Trump Knows Why Nikki Haley Will Be President and Hillary Isn’t

President Donald Trump meets with outgoing U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in the Oval Office of the White House, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, in Washington.

By Al Perrotta Published on October 10, 2018

Did you catch it? President Trump told the American people why Nikki Haley will be our first female president and Hillary Clinton wasn’t. 

Donald Trump does very little by accident. However outlandish or cringe-inducing he is, we later learn there was method to his madness. Ask him why he mocked Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony during a rally last Tuesday, he now says, “I wanted to level the playing field.” 

What he did Tuesday morning was far more subtle. Seated with Nikki Haley, Trump said “Nikki gets it.” Minutes later he was asked about Hillary Clinton blasting Monday’s swearing-in ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. His response? “That’s why she lost. She doesn’t get it.” 

His use of the same phrase was deliberate. Hillary Clinton does not “get it,” so that’s why she lost. Nikki Haley does “get it,” and … C’mom, America, fill in what he left unsaid: “That is why she will win.”

Trump didn’t just roll the cameras into the White House to thank Haley for her past service. He was endorsing her future service.

Hillary Clinton’s Rejection of Civility, 

Also Tuesday, Hillary Clinton again showed America why we must hit our knees every morning thankful to God she is not in power. The Democrat’s 2016 presidential nominee told CNN, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.” 

She’s talking about being uncivil to flesh-and-blood. And she’s rejecting civility as the left becomes more and more uncivilized. Clinton does this after a week in which:

ricin was sent to the White House and Pentagon.

… hordes were screeching, clawing, banging at the Supreme Court doors.

… demonic wails filled the Senate chamber.

… a decapitation video was sent to the wife of Sen. Cory Gardner after his vote for Kavanaugh.

… liberal senator Susan Collins was barraged with death threats and called a “rape apologist.”

… a congressional staffer doxxed opposing senators. (And when a witness threatened to expose him, he threatened to dox their children.)

… Antifa protesters hounded and threatened motorists in Portland.

… a pro-choice protester gave a pro-life woman a roundhouse kick to the head

… a school teacher tweeted “kill Kavanaugh.”

… a Trump-supporter’s truck was firebombed.

Do we need to list more? By rejecting civility in the face of unrest Hillary Clinton is offering a tacit approval of violence.

(This comes as further evidence emerges about her camp’s involvement in the seditious effort to frame and oust President Trump. )  

Sure, Clinton added a caveat. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.” Spoken like a true revolutionary. “Once we have power we’ll stop cutting off your heads.” Pity the naive soul who believes that.

Nikki Haley’s Embodiment of Civility

Then there’s Nikki Haley. Much of her job the past two years has been to help clean up  international messes Clinton helped create. No wonder she needs some R&R. 

If Tuesday’s announcement Haley was leaving the U.N. came as a surprise, so did her appointment. During the 2016 GOP primary season, Nikki Haley was one of candidate Trump’s toughest critics. She landed more body blows than any of the men running against him. Yet somehow she managed to do it without being mean, and while maintaining her grace. She was, in a word, civil.

Trump obviously took notice. What’s better for American diplomacy than brass knuckles in a velvet glove. Or as Teddy Roosevelt might have said, “Speak with a soft southern drawl and carry a big stick.” 

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More to the point: She unifies. Nikki Haley was able to bring nations together at the U.N.; for example, convincing China and Russia to sign off on tough North Korean sanctions. Remember how she helped bring black and white together after the horrific Charleston church massacre? She exercises authority with grace. 

There’s a reason Republicans and Democrats alike are sad to see her leave the Trump Administration. There’s a reason Republicans and Democrats alike would like to see Hillary Clinton leave the scene.

The Future

But Hillary’s not going anywhere. She will be joining husband Bill on a 13-city tour. (I was set to have some fun with that before hearing her “civil” comment.)

As for Nikki Haley, she’s being coy about her return to the private sector. She did say she’s not running for anything in 2020, but will be campaigning for President Trump. Beyond that? 

In 2004, when first hearing Barack Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention I said “He will be President.” In 2015 when asked who was going to win the GOP nomination, I said, “The Alpha Dog.” I’ll say right here, right now: When America celebrates its 250th birthday in 2026, our president will be a female. Our president will be Nikki Haley. 

She “gets” it, like Hillary Clinton never got it. And she does so with civility, which Hillary Clinton tragically rejects.  

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  • Chip Crawford

    Actually, none of us know very much about this circumstance. There’s a rumble that newly added Adviser John Bolton ran in a different track from her, perhaps uncomfortably so. I’ve heard hints of her affairs back in South Carolina days. Let’s not build the air castles just yet. We don’t know much. There is no doubt Amb. Haley has her head on straight, but we haven’t seen enough for a glimpse of her heart. She may be very self-oriented and have plans to make some money at this juncture. It’s hard to live in that echelon with the low end salaries those jobs pay. And that’s okay, her business, but we’ll need to observe a bit more to. I’d say right now that the lady is pretty ambitious, having drawn nearer the upper levels of power. But yes, every day, far and away, she outflanks HRC – in every way. I’m tempted to start enumerating, but best not.

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    Well at least the left won’t be raising accusations of rape during a Haley for president campaign. I just hope she doesn’t “ like beer ” …..

    • Jim Walker

      Maybe she threw ice at someone at the bar in the 80s.

  • John A.

    Just a guess… Lindsey Graham becomes Attorney General after the election. Nikki Haley is appointed by the governor to finish his senate term.

  • azsxdcf1

    Hail Ms Haley

  • Donald McLaughlin

    Totally agree, Al. When Haley runs, I will join her campaign!

  • Spear

    Just a gut feeling: I don’t trust Nikki Haley. RINOs just have that air about them.

    I can’t say I would vote if she was on the Rep. Ticket for President.

  • Charles Burge

    If Nikki runs, she’ll have my enthusiastic support. The icing on the cake will be the poke to the eyes of progressives everywhere due to the fact that the first female president of the U.S. will be a true conservative Republican.

  • Jim Walker

    As much as I’d like to see Nikki becoming the 1st female president, I don’t think we should even give the Left any idea what is to come. Why are we giving them a head start to dig for bones to be used for later ?
    Obama purposely and openly tells his “enemies” what he’s going to do, because he is one of them.
    Read any news on ISIS or Al-Qaeda lately folks ?

  • Clearwaterguy

    Nikki should hire John Hinckley as her running mate!

  • luigi38

    She caved under PC pressure and took down the southern flag a few years ago. She’ll never get my support

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