‘Trans’ Activists Identify as Victims, But Act Like Bullies

By Jennifer Roback Morse Published on April 20, 2023

Are “trans” people really helpless underdogs in the West today? In this age of politically manufactured victimhood, separating the truly weak from the faux weak is a full-time job. I submit that these are the telltale signs of authentic power. A group is really powerful if:

  • They are always protected, no matter how great their crimes.
  • Their victims are routinely ignored or dismissed as unimportant.
  • Their critics are subject to ridicule or even violence.

The so-called “trans community” is truly powerful in precisely these ways. The “trans community” is consistently protected, no matter how great their crimes. Their victims are systematically ignored. And beating up their critics, metaphorically and literally, is legally and socially protected.

First: why do I put the term “trans community” in scare quotes? Two reasons. “Trans” people are not a “community” in any meaningful sense of the word. And the term “trans” itself is an invented ideological term that takes on numerous meanings depending on the circumstances. Dr. Erin Brewer explains in this 20-minute video. I mention it now in passing, so you know I’m not taking their politicized self-identification at face value.

A Mass Murderer is Morphed Into the Victim

So, back to our three criteria. The recent mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school illustrates the first point. The killer was a woman who called herself a man. The Media-Entertainment complex has transformed this mass murderer into the victim. NBC News lost no time turning the incident into a not-so-subtle story about “anti-trans” laws recently enacted in Tennessee. Has-been entertainer Madonna is going to Nashville to give a benefit concert for “trans rights.”

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By the way, please note that I am making a point of not mentioning the killer’s name. A desire for fame and attention is one of the motives for mass killings. I’d rather name the victims: three 9-year olds, Evelyn Dieckhaus, William Kinney and Hallie Scruggs. Mike Hill was the 61-year-old custodian at the school. By the way, he was a person of color, survived by seven children and 14 grandchildren. Katherine Koonce, 60, was head of the Covenant School. And 61-year-old Cynthia Peak was a substitute teacher at the school on that fateful day. The aging singer who names herself after the Mother of God could not spare a word for any of them.

The victims of this particular mass murder are not the only victims of the “trans community” who are systematically ignored. Women athletes are victims of this ideology. The pedestrian male athletes who lose in fair competitions against other men are shamelessly robbing women of awards, recognition, and honors that should be theirs.

The Battering Ram of the Sexual Revolution

Not only do the Elites of society ignore the sufferings of the victims of the “trans community.” Criticism is not permitted. Critics of the trans agenda can be threatened or even assaulted with impunity.

Riley Gaines is a 12-time All American champion female college swimmer. She has spoken out about the unfairness of having to compete against a mediocre male swimmer and recently gave a speech at San Francisco State University. The student protest against her grew out of control. She was physically assaulted, and ultimately had to be barricaded in a room for three hours for her protection. In conversation with her husband during the ordeal, she told him that “she was hit multiple times by a guy in a dress.”

The response by the Elites? The University’s Vice-President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management said the school is “proud” of the students who “participated peacefully.” The Bay Area NBC News affiliate gave this helpful spin: “Gaines claims she was ambushed and physically hit by protesters as she attempted to leave. Both Gaines and the Xpress posted videos showing her being escorted by police to another room. The videos show loud crowds, but don’t specifically show her being srtuck by anyone.” I italicized the weasel words. The article shows a short clip of one video.

By contrast, the UK Daily Mail showed several videos, taken in the heat of the moment, that clearly show Ms. Gaines was not exaggerating the violence of the crowd. I wonder how the editors at NBC and the Vice President for Student Affairs would have held up under the kind of pressure the mindless trans activist mob inflicted that night?

This brings me to the final example: Mr. Chris Elston also known as “Billboard Chris,” who wears a billboard to stimulate conversations about the trans ideology. Trans activists recently attacked Chris at an event, while the Vancouver Police Department stood by and did nothing. (This short video has the vulgar language bleeped out of the on-site recording.) The New York Post gave a thorough account of the incident. (Their video includes the vulgar language deleted in the previous video.)

This conversation Chris had with an attorney You-Tuber clearly shows the police making excuses for their inaction. Chris is calling on the Vancouver Police Department to fire the most egregiously biased of the officers. Only time will tell whether he will succeed. The point is: the trans activists believed correctly that they can get away with screaming obscenities inches from a person’s face.

As if this weren’t enough, “trans” proponents now want to outlaw criticism. A proposed Ontario law amounts to a “bubble law” on steroids, but surrounding drag shows instead of abortion clinics. The law proposes to criminalize protests and “offensive remarks” within a 100-meter “safety zone,” a football field-sized area around drag shows.

You can tell who is really powerful in society by who is immune from criticism and who can be violently attacked with impunity. Self-identified trans people are the battering ram of the Sexual Revolution. Their ideological function is to eliminate the dual-sexed nature of the human body from law and society. Trans people can do no wrong.

Any crimes they commit, no matter how heinous, can be tolerated. Don’t let them kid you or hide behind the pain of confused teenagers. “Trans” people are not defenseless victims today.


Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is founder and president of the Ruth Institute, which helps the victims of the Sexual Revolution recover from their experiences and become advocates for positive change.

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