TV Reality Star Sadie Robertson on Live Fearless

By Nancy Flory Published on February 12, 2018

Life is scary, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson told Fox & Friends. But for the Christian, “even when things are scary, you still go into it and you have peace and you have trust that God is who He says He is. So, it’s actually running into those places and being a fearless leader in the face of fear.”

Sadie is best known for her family’s reality TV show Duck Dynasty. Even though the show ended last year, Sadie has continued working on projects like God’s Not Dead 2 and Dancing With The Stars. Now the best-selling author of Live Original: How the Duck Commander Teen Keeps It Real and Stays True to Her Values has released a new book, Live Fearless. Now 20-years-old, Sadie said she’s overcome fear and wants to help others do the same.

Not Always So Confident

She wasn’t always so confident. She struggled with fear and anxiety. “I used to live in a lot of fear. I had a lot of anxiety and really dealt with panic attacks, the whole nine yards. Anything fear I was totally living in it. It was actually in the season that my life was very very public. … I don’t feel like people were really seeing the fullness of who I was because I was so afraid.”

Sadie’s freedom came through falling in love with who God was. “When you know who God is, when you know the things He’s done, then you wouldn’t be afraid, because if you know He’s going to be with you wherever you go, you’re going to have peace.” When she began to love the Bible, she says, she was able to write Live Fearless. “You’re never really going to change by reading [Live Fearless], you’re going to change by reading [the Bible].”

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“Finally, I found freedom through my faith and totally over fear. All of a sudden, I become a totally different person. I start speaking all of a sudden. I’m a lot more confident in what I’m saying. I have a lot more life, more joy-filled, and people started to see the change in me,” she said. Then they wanted to know her secret.

One secret she shared was that freedom also comes through taking every thought captive. You can have nothing to fear but still “your mind is so consumed with fearful thoughts. It’s really a mind thing. And so, really finding freedom and captivating the thoughts of your mind is a huge way out of it,” she said.

Walking People Through Fear

Sadie hopes to help others through her new book, which is part autobiography and part journal. “A lot of the people that follow me were afraid. So, I thought, ‘You know what, this would be really cool if I wrote a book called Live Fearless and not only tell my story and my journey, but really walk people through theirs.'”

Also a motivational speaker, Sadie recently completed a 16-city “Live Original” tour. According to her website, the Live Original Tour “encourages tens of thousands of young adults ‘to live uniquely and be the person God made you to be.'” She plans to add more cities for her 2018 “Live Original” tour.

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