Three Traps to Avoid in Precarious Times

By Wanda Alger Published on June 10, 2024

Editor’s Note: The original title of this piece, which Wanda Alger released last Friday, was “A Word to the Prophets.” And while that is certainly a key group to whom it applies, The Stream finds this just as applicable to believers who are called to occupy other places of influence, both in the Body and in the culture — business, the teaching ministry, media, etc. The point is that we have to keep our first Love first and fix our eyes on the goal of doing everything the Lord has put in our hands to do for His glory and approval alone. We pray it edifies you, helps clarify your personal mission, and keeps your vision sharp in this perilous times.

I write this word with some trepidation, but acknowledge that I am a recipient of this word, as well. The Lord is revealing some traps of the enemy aimed at disqualifying and silencing prophetic voices in this hour. Through a series of dreams in the last two months, the Lord has revealed three of these pitfalls in order for us to avoid them and pray accordingly.

I believe He is revealing these, not only for prophets to prayerfully consider, but for the Body of Christ to pray more strategically for those who are speaking the word of the Lord. And perhaps the reason prophetic voices are especially prone to these specific traps is because of the very grace God has given them. Prophetic voices require a God-given ability to think outside the box, take risks, and not worry about what man thinks. These are all necessary traits in order to speak what’s needed and stand against any opposition. But these qualities can also become pitfalls when prophets do not keep watch over their souls and become lax regarding the enemy’s devices. Boldness can become pride, and fearlessness can become reckless if one’s gift is not measured with wisdom, appropriate restraint, and authentic humility.

Here are the three pitfalls I was shown:

‘Kissing Up’ to Others for Approval

This was the exact phrase given in one of the dreams. Merriam Webster’s definition of the phrase “to kiss up” means “to use flattery or the doing of favors in order to win approval – especially from a superior.” We may easily recognize this attitude in the workplace or business, but not often in the church. And yet, if we do not rightly assess the motives of our heart, we can easily fall into this trap. If prophetic voices seek the attention and approval of other well-known prophets in order to gain greater influence or reputation, we are in dangerous territory.

The enemy knows that our flesh seeks validation and approval – especially from those we admire or those who can promote us. These feelings are often hidden behind selfish ambition on the one hand, or insecurity on the other. Neither are easily acknowledged. And yet, the enemy will draw on our insecurities and tempt prophetic voices to try and prove the power or reach of their gifts through flattery or favors. It can also lead to jealousy and competition if not recognized and put in its place.

In John 5:44, Jesus warned His followers against seeking glory from one another more than from God. Paul also warned the Galatians to not seek the approval of men, for they would no longer be servants of Christ (Galatians 1:10). We must remember that any promotion or validation we receive must come from the Lord, first and foremost. The enemy will tempt us to “kiss up” to someone in hopes of validating our call or promoting our cause, knowing it will weaken the purity of our purpose. The Lord urges us to humble ourselves before Him and let Him do the promoting (James 4:10).

Confusing Celebrity Status and Monetary Gain with God’s Favor

In 2021, I was offered a lucrative deal with a nationally-recognized public figure to speak at a major rally where President Trump would be appearing. The roster of other public figures invited was impressive and the potential influence this could bring was overwhelming. But, upon further inquiry, they told me that in order to be confirmed as their guest, I would be required to renounce some of my prophecies and recant some of the things I have stated on my platforms. They considered some of my statements too bold and divisive for their purposes.

Though I was initially flattered and highly honored at their offer, I quickly realized the trap that was being set. After their fourth attempt to draw me in, I wrote back and simply said “…this prophet can’t be bought.” I wasn’t about to renounce what the Lord had given me – regardless of any “missed opportunity.” And whether or not this was a legitimate invitation from this organization or a fraud, I realized that this kind of thing was probably happening to other prophetic voices. The enemy, knowing our need for notoriety and advancement, will offer all kinds of counterfeits in hopes of compromising our message. And though monetary gain and status is rarely the goal for any true prophet of the Lord, the enemy will still use it as bait.

The best way to steer clear of any compromise in this regard is to settle our priorities from the start. In answering this call, we must determine where our treasure lies and never accept an assignment or opportunity merely based on some financial reward or possible celebrity networking. Whether it’s book deals, speaking engagements, or opportunities to rub shoulders with well-known ministers, we must allow the Holy Spirit to open those doors at the right time with the right people. Until then, we must stay faithful and stay low. Earthly fame and success is but a shallow gauge of any real favor and impact we have in the heavens.

‘Getting Caught with Our Pants Down”

Though this is a strong statement, this was the literal picture in the dream as I saw a prophet speaking under the unction of the Holy Spirit and calling for revival, while in a personally embarrassing and compromised position. Though the anointing was real and powerful, it was clear the prophet had not dealt with some personal issues and was “bare” for all to see.

But there was something even more troubling than the compromised position of this prophet. In the dream, I saw some young leaders enter the room and look towards the stage. Instead of being inspired by the fiery word of the Lord that had just come forth, all they could see was a fallen leader. What should have been a powerful prophetic release of the Holy Spirit, was now an embarrassment and stumbling block to the next generation.

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This warning can certainly apply to the ongoing exposures happening within the Church. But I believe it is also the Father’s cry to some of His prophets who need to step away from the platform for a time of healing and rest. Prophets will always feel a sense of urgency in what they carry, especially given the hour we live in. But there is an even greater need to maintain personal integrity and a righteous standard before the Lord. Prophetic voices must consistently step away and take care of themselves – spirit, soul, mind, and body – in order to maintain the purity of the call. If we truly minister from a place of love and servant leadership, we will do whatever it takes to keep our vessel free and clear of anything that would compromise His Word or our character.

My prayer is that we can all be more alert to these schemes of the enemy and determine to avoid these pitfalls. God loves His prophets and desires to see them flourish and fulfill their call and assignment. He is bringing these traps to the forefront to expose the enemy’s devices and empower prophetic voices to speak without any hindrance or hesitation. May we not only be faithful to the strategic assignment on our watch, but demonstrate to the next generation that integrity of character and purity of heart are of greater value than the size of one’s following or the status of one’s platform.


Wanda Alger is an ordained and commissioned fivefold leader who has been in ministry for more than 35 years and is passionate about interpreting life from Heaven’s perspective. She is called to speak to the Body of Christ about the mountain of government, godly leadership, and Kingdom authority. Her blogs, videos, books, and other resources are available at

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