Tradinistas: Totalitarian Millennials Dreaming of Machine Guns

By Austin Ruse Published on December 2, 2016

This essay is part of a series examining how American religious, economic, and political freedom are compatible with Christian views of a good society. It was provoked by the publication of the Tradinista Manifesto, which called for “Christian socialism” and an established national Church.

The Tradinista Manifesto is a totalitarian mess and implementing any of it would certainly require machine guns, what with its demands that we “eradicate” this and “eliminate” that part of human nature.

Getting rid of human nature almost always requires machine guns. After all, how would one eradicate “transphobia,” especially when “transgenderism” is itself a monstrous lie that requires the brainwashing of young children and the imposition of $200,000 fines for adults to accept? Truth is part of human nature, yet the Tradinistas want us to deny truth and would have to do so down the barrel of a gun.

And then the young pups want to abolish capitalism! We call that the free market, the thing that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other program of Church or government in the history of man. That one won’t go very easily either.

And then there’s the class system, whatever that is. I suppose they will come and break up my family’s five-bedroom house, since there are only four of us after all, and bring in some workers to share it. Again, machine guns. We have a big back yard where the workers will plant, I suppose. Perhaps they will roast our little dog Daisy. Braising would be better. She might prove a little bit tough. Poor Daisy.

Dreaming of a Socialist World Government

The oddest dichotomy I see in this group’s list of demands comes when they call to eliminate the nation state, devolve everything over to the smallest unit possible and then hand everything over to a global entity. This global entity would be designed along Christian principles of course, just as UN was designed, just as the EU was designed. Even the EU’s circle of stars comes from a Catholic icon. And we know how well those turned out. No? Let me tell you.Christianity and Freedom Series - 250

Besides being an utter failure at what it was supposed to do, that is, keep the peace and advance generally agreed upon human rights, the UN has now ventured into the creation of whole new categories of human rights that have the effect of devaluing authentic human rights and imposing these new and wicked ideas on largely defenseless traditional people around the world.

How’s That U.N. Working Out for You?

The “Tradinistas” may in fact believe that abortion is monstrous and should be outlawed, but groups they would empower like the UN and EU certainly don’t. Even though the Member States of the UN have repeatedly rejected the idea of abortion as a part of international law, the vast human rights apparatus at the UN nonetheless operates as if it is. The UN Treaty Monitoring Bodies decided long ago that the phrase “reproductive health” used repeatedly in non-binding resolutions is now defined as including abortion.

Abortion is not the only issue the UN wants to impose on the world. There is also “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI). UN radicals want to include SOGI as a new category of non-discrimination in international law on par with longstanding categories such as freedom of religion, race, national origin and the rest.

And abortion is not the only issue the UN wants to impose on the world. There is also “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI). UN radicals want to include SOGI as a new category of non-discrimination in international law on par with longstanding categories such as freedom of religion, race, national origin and the rest. Their efforts have been consistently rebuffed by the UN Member States yet, just as with abortion, the human rights apparatus acts as if SOGI is a part of international law and they try to coerce government to comply. But that’s okay for the Tradinistas, who are already in bed with the UN on this one.

These Treaty Monitoring Bodies have taken it upon themselves to redefine hard-law treaties that were negotiated over years by sovereign states. Who are these Treaty Monitoring Bodies before which Member States must appear every few years? Indeed. I would ask any of the Tradinistas to name even a single member of any of the Treaty Monitoring Bodies without Googling it. Or even one of these powerful organization’s names.

Go Try and Lobby at Globalist Institutions. Seriously, Try!

One of the remarkable things about our system of government that is sorely lacking at the international level is the personal. Anyone in America can pound on a door, raise his hand at a meeting, and demand an answer from his elected representative. He can even travel to Washington, D.C. and walk right into that Congressman’s office. A representative who will take copious notes and can be counted on to pass on your concerns. And if he does not respond to your needs, you can get together with your friends and vote him out. It’s hard but it happens.

Try going to the UN. Who is your representative there? What is his name? What door do you knock on? Can you get into a meeting? Can you watch a negotiation? Try it. I have been doing it on behalf of unborn children and the family for twenty years. It is still remarkably difficult.

The Tradinistas want to get rid of the nation-state, which is the only democratic buffer between the Republic of My Street and the Rapacious International Body. Maybe Kalashnikov-wielding Millennials who claim to be Catholic would be fine with this, but not me, and not anyone I know. 

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  • Jones Howell

    After their revolution, what sound founding principles do they have to build upon? I know. Kill everyone who doesn’t agree with their safe space world. After all, to threaten the sanctity of their dead-end ideals is a capital offense. Just because they can yell, they think they have a voice; and just because they can march, they think they have a charge; and just because they can riot, they think they have power.

    • Wayne Cook

      a lot of historical precedence for machine gun take overs. Just not in these United States. And it ain’t going to to happen if Christians pray. God is STILL in control

      • Jones Howell

        Well, they will do it through legislation if they get into positions of power. It would be hard to take over using guns in America. But, because Americans generally, and Christians specifically, are law-abiding, they will go along with laws which restrict and quietly rid the world of their opponents.

  • Christian Cowboy

    My main concern about Millennials is that if we take away their iphones and androids – they cannot communicate. I have seen them text each other from the front seat to the back seat! Across the Thanksgiving table. And major withdrawal anxiety when their phone has to charge!

  • Kevin Quillen

    Abraham Lincoln said ” the philosophy of the classroom today becomes the philosophy of the government tomorrow”
    We are in serious trouble.

  • tallorder

    The good news is you can’t even expect these keyboard warriors to get out and vote, much less own guns and know how to use them.

  • I’m surprised these “Tradinistas” are given any air-time whatsoever. They are so un-hinged that I’m convinced they must be made up by enemies of Catholicism, in order to poison the well against an eventual real traditional restoration of both Church and State.

    • tallorder

      Perhaps an attempt at the so-called “Catholic spring” that Podesta & friends were talking about?

      They’re so out of touch, they don’t even know that the “spring” already happened at the Second Vatican Council.

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