in dire straights. The socialist policies of the current regime have brought the nation to ruin. Millions have fled to neighboring countries. More recently, Maduro started his second term as president on January 10th. A victory, many believe, was only won through widespread fraud.

The Venezuelan National Assembly now refuses to recognize Maduro as president. Instead, they recognize opposition leader and assembly president Juan Guaidó as the nation’s new leader.

The Interim President

On Wednesday, President Trump recognized Guaidó as interim president. Many other nations have followed suit. Trump tweeted that the “citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime.”

Venezuelans Asking for Prayers

Widespread protests began in earnest Tuesday. Citizens filled the streets. Some burned a statue of the late socialist dictator Hugo Chávez. With the uprise and unrest growing, Maduro is promising a harsh response. And Christians are calling for prayer.

Prayers for Democracy and a Better Future

Samuel Olson is president of the Evangelical Council of Venezuela. Olson has asked the nation to pray “together as a family, asking God that through His Holy Spirit cares, directs and blesses our nation in this critical hour of its history.”

The Confederation Union of Christian Churches of Venezuela wants an “end to the usurpation of the Presidency of the Republic.” They also demand “an urgent government of transition and free elections in the context of a big national government.” They believe that Guaidó was “called to conduct the nation in this period of transition.”

Venezuelans have been praying in the streets. They’ve prayed at public town hall meetings. They are asking for “democracy and a better future.”


Heavenly Father, please bless and protect Your children in Venezuela. We pray that our brothers and sisters will continue to seek and receive Your guidance. We pray that they do not despair but know that in their hour of need You are there with them. We also pray for Your will to be done with their leadership. That You would place the leader You want in power. We pray that a hedge of protection would surround Your children against the violence happening around them. Give them hope and peace. In Your name we pray, Amen.

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