There’s Nothing Wrong With 9-Year-Old Drag Queens If There’s Nothing Wrong With Sodomy

They're a matched pair

By William M Briggs Published on May 25, 2018

If there is nothing wrong with sodomy then there is nothing wrong with sodomy. It can be celebrated. It can be praised. If being gay is who you are, and not just what you desire, then it makes sense that people encourage it. Even in the young — as long as there’s consent. 

Take “9 year old drag superstar Lactatia,” who was seen touting for Ru Paul’s Drag Con and explicitly promoting sodomy.

Hey. Why not? You can’t complain. Are you some kind of homophobe or transphobe?

If there is nothing wrong with sodomy, then there is nothing wrong with kids having a spot of fun about it. If there is nothing wrong with sodomy, then there is no problem teaching it to kids in school in the course of ordinary sex “education.” Indeed, it should be taught. Anal sex is dangerous if done incorrectly, and the last thing we need are groups of kiddies jamming emergency rooms with the severe medical problems that it can cause.

Vegan Friendly LGBT

By the way, sweet little Lactatia got his costume, a “onsie,” at The House of Mann, which sells “Vegan Friendly LGBT Luxury Fashion Brand[s].” Because if you’re going LGBT, you may as well go the vegan friendly way.

Teen Vogue, which has published a detailed guide to sodomy, says we ought to “bow down to Queen Lactatia.” They have a colorful slideshow of the little boy dressed in all kinds of outrageous outfits.

Abuse Is An Ugly Thing

I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to say that little Lactatia was abused. And you would be right. He did suffer “horrifying” abuse. So says his mother.

After little Lactatia was heard to say, “If you wanna be a drag queen and your parents don’t let you, you need new parents. If you wanna be a drag queen and your friends don’t you, you need new friends,” a “horrifying flood of threats and abuse on social media” was unleashed.

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The mother, proud of her son — as she should be if there is nothing wrong with sodomy — said “the amount of online hate” was “absolutely disturbing.” She dismissed all the hate and pledged to continue showing off her son to audiences of men who enjoy sodomy.

The pro-sodomy magazine Out said little Lactatia was “bullied” by “conservatives.” Out said, “Conservatives can work themselves into a frenzy all they want, but [little Lactatia is] just going to keep shining and sashaying past the bullying.”

Out categorized its article under the tag “POPNOGRAPHY.” And if there’s nothing wrong with sodomy, there’s nothing wrong that, either.

Oh! Canada!

The Canadian Broadcasting Company, a “federal Crown corporation that serves as the national public broadcaster,” said our little 9-year-old “drag queen shows us how to slay.” They don’t mean slay as in disembowel, not that there’s anything wrong with that between consenting adults. They meant slay as in tickling the fantasies of those who enjoy sodomy. Which there is nothing wrong with, if there is nothing wrong with sodomy.

The CBC also reports that some Canadian lawmakers were seeking to lower the age of consent so that the limit applied to all kinds of sex. “That will be lowered to 16, if the proposed Liberal bill passes, removing the section of the Criminal Code that specifically sets rules for anal intercourse.”

The old law was “discriminatory,” they said, because the the age was higher for those seeking sodomy. And they’re right. It was discriminatory. It discriminated, or drew distinctions between, different kinds of sex. If there is nothing wrong with sodomy, then the age should be as low as they can get away with.

They’re Coming For Your Kids

Now on these very (virtual) pages, our own Michael Brown was caught saying, “Yes, Gay Activists are After Your Children.

He said, “The homosexual movement seeks to grow by the indoctrination of our children, from toddlers to pre-schoolers, and from elementary school to college. LGBT activism thrives on indoctrination.”

It’s true, too. But what Brown didn’t tell you was that there is nothing wrong with recruiting kids — your kids — into the warm folds of the LGBTQWERTY community. That is, there is nothing wrong with it if there is nothing wrong with sodomy.

If there is something wrong with sodomy, you think you’d hear more about it. But you don’t. You do hear folks complaining about little boys dancing seductively. Because they’re little. Not because they desire sodomy.

What you don’t hear is folks saying “Sodomy can in no way be countenanced.” Maybe most don’t believe that anymore. Maybe they believe there’s nothing really wrong with sodomy, and the only moral question is consent. But then there’s nothing really wrong with 9-year-old drag queens.

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