Third Project Veritas Video Shows Clinton Illegally Coordinating With Third Parties

By Austin Roscoe Published on October 24, 2016

In part three of Project Veritas Action’s ongoing undercover investigation video series, a top consultant at the non-profit Americans United for Change (AUFC) admits that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been illegally involved in the decision making process of their anti-Trump campaign.

Back in August, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) began a campaign called “Donald Ducks,” where a life-sized Donald Duck mascot began following Donald Trump around, and purporting that the Republican presidential nominee was ducking out on releasing his tax returns. The DNC later passed the endeavor on to AUFC. But it turns out that the decision to go with Donald Duck was actually made by Mrs. Clinton herself.

Captured on tape in Project Veritas’ latest video, political consultant Robert Creamer — founder of the Democracy Partners firm, a general consultant to AUFC and, up until last week, a consultant of the DNC — told an undercover reporter, “Originally we were going to do a project … we were going to do Uncle Sam, ‘I want YOU to release your tax returns.'” But, he explains, “In the end it was the candidate Hillary Clinton, the future president of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground. So, by God, we will get ducks on the ground.” Creamer quickly followed up his statement with, “Don’t repeat that to anybody.”

In another video segment, Creamer elaborates:

Originally, this guy Skalar, who did Chicken George in 1992, came to Lux and I with the idea of “Donald Ducks.” And I ran it up the flagpole in New York and put it down… And then it came up, and they said, “We’d rather do Uncle Sam, “I want YOU to release your tax returns.”

But then, Christina Reynolds (Deputy Communications Director for the Clinton Campaign) calls and says, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is the candidate (Clinton) would like to have a mascot following around [Trump]. But the bad news is that she wants it to be Donald Duck.”

And that’s because Skalar is an old Clinton man. He had gone to some buddy of his who is one of her body people and she had explained the idea to Hillary. And Hillary just loved it.

So my answer to Christina was, “If the future President of the United States wants ducks on the ground, we will put ducks on the ground.”

This type of coordination between the Clinton campaign, the DNC and non-profits such as AUFC is illegal under campaign laws. However, as The Washington Times’ Valerie Richardson puts it in a thorough breakdown of this revelation, these complaints “face a high bar: Even when coordination is suspected, it’s difficult to find evidence showing that political campaigns worked in cahoots with third parties such as super PACs.”

Paraphrasing a statement from J. Christian Adams, she continues, “That is one reason the Project Veritas investigation is gaining attention from advocates for clean campaigning.”

Richardson also reports that “at least two complaints have been filed with the Federal Election Commission requesting an investigation into suspected wrongdoing.” It remains to be seen what will become of those requests.

Project Veritas’ previous two undercover videos in this series have made compelling arguments that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee conspired with third parties to incite violence at Trump rallies and to coordinate mass voter fraud. Additionally, the videos have already resulted in AUFC firing Scott Foval, a key contributor in the undercover videos, and Robert Creamer’s stepping back from the Clinton campaign.

As Project Veritas Action founder James O’Keef puts it at the end of the latest video, “Stay tuned, because there’s more to come.”

Click here to watch the third video for yourself. (WARNING: very strong language)

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