The Wonder of Christmas

By Nancy Flory Published on December 15, 2017

To me it was 10 feet tall. When I was a small child, I’d sit beside the Christmas tree and stare in wonder at the multi-colored lights, the glittering gold tinsel and the silk-covered brightly colored ornaments. 

Of all of the colors on the tree, my favorite was blue. I stared at the blue bulbs and ornaments, losing myself in the depth of the color. It reminded me of the thrilling blue color of the sky just before sunrise. I’ve always associated that blue with Christmas, and I love it. 

Wonder and Anticipation

The wonder and anticipation I felt wasn’t for Santa. My family emphasized the birth of Christ and the giving of presents to celebrate His arrival.

It was simply the anticipation of Christmas and everything that came with it. The Christmas carols we’d sing to our grandmothers, the Christmas cookies and candy from friends and neighbors, the lights and ornaments and tinsel, and yes, a few gifts. The expectation was almost too much for a tiny girl to handle.

But then I grew up. Worries began to crowd my head. Bills to pay, childcare, school, dishes, cleaning, all of the adult cares wrap me in anxiety.

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It occurred to me that our Heavenly Father still calls that little girl full of wonder and amazement at his present. It’s the joy of Jesus who came to the world as an infant, the salvation He brought, the forgiveness He gave. His gift of His precious son Jesus, wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger — still asks for amazement, of eyes filled with wonder, of anticipation.

He calls me as a little child. Not as one who does not understand, but as one who sees the gift and cherishes it as an amazing, thrilling, unbelievable present from someone who loves me as no one else can. I strive to keep that amazement in mind each Christmas.

Christmas Blue

I still love my Christmas blue. I still decorate with blue ornaments and lights. But this year I did something a little different. My three-year-old decorated the tree in multi-colored lights and glittering gold beads. He hung each ornament with care. We talked about their histories and meanings. We talked about baby Jesus and that God sent Him to us as a gift.

The tree probably seems a lot taller than it is. The gold probably seems shinier, the twinkling lights brighter. And I saw the wonder in his eyes.

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