LGBT Activists to Protest Tranzformed Documentary About Freedom From Homosexuality

By Nancy Flory Published on April 4, 2018

LGBT activists are planning to protest a new documentary about men and women who have walked out of homosexuality or transgenderism and found freedom in Christ. The documentary, called Tranzformed: Finding Peace With Your God-Given Gender, will be screened at First Moore Baptist Church in Oklahoma on April 6. If the LGBT activists have anything to do with it, it won’t be a success.

Hatred and Bullying

“The level of hatred and bullying is not like anything we’ve seen,” said Stephen Black, Executive Director of First Stone Ministries. First Stone Ministries “specializes in ministering healing and restoration to those caught in all forms of sexual brokenness, including sexual abuse, pornography addiction, and homosexuality.” First Stone Ministries is hosting the documentary screening event.

In an interview with The Stream, Black said he knows first-hand the freedom Christ offers to those living in sexual sin and brokenness. He lived as a gay man for 8 years before coming to Christ. He’s been walking with Christ and out of homosexuality for 35 years. He’s married and has three children. But his is a story the LGBT activists don’t want to people to hear.

One activist has been particularly vocal against Black and First Stone Ministries. She’s accusing Black and others in ministry of performing “conversion therapy” — using water torture, among other tactics. “They’re saying our ministries do this. And nobody — I don’t know anybody, not even one and I know hundreds — no one practices this stuff that they’re saying,” said Black.

In addition, she and others are spewing hatred online about his ministry. “If some unstable person believes what they’re writing, they’re inciting violence,” said Black. “She’s posting things like, ‘This is extremely dangerous, Stephen Black is a hate-monger,'” and has gotten him censored on Facebook. “These people are really becoming extreme bullies.”

Now this activist is trying to shut First Stone down. “The time for agreeing to disagree is over,” she said. “The church must accept LGBTQ as gifts from God to come into the church and ministries like First Stone must be closed.”

One online journalist posted that if Black “pushed the line” he would be sorry. When Black questioned his intent, the journalist said Black “had no idea the massive lawsuits that are going to come against you.”

Freedom in Christ

The freedom in Christ is real and Black isn’t ashamed to say so. The documentary highlights 15 people who have left their homosexual and transgender lifestyle. “It’s showing that 15 individuals received the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their lives were transformed by it,” said Black. “And now they’ve embraced their God-given gender. Because of that, the LGBT activists are saying that this is the most dangerous documentary ever produced and it will cause people to commit suicide.”

The activists are becoming mean. “We really do need to expose the fact that these people are being, at the very least, unkind to say that someone can’t change. They’re supposed to be all about tolerance and choices. No tolerance and no choice about this.” 

The LGBT activists do not want the message that change is possible to be heard. But people can change, and do, said Black. He conducted a survey of people who went through his ministry over a 25-year-period. Of the 185 who filled out the surveys, 70 percent had found lasting freedom from homosexuality. “The idea that people … change or find freedom is really coming against [the LGBT] narrative,” Black explained. 

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Helping Free People from Bondage a Crime?

It’s not just the documentary that the activists are railing against. LGBT activists want to shut down any ministry that tries to help people find a way out of homosexuality. There are even bills in the California legislature that will make it illegal to minister to folks with sexual sin or brokenness. “The church really needs to wake up,” said Black. “There are three bills in California right now in their legislation to do this very thing. To make it illegal in the state of California that anyone, a pastor, a counselor, that does any kind of work in providing any kind of resources and materials or some kind of counseling or support or in any way finances are exchanged for the helping of people overcome homosexuality will be illegal in the state of California.” 

“Most people have no idea that this is happening. If these bills were to pass, then even what’s going on in the church with this would be illegal.”

Refusing to Be Bullied

Black is determined not to let the activists bully him. “The reason why we’re screening [the documentary] is first and foremost just to present the Gospel and not to be bullied by them,” he said. “The Gospel is there for anyone who wants it. People [are] coming out of homosexuality. … We are not playing games. This is real to us. We love the Lord and look what he’s done in our lives.”

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