These US Catholic Bishops Promise to ‘Disrupt’ Trump

One highly placed cardinal and 24 U.S. Catholic bishops just endorsed this crackpot manifesto.

By John Zmirak Published on February 25, 2017

Imagine if your teenage son’s pastor had told him to apply “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off,” by applying a buzzsaw to his own right wrist. You’d yank your son out of that group and start making some phone calls.

That same sense of alarm and horror is what we should feel when we learn that influential Christians have interpreted our faith in some deeply misguided way which will do grave harm to them and others. 

A Cabal of Catholic Leftists

Cardinal Peter Turkson and twenty-four American Catholic bishops have just endorsed a political program that is dangerous, unbiblical, un-Catholic and uncharitable. In fact it is soaked in ideological rage, and explicitly aligns itself with the anti-Trump movements to “disrupt” the president’s enforcement of U.S. law. At least one of the bishops present, Robert McElroy of San Diego, has promised that the church he controls will actively help flout U.S. immigration laws.

This program was laid out at the First U.S. Regional Meeting of Popular Movements, which happened last week, and summed up in a manifesto called “Message from Modesto.” That “Meeting” included not just the cardinal and the bishops, but staff from the Vatican department for the Promotion of Integral Human Development and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development [CCHD].

The CCHD is the organization that radical Saul Alinsky personally helped left-wing Catholics to design, as the exposé A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing documents. The Chicago branch of the CCHD, with the approval of then Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, cut the check that sent the young Barack Obama to his first Saul Alinsky “community organizing” school.

Another group that took part in the “Meeting”  was PICO, the Latin American far-left organization that used George Soros’ money  to spin Pope Francis’ 2015 U.S. visit as a boost to Democrats in the 2016 election.

This statement wasn’t affiliated with the U.S. bishops conference; it seems to be a trial balloon floated by left wing members of that conference, who hope to get it adopted down the line by the whole bishops’ group. If that happened, it would entirely discredit the Catholic church’s political witness in America.

These bishops offer Catholic support for Obamacare, the further leveling down of education, a much higher minimum wage and more aggressive federal colonization of middle class neighborhoods with low-income housing.

We Want Total Equality, Open Borders, and a Pony

The manifesto which the 24 bishops endorsed calls for policies that would put it at the far left of the Democratic Party. For instance, it claims that

  • “[E]very human is sacred with equal claim to safe water, education, health care, housing and family-sustaining jobs.”

The authors say nothing about freedom or private property rights. So apparently an “equal claim” means “a claim to equal” education, health care, etc. If every person on earth deserves the same level of all these scarce goods, it’s the job of the government and the United Nations to equalize the wealth. In domestic terms, that means Catholic support for Obamacare, the further leveling down of education, a much higher minimum wage and more aggressive federal colonization of middle class neighborhoods with low-income housing.

  • “Our economy is meant to be in service of people, not profit.”

Okay, strictly speaking this is meaningless, so it’s impossible to critique it. To the extent that this misty-eyed rhetoric gropes at something real, it is socialism, which five popes have condemned because it destroys the lives and freedom of “people,” as it’s doing right now in Venezuela.

  • “Racism and all forms of human hierarchy, whether based on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, arrest and conviction records, immigration status, religion or ethnicity are immoral.”

So every form of distinction we make among people is equally as evil as racism. It’s sinful to distinguish at the polling place between illegal aliens and legal voting citizens; in hiring between murderers and veterans; in seminary admissions between gay and straight men.

  • “The lack of good jobs, affordable housing and clean water and air is literally killing people. Racism is stripping Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim and Native people of their humanity and fueling police abuse and mass incarceration, and fueling a crisis of homelessness and displacement. Raids and Trump Administration Executive Orders are scapegoating immigrants and ripping families apart.”

Does this seem to you like a fair description of life in today’s America? Why do millions of people want to leave countries like Mexico, and risk their lives to illegally enter such a dystopian nightmare society? If the countries they’re leaving are even worse, why does this Message say nothing about the far worse injustices there? Really, all that matters here to the authors is the immigration claim. They clearly believe that criminal aliens who happen to have American relatives have an absolute right to stay in America, no matter what. Or else we’d be “ripping families apart.”

  • “[A] small elite is growing wealthy and powerful off the suffering of our families. Racism and White Supremacy are America’s original sins. They continue to justify a system of unregulated capitalism that idolizes wealth accumulation over human needs.”

The only elite that really profits from illegal immigration are stockholders in companies that exploit their labor, who strongly oppose Trump’s efforts to enforce our laws. But the authors of this statement couldn’t be bothered to know that. They don’t even know that American capitalism is so hobbled and harassed that our country has dropped to number 17 on the Index of Economic Freedom, its lowest ranking ever.

“Racism is stripping Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim and Native people of their humanity and fueling police abuse and mass incarceration, and fueling a crisis of homelessness and displacement. Raids and Trump Administration Executive Orders are scapegoating immigrants and ripping families apart.”

This is the point in the Message where Bluto (of Animal House) says, “We didn’t give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!” and Pinto waves off the error: “He’s on a roll.”

  • “The system’s gangrene cannot be whitewashed forever because sooner or later the stench becomes too strong; and when it can no longer be denied, the same power that spawned this state of affairs sets about manipulating fear, insecurity, quarrels, and even people’s justified indignation, in order to shift the responsibility for all these ills onto a ‘non-neighbor.’”

This quote, which the Message cites, isn’t from Fidel Castro or Black Lives Matter. It’s from a message of support which Pope Francis wrote and sent the attendees at the “Meeting.”

A Bishop Promises to Disrupt Trump’s Presidency

Next come the hard-headed policy proposals, where the authors scrupulously and calmly apply their dispassionate moral analysis, to seek the most prudent way to implement the moral claims they have made, without violating people’s rights or disrupting public order. Right?

No, of course not. Next comes the section where they grandstand and promise to cooperate with destructive radicals in flouting American law. The authors continue:

  • We urge every faith community, including every Catholic parish, to declare themselves a sanctuary for people facing deportation …. All cities, counties and states should adopt policies that get ICE out of our schools, courts and jails, stop handing over people to ICE…
  • We must put our bodies, money and institutional power at risk to protect our families and communities, using tools that include boycotts, strikes, and non-violent civil disobedience. As Bishop Robert McElroy said to us, “We must disrupt those who would seek to send troops into our communities to deport the undocumented, to destroy our families. We must disrupt those who portray refugees as enemies. We must disrupt those who train us to see Muslim men & women as a source of threat rather than children of God. We must disrupt those who would take away healthcare, who would take food from our children.
  • We ask our Catholic Bishops to write a covenant that spells out specific actions that dioceses and parishes should take to protect families in the areas of immigration, racism, jobs, housing and the environment.
  • We propose to develop a shared curriculum and popular education program to equip people with analysis and tools to transform the world. We will focus on the development and leadership of young people. We will draw on the wisdom of our faith and cultural traditions, including Catholic Social Teaching. We recognize that our spiritual and political selves are inseparable. We have a moral obligation to confront and disrupt injustice.
  • To defend our families and protect our values we must build political power. We must change the electorate to reflect our communities, through massive efforts to reach out to tens of millions of voters who are ignored and taken for granted by candidates and parties. We must hold elected officials accountable to the common good and encourage people in our communities to take leadership themselves, including running for office, so that we can govern the communities in which we live.

A Shrill, Moralistic, Adolescent Tantrum

Do the Cardinal and all those U.S. bishops, and all those Vatican officials, endorse the Message’s sentiments as authentic Christian statesmanship? As sophisticated moral counsel? As a prudent means to obey Jesus’ command to “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s?” 

What’s asserted in the Message from Modesto is madness, plain and simple. It is shrill, moralistic nonsense you might expect from an angry teenager who’d been reading Marxist websites and going through hormone surges. It’s every bit as absurd as the Tradinista Manifesto. Put plainly, if the program of the “Message from Modesto” really were what Christianity demanded, we should all convert back to Judaism.

Happily it isn’t. I could devote a whole book to proving that — and in fact, I have: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. Let me offer an apropos quote from it:

Pope Leo XIII and his successors … solemnly condemned every system of socialism. Let’s give those popes the credit for being prophets: Long before the gulag, and the famines and purges that decimated Russia, China, North Korea and Cambodia, these theologically educated men predicted such disasters. But the popes relied on more than logic; they also had the lessons of history, in the form of the crackpot millenarian movements that erupted in late Medieval Europe, composed of outraged peasants and self-appointed messiahs, who began as penitents trying to ward off the plague by scourging themselves and ended as armed mobs that massacred Jews and merchants, creating short-lived tyrannies that tried to abolish liberty, property, and (frequently) the family.

Similar movements emerged during the Radical Reformation, as part of the Peasants’ Revolt, which gave the leaders of Protestantism the chance to condemn such madness, which they did. The only way to conclude that utopian leftist collectivism is the proper implication of the Gospel is to ignore all of Christian history, and pretend that you are the first person ever to read the New Testament. Or at least that you’re one of the holiest.

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  • Gary

    A bunch of immoral, ignorant, thieving, perverted pagans.

    • Autrey Windle

      Gary, I sometimes don’t agree with you, but I love how you cut to the chase! My mom would have said “you tickle me and I haven’t laughed in so long”. Thanks.

  • Wayne Cook

    Well written John. I’ve fragments of this kind of thinking in South America too.

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    John, the Catholic Church long ago sold out to the Neo-Marxist zeitgeist. That’s why Francis was elected. The authors of the Epistles prophesied mass apostasy in the last days, let alone St. John in Revelation. Catholicism is rapidly turning into mainline Protestantism, and is becoming just as irrelevant, morally and theologically.

    • Sonnys_Mom

      Our Lady predicted corruption in the clergy, all the way up to the Vatican.

      Think of it this way: for the past 8 years, while Obama repeatedly violated his oath of office and stomped all over the Constitution, did we decide that America had “become irrelevant”? Of course not! Some of us got involved in grassroots politics, some prayed (and some did both) in order to begin the RESTORATION so badly needed.

      Didn’t Jesus say that even the demonic could not destroy His Church? (Mt 16:18)

  • Triple T

    These bishops are using their positions to engage in these activities that are not sanctioned or endorsed by the Church. I think defrocking and/or excommunication may be called for.

  • Dean Bruckner

    So if all forms of human hierarchy are evil, what about bishops and cardinals? I guess they exempt themselves like bureaucrats, both groups fat as ticks feeding off the sheep they leave to the wolves.

    “Such men will be punished most severely.” – Jesus


  • Autrey Windle

    The churches here in Tucson have decided that this should be a sanctuary city. Catholic and protestant. I wrote to the governor, Sen.John McCain and my Rep.Martha McSally and asked where they stand on this and what do they intend to do and so far only the sound of crickets in response. I began writing the day this came out on the news the first week of the new presidency. This country is in so much trouble and a lot of it is being caused by the leaders of the churches, not just the radical left. The combination of the two is deadly insanity.

  • faithntrust

    If it were a perfect world…

  • Shaune Scott

    Maybe I’m not fully awake yet, but I don’t see the list of bishops anywhere in the article. Am I just not fully caffeinated yet, or is it missing?

    • Zmirak

      The Manifesto did not list the bishops.

      • Shaune Scott

        Thank you! I have been trying to find out who was there. If bishops attended, shouldn’t there be a list of attendees?

        • Sonnys_Mom

          Gosh, wonder why not? /s

          • Shaune Scott

            Me too re: my archbishop.

      • John

        If anybody comes across the list of Bishops, please post it for others to see.

        • Sonnys_Mom

          A partial list of signers appears in Dr Deal W. Hudson’s article, “Bishops, Vatican Cardinal Declare War on Trump” (Feb 27, 2017, Newsmax):

          Cardinal Peter Turkson (Cape Coast)
          Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin (Newark, NJ)
          Bishop Shelton J. Fabre (Houma-Thibodaux, LA)
          Bishop Oscar Cantu (Las Cruces, New Mexico),
          Bishop David Talley (Alexandria, LA)
          Bishop Stephen Blaire (Stockton, CA) Bishop Armando Ochoa (Fresno, CA)
          Bishop Jaime Soto (Sacramento, CA)
          Archbishop Gomez (Los Angeles, CA)

          • John

            I inquired of the organizers and they sent this list of bishops who attended:

            Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Vatican’s department for Integral Human Development
            Cardinal Roger Mahony Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
            Archbishop Jose Gomez Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
            Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Archdiocese of San Francisco CA
            Bishop Armando Ochoa Diocese of Fresno CA
            Bishop David O’Connell Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
            Bishop John Cummins Diocese of Oakland CA
            Bishop Jaime Soto Diocese of Sacramento CA
            Bishop William Justice Archdiocese of San Francisco CA
            Bishop Stephen Blaire Diocese of Stockton CA
            Bishop Timothy Freyer Diocese of Orange CA
            Bishop Robert McElroy Diocese of San Diego CA
            Bishop Rutilio del Riego Dioces of San Bernadino CA
            Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv. Diocese of Lexington KY
            Bishop Shelton Fabre Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, LA
            Bishop David Talley Diocese of Alexandria LA
            Bishop Oscar Cantu Diocese of Las Cruces NM
            Bishop Edward Deliman Archdiocese of Philadelphia PA
            Archbishop Donald Bolen, Archdiocese of Regina (Canada)
            Bishop Lionel Gendron, Vice-President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Diocese of Saint-
            Jean-Longueuil (Canada)
            Bishop Alfonso Miraqnda, Archdiocese of Monterrey (Mexico)

          • IWantALamborghini

            Really disappointing to see my bishop on this list.

            Maybe it’s worth considering withholding contributions to the annual Diocesan appeal in our own protest?

          • Mr. Graves

            Cordileone? What on earth is he doing with these guys? Is that a misprint?

          • John

            I thought the same thing. This was the list of attendees provided by one of the organizers (PICO).

  • Howard Rosenbaum

    I hear Cardinal Turkson is in negotiations w/Scorsese for the film rights to “Message from Modesto”. Deniro & Streep are both interested in the lead. Probably be Streep. The transgender spin will be a novel approach for the production. Should be a contender for next years Academy considerations …

  • missy

    No surprise here — this is part of a top down grand plan carried out by a group of CC nobles to bring social justice and Utopia to the USA (and the world for that matter) .

  • RFrodsham

    I was not at all surprised to see that San Diego’s (California) bishop is highlighted in the group. I AM surprised to NOT see both San Bernardino, CA and Los Angeles, CA also represented with the large (illegal?) Hispanic populations in both of those areas as well. It is quite easy to understand their stand; viz.: most Hispanics consider themselves to be Catholic whether or not they actively practice their faith. The more people that have at least some probability of sitting in a church on Sunday, the more people have an opportunity to feed the dish ($$$) as it passes by.
    It IS about the money. The Vatican is the RICHEST country in the world. The Vatican is wealthy enough that it could (IF it had the desire) completely eliminate all poverty from the face of the Earth.
    But the problem is “How much is having ‘enough’ money?” Answer: Just a little bit more.

    • samton909

      What pure nonsense. The Vatican is far, far from being the richest country in the world. If you had been following, you would find that its finances have been in trouble over the last twenty years, and its resources are somewhat limited. The idea that it could eliminate poverty is ludicrous. You just don’t know what you are talking about.

      • PalaceGuard

        He hould check out the endowments at the Ivy League schools if he wants to see concentrations of idle lucre.

      • sleepergirl

        OK, so not the richest country. Are you next going to talk about crowd size? The Vatican is full of gold, art, and riches of inestimatable value, no? Why does the Vicar need to be surrounded by these riches while millions of God’s children live in poverty?

        • ericdijon

          At one point, I felt the same way, but I have since had a complete change of heart. I didn’t quite get to the point of feeling the Vatican was hording, or that their valuable holdings were of inestimable value, but I thought that they had excessive wealth from their holdings and I got that impression from mostly unhappy Catholics. Give what I share next some thought. There are many reasons for the Vatican to preserve its holdings. The reasons differ by category and commodity. Today, I stand by every reason to preserve them. I gather that the bulk of holdings do not generate interest income of any monetary nature. Tourism income yes, but that’s probably a wash for the cost of careful custodianship. Converting holdings in a value exchanged marketplace depletes holdings. Depletion comes rather quickly when assets are converted to be charitably shared. Once depleted, the show’s over.

          Such holdings do however provide interest of a great spiritual nature for pilgrims of the faith. When the story behind some object is revealed, it is often possible that its value can skyrocket from inestimable to priceless. Reasons vary. I do not imagine that any of the assets are simply plunked indifferently into the treasure chest and for the teasing of the needy. I would go so far as to assert that many of the needy would find greater spiritual and timeless value in the holdings more than a fleeting monetary handout. The churches and cathedrals that dot the trade routes which marked the expansion of Christianity from Rome are stuffed with priceless relics and objects that pilgrims have come by, in travel, to witness their stories for themselves for nearly a score of centuries. The Vatican cannot possibly display everything it holds, but it is sharing images of much of what it has as they can – however inaptly.

          Indulge me for a sec and let me relate my fondness for something spiritual which is rooted with Roman Gentiles for the sake of comparison. The Arch of Titus, in Rome, was constructed in the first century to commemorate General Titus’s victory over an utterly defeated Jerusalem around AD 70. Today, it is nothing greater than what it was nearly 2,000 years ago. The thing that is so priceless to me is that this secular boastful structure unequivocally validates the history and authenticity of my Catholic faith. I would hate to see it disassembled and sold in a value exchange to some private collector. A relief carving inside the arch depicts the Roman soldiers carting off the spoils of the temple of Jerusalem. Specifically, they are carting off the Menorah and the Table. These objects (Exodus 25:23-40) were the very ones that Moses constructed after visiting with God. The only thing we have left of them today is the relief sculpting inside this silly arch.

        • Phleger 8

          Another unthinking comment. The Vatican could divest itself of the beauty that it preserved throughout history in order to feed today’s hungry. But then today’s hungry would he hungry tomorrow. What then?

          This is a big world with much hunger and poverty. The non liquid assets of the Holy See are negligible. Its properties are necessary for too many reasons to list.
          Suffice it to say that the job of alleviating need in the world belongs to us, the laity.

          • sleepergirl

            I was thoughtful from the beginning. I guess you and I and Francis don’t share the same priorities. Auction off the Vatican’s “treasures” to collectors and set up a foundation (earning interest) to feed the needy.

          • Phleger 8

            The Vatican is supposed to care for our souls. WE are to take responsibility for those less fortunate. The body of Christ has many parts, each with its own purpose.

          • sleepergirl

            So our pontiff needs to take no personal responsibility? Just leave it to his “flock”, the great unwashed?

          • Simplynotred

            Damn us all to hell ( a figure of speech), for if social responsibility is all there is, and in the case of Francis its becoming more and more common, then Hell is of no significance and welfare is the only purpose of the Catholic Faith. So don’t worry about Hell, or even bother with going to Heaven. Take care of your brothers missteps while your still alive That’s all that matters RIGHT! After burial its only worms and bones.

          • sleepergirl

            Faith and good works!

          • Simplynotred

            I believe there is a translation regarding what those two word imply.

            Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind: and thy neighbor as thyself.

            So when you say Faith, that means to Put GOD first with your whole being. Something none of these so-called bishops have in mind by becoming politically active in breaking the laws of the land taking from Ceasar, Stealing from Americans and allowing law breakers to have what is not theirs to have.

            God seems to be put out of the pictures when a bishop focus on the following so-called Good Works statements That illegal immigrants should have and America should provide them…

            “The lack of good jobs, affordable housing and clean water and air is literally killing people. Racism is stripping Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim and Native people of their humanity and fueling police abuse and mass incarceration, and fueling a crisis of homelessness and displacement. Raids and Trump Administration Executive Orders are scapegoating immigrants and ripping families apart.”

            To do the above requires that a powerful government Steal from American Citizens so that Illegal Aliens can have something that they have not earned. To love God is to Obey the 10 Commandments.

            Your suggesting that these bishops have Catholic faith when they are breaking
            1. The First Commandment by Idolizing Marxism
            2. The Seventh Commandment by stealing property from Americans to provide well being to Illegal Immigrants.
            3. The Ten Commandment when bishops are coveting the goods of Americans so that they can be given to those illegal aliens who want apparently need it.

            Seems rather odd that in order to love God you have to break his commandments when you love your neighbor.

            Finally STRIPPING BLACK, LATINO, ASIAN, MUSLIM & NATIVE people of their humanity When over 50% of illegals have committed some crime and at minimum 5% have committed a violent crime. To love your neighbor as you love yourself implies that if you sin you need to go to confession, and when your neighbor sins, you should admonish him or her to do the same.

            Somewhere in all of the so-called Bishops Talks this part is not discussed.

          • missy

            well said and spot-on!

          • Phleger 8

            Can one man take care of millions of people as well as millions taking care of millions?

          • Sonnys_Mom

            Yes, liquidate the Vatican– the pipe dream of all social justice warriors! But “actually, selling the Vatican probably wouldn’t generate enough cash to buy the whole world lunch.”

            Source: “Sell the Vatican, feed the world?” David Waters – Oct 16, 2009 (onfaith dot co)

          • sleepergirl

            So what if there wouldn’t be enough money generated. It’s untoward for the pope to live surrounded by such opulence at the expense of helping the poor and needy.

      • RFrodsham

        You obviously have absolutely NO IDEA of the actual intrinsic wealth held within Vatican City and real estate wealth held worldwide by the Roman Catholic Church. Speaking of the real estate, it’s a whole lot MORE than just the obvious churches and schools. Don’t know where you live, but here in Riverside County, California, it owns many large tracts of land (not used in any religious way) that, because of Proposition 118(?) passed in the late 1950’s here in California, they are also EXEMPT from paying ANY property taxes.

    • Sonnys_Mom

      Yes, Bishop McElroy has been busy.

  • ericdijon

    I suppose we often wish that priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes had more properly formed consciences than what has been revealed to us more lately, but in the final analysis – these men are only human. Formation studies seem to omit so much important training in the drive to fill out office vacancies of the ordained and career academic types pass along much of their own ideologies to a majority of their seminarians. Worldview is today a secular tradition more than it reflecting of a spiritually personal introspective of a properly formed conscience. Modernism and postmodernity steers well-meaning folks into groupthink alliances, which formation years cannot squeeze critical analysis of into curricula. By comparison, the ordained may be receiving much less of a quality, full, and robust education today than they enjoyed 50 years ago. If we do not get ahold of this trend, the priest will become the useful idiots for the distribution of secular ideals. Perhaps this is specifically what is meant with the Saul Alinsky “community organizing” school reference.

  • samton909

    Pope Francis seems to be appointing biships in America that do not understand basic Catholic teaching. Cupich does not understand the idea of conscience in Catholicism, and I doubt that he could teach a Catechism class on it. McElroy is just a leftist, pure and simple. Jesus was not a politcal figure, but these two guys are. More idiotic comments have come from Farrell and others. It is a dark time in the church, Intellectualism is under attack by the emoters.

  • Rclifton

    So where is the list?????????

    • Zmirak

      They didn’t make it public. Contact the meeting organizers and ask.

  • Alfred Dunn

    If these unfaithful bishops seek to disrupt President Trump, we, in conscience, must disrupt the evil work of the bishops.

  • PalaceGuard

    At what point does this become an instrucion to commit active rebellion against civil authority, and is rebellion not a sin? Also, since all forms of authority are mucho malo, why should I give my Bishop, (McElroy, that is), the time of day? It would seem that the Bishops are sitting, saw in hand, at the outer end of the branch they would attack.

  • standtall909

    Who ARE THESE BISHOPS???……..You need to start NAMING NAMES, John!!!!!!

    • IWantALamborghini

      Yes this is really important. I want to know if my bishop was there.

      Should not be hard to find this out … hard for this many leftists to keep a secret with this many involved.

    • Suzanne Morgan McConnell

      Right…if you expect people to believe or to write and complain then you need speak up!

  • sleepergirl

    Holy good heavens! These fellows need a good exorcism. The devil has taken their minds.

  • Patrick B. Maxwell

    This is disturbing in the light of the Roman Catholic Church obedience to the love of Jesus as the foremost precept of the Christian faith. What is taking place is a turning away from the holiest relationships with Jesus in favor of some socially just principle which does not merit the first principles of love and faith. In other words the Judas affect. falling in love with the work of Christ instead of Christ himself. A substitute for real faith and love. This is the seed of anti-Christianism

  • steve j.

    Thank you for the very informative article. We all need to keep spreading the word about these left wing commie nut jobs, a term used in my youth. Hard to believe we are facing that wrong-headed thinking in this day and age, but it has come to pass. How do we impeach a cardinal?

    • Sonnys_Mom

      Catholics need to pray for all our priests, who have clearly been under spiritual attack for some time.

  • Sonnys_Mom

    Interesting– in the Los Angeles area, there are religious and secular groups linked to something called “PICO”, that are preparing secret “safe houses” to conceal foreign nationals from the DHS. Does the Latin American PICO have branches here in the US?

  • If you’re going to sign something like this, don’t hid behind the cloak of anonymity.

  • Mal

    These people do not respect Caesar who is trying to bring law and order into the country. Why disrupt actions that are designed to keep anti-Gad criminals from entering while allowing honest ones to enter. Ideologues are ruining young Catholics. Shame on them.

  • Nicholas

    Antipope Francis must be pleased by their “resistance.” I guess they’re hoping to be named “cardinals.”

  • Simplynotred

    I hope these bishops are given the chance to perform their ANTI-CATHOLIC ANTI-GOVERNMENT ACTS so that time spent in Federal Prison will remove them from doing any more harm for a WHILE AT LEAST.

  • Mary Lennox

    STOP SENDING THEM MONEY!!!! Close your wallets and contribute to other real and just causes. $$$ speaks!

    • IWantALamborghini

      We can hold off on contributing to the annual Diocesan Appeal if your bishop was on this list.

      Not fair to those who depend on it, but perhaps this is one way of expressing displeasure with a Marxian takeover of a diocese.

  • IWantALamborghini

    Absent from their rant is any condemnation of the taking of innocent life, which would get them excommunicated by the Gaists.

    But let’s give them credit: I didn’t see any championing of transgender right in their rant. Or maybe I missed, it.

  • Lorenz

    Lots of great comments. I would like to add that for all their talk against “racism” they are not a very “diverse” group themselves. Where I live, when you go to church the vast majority of the hair colours of the parishioners are black. Most of the parishioners tend to be from east and south Asia and Africa. That goes for the priests as well. No only are they bringing lot’s of missionary priests from the developing world but about half the seminarians in my archdiocese are not Caucasian. However, when it comes to the episcopacy, it is 99.9% vanilla white. These faithful orthodox devout non-Caucasian clergy cannot break the glass ceiling when it comes to the episcopacy.

  • bigcheese2

    Drain the Swamps – in Rome and at the USCCB in Washington.

  • Cotton

    Who are the 24 bishops?

    • Suzanne Morgan McConnell

      Yeah who???

  • Deacon Raymond Moon Sr.

    Jesus disrupted both the political and religious systems of the day, and they crucified him for it.

  • Dan Dougherty

    Who are the 24 bishops and why are they not listed in your article?

    • Facebook User

      I have scoured the internet to find the full list but it seems to have vanished. These BAD bishops are part of the list: Tobin (Newark,NJ), Fabre (Houma-Thibodaux, LA), Cantu (Las Cruces, NM), Talley (Alexandria, LA), Blaire (Stockton, CA), Ochoa (Fresno, CA), Soto (Sacramento, CA), Gomex (Los Angeles, CA), McElroy (San Diego, CA). It was also signed by a high ranking cardinal from the vatican who was the ringmaster for the event—-Turkson from Ghana (Prefect Dicastery for Integral Human Development).

    • gaeliclass

      yes agreed, that would be important information the faithful have them on the radar..

  • John810

    It appears as though the World Communist Party has the upper hand and I see some threatening clouds on the horizon. It would be nice of the article uncovered the names of all the bishops and brought them out into the sunlight for purging.

  • Beth Van

    Who are these bishops????

  • Sapient

    Great piece! Well written and informative. For those interested there’s a book written by a former Soviet Intelligence official that articulates USSR/communist infiltration of the Catholic Church in South America for the purpose of advancing Communism in the Americas to include U.S. Its title is “Disinformation” written by Lt Gen Ion Mihia Pacepa. It covers far more than just Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church. Stunning read!

  • rodlarocque1931

    Interesting, in light of the current scandals revealing the wholesale abandonment of sexual discipline within the clergy, we can now understand why they devote so much effort into social justice causes.
    In the old days priests seemed to be concerned about helping each individual to overcome their sins and reach holiness, now it seems like the clergy justify their existence (and ignore their own short comings) by focusing on politically correct issues like the environment, migrants and promoting equality of outcome.
    How convenient for them, and how useful to ease their private consciences. Also how sad, because what really changes the world is personal sanctity and the desire for heaven.

  • gaeliclass

    So here again we see the work of prelates who have departed from Christ’s Teaching and the Catholic Church and personally have ‘entered radical movements even against the President of the USA’..

    Satan has truly entered the Vatican – and made chasms – as the courageous Archbishop Vigano wrote and which is being supported by so many clerics now, the priests and seminarians who have been wounded for life, the laity people -ditto.

    Horrific however to read the Pope’s own message to this communist marxist group propped up by Soros’ money..
    and all the communists who are behind it..

    These Bishops should be penalized – will they be? Not under this Pontificate..

    They have left The Lord’s Teachings – they are teaching false doctrines to the Catholics –
    This has been foreseen in Scripture.

    This day has now come – we must be aware of it. For our part we must stand up to these wolves in sheeps clothing….

    The sheep know their master – !! and will flee from the fake ones!!!

    Everyone must write to these clerics and tell them ‘not on our watch Bishop,; we are wise to the real game here..- destroy the Church’

  • im4truth4all

    These people should be removed from the Catholic Church hierarchy. They have identified themselves for what they are. Their religion is not true Catholicism but the democratic party. By their actions they have revealed the god they serve.

  • Elizabeth

    I want the names of the Bishops involved!

  • James B

    McElroy is a kook.

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