If Trump Wants to Win Again, He Should Pardon David Daleiden. And Lock Up Planned Parenthood

By John Zmirak Published on December 7, 2019

Imagine if one of the major funders of the GOP was founded on an elitist racist conspiracy. Its goal? To regulate the child-bearing choices of every American. So as to improve our genetic “germ plasm.” To diminish the number of “human weeds” who were born each year. This group called for the government to decide who could have children. And how many. The feds would force would-be parents to apply for a license before each pregnancy.

It advanced laws that forcibly sterilized or castrated Americans in 13 states if they failed culturally biased IQ tests. It cooperated with influential allies of the Nazis. In turn, the Nazis took their eugenics policies as a model. The Nazis even granted an honorary degree to one of this GOP group’s leaders. The laws it helped pass led to black women suffering forced sterilization in America into the mid-1960s. Don’t believe that? Watch this powerful movie by black pro-lifers, where they interview one such woman:

If a group like that, which focused on setting abortion clinics in the ghetto, were a major force in the GOP? We would never hear the end of it. Nor should we.

Not Just Racists But Cannibals

But let’s take our little fantasy just a little bit further. Imagine if all the above were true. Can you imagine the Democrats letting that group get away with selling human organs for profit? Especially those taken from dead babies in the ghetto? Would they let biased judges try to bankrupt and imprison journalists for exposing that organization’s crimes? Can you imagine the Democrats passively pouring hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into that eugenics group’s coffers? Would a Democratic president let a whistleblower who exposed this GOP group end up railroaded into prison?

Would a Democratic president let a whistleblower who exposed a racist GOP group end up railroaded into prison?

Somehow, I don’t think so. Democrats would call out any party leaders who did that as sniveling cowards. And they’d be right.

Planned Parenthood’s Blood Money

Well every single thing written above is true about Planned Parenthood. (Click on the links to check the facts.) Except for one thing: It’s not a major force among the GOP but among Democrats.

Investigative journalist David Daleiden infiltrated Planned Parenthood’s baby organ business. He posed as a rep for a medical lab. He documented over and over again that the group indeed sells human organs for profit. This violates federal law. But promised investigations by several GOP congresses all stalled. The Trump DOJ can’t seem to prosecute crimes that are documented on videotape. Meanwhile, the state of California moves forward in its effort to put Daleiden behind bars.

Locking Up the Messenger

The Thomas More Society is leading Daleiden’s defense. That group reports on what emerged during the trial.

  • A retired late-term abortionist who disclosed that she routinely killed babies in utero with digoxin to prevent the “biggest disaster” of a live delivery.

  • A self-proclaimed “celebrity” abortionist who boasted in court that born-alive babies are “one of the worst nightmares” for an abortion provider.

  • A former Planned Parenthood medical director who was caught in a blatant contradiction over the confidentiality of conversations.

  • An abortion worker who confessed to knowing that her tissue procurement business partner was involved in profit-making off of baby parts purchasing.

  • An abortionist who was exposed on video and then tried to deny everything she was recorded saying.

  • A fetal tissue broker who admitted selling baby hearts and intact baby heads and even fully intact fetuses.

Somebody should go to jail alright. But it shouldn’t be the journalist who exposed all these crimes. It should be the corrupt medical professionals and Planned Parenthood profiteers who committed them.

As Daleiden told The Stream:

Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris concocted this bogus, biased prosecution with her Planned Parenthood backers against undercover video reporting. Now their case is falling apart as the facts about Planned Parenthood’s criminal organ trafficking are revealed in the courtroom. The remaining charges under the California video recording law — the first and only time it has ever been used against undercover news gatherers — will fall for the same reasons that five charges were dismissed today. These were public conversations easily overheard by third parties. The real criminals are the Planned Parenthood leadership who sold fetal body parts from late-term abortions and weaponized the justice system to try to cover it up.

Kamala Harris’s Legacy

Another pro-life investigative journalist, Lila Rose of Live Action, previously documented a wide array of other abuses by Planned Parenthood. She reflects on the Daleiden case.

Today’s ruling proves how unfounded and outrageous the charges are against Daleiden and Merritt. Not only is it a violation of their First Amendment rights and a gross abuse of power. It demonstrates the politically motivated double standard that exists for journalists in California seeking the truth. The same year David and Sandra published their recordings of Planned Parenthood employees haggling over the price of aborted baby body parts, videos taken by undercover animal rights activists were praised and led to investigations of abuse in the poultry industry by then-Attorney General Kamala Harris. She’s the same AG who then levied charges against the pro-life reporters. Instead of praise, David and Sandra still have nine charges against them that have nothing to do with violating privacy or video recording laws but everything to do with protecting the powerful and wealthy abortion industry.”

Where’s the DOJ?

Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins connects the political dots.

As we learned in the civil trial that Planned Parenthood brought after being embarrassed by their inhumane practice of harvesting of baby body parts, their gruesome business continues. Yet the U.S. Department of Justice investigation against the nation’s number one abortion vendor is stalled while the civil and now criminal actions against David Daleiden and his team were pushed forward. This truly represents “shooting the messenger” who let America know about Planned Parenthood’s mistreatment and profiteering from broken bodies.

Trump Must Act, for His Own Sake

No Democrat in the White House would let a scandal-ridden group skate. Especially with racist roots. One that spent hundreds of millions electing Republicans. President Clinton or Obama would have weaponized the DOJ against it. And that’s what President Trump should do right now. I doubt that strongly pro-life Attorney General Bill Barr would shed any tears. Neither would the hundreds of pro-life GOP candidates across the country. They face Planned Parenthood’s political ads.

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But Trump should go further. Now we know that the State of California might really put Daleiden in prison. It’s time for Trump to issue him and his team full legal pardons. Then invite them to the White House. Use that photo op to highlight the racist roots and cannibalistic practices of Planned Parenthood. Invite both Kanye West and Franklin Graham. Hang that group’s crimes around the neck of their patrons, the Democrats.

Some polls are showing a surge in black support for Trump. Exposing the Democrats’ complicity in what Jesse Jackson once called “black genocide” could only help that trend. It would also motivate evangelical and other pro-life voters. Remind them that the president they voted for has their backs.

It wouldn’t just be the smart thing to do. It would be the right thing.

Come on, Mr. President. Just think how Elizabeth Warren will squeal.

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