THE TRUTH ABOUT ROE … and the Blessings of LIFE

By James Robison Published on June 29, 2022

The Supreme Court decision concerning Roe was, as Stream senior editor Tom Gilson clearly pointed out, not about abortion but about correcting an improper action by the Court. The Roe decision was bad law. (How sweet to speak of Roe in the past tense.)

The Supreme Court does not write laws and pass them. The Court interprets laws and acts to ensure they don’t infringe on the people’s rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Rights not from man. But unalienable rights bestowed on us by our Creator.

God’s Law

God gave us life and laws to enhance, protect and bless our lives so we can experience the joy of living and blessing others in every way possible.

God sent Israel into the Promised Land with 10 clear commandments, not suggestions, making it clear they were to live by them and keep those commands in order to extend the life, dream and enjoyment possible only in the Promised Land. They were not to allow their life, opportunities and joy to be limited by disobedience, foolishly ignoring the importance of what He — God, our Father and Creator — said.

I made this same principle very clear to our children and grandchildren when they were very small and learning to ride tricycles and ultimately bikes in places like the street in front of our house. I told them not to cross the line — it was a boundary. Don’t play in the street. I explained that I didn’t do this to limit their fun, but to extend it and enhance it. They understood. That’s called wisdom.

Because our founders were wise, they gave us a great document, the Constitution, to help protect the rights given us by God — “Divine Providence.”

For years, many who are actually anti-God and anti-life have imposed their opinion and decision on the people as law. Right to life for everyone is guaranteed by God, affirmed by the Declaration of Independence, and we cannot enjoy liberty and pursuit of happiness without life.

Rights from God Lead to Really Living

History confirms the blessings available to everyone when we build our lives, relationships, families, businesses, schools, churches and government on biblical principles. When we fail to build on His truth, we build on sand and everything comes crashing down, often tragically. The consequences are undeniable: destroyed marriages, families, business, healthy politics, education and entertainment. There is no end to the misery we experience until we return to the unshakable principles found in God’s Word and confirmed by all of history.

Jesus, the “Great Physician,” gives us the correct diagnosis. We have a disease that destroys life, and it is contagious, damaging and often terminal. It is worse than any cancer or virus. It is called sin by God, who is again the influence our founders referred to as “Creator” and “Divine Providence.”

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There is a perfect cure. It is called repentance — a return to God and His truth to experience the life He freely offers to those His Son Jesus died on the cross to provide. The power of the cross will destroy the controlling power of the sin disease and give us life now, even abundant, and life eternal, which in fact can begin here, right now.

Living as God intended is really living, not merely existing. We can overflow with His love, joy and peace. God does not force His truth, His ways on us. We must make a choice. Not just for our benefit, but for those around us, in our communities, in our nation, to “the end of the earth.”

This means we must value every life from the womb to the tomb. As Samuel Rodriguez so perfectly shared on The Stream, we should get behind and support women who have unwanted pregnancies, which nearly all could be avoided if we would practice the other principles God shares in His Word.

Our Family Story … Which Could Have Ended in 1943

None of us want women who have an unwanted pregnancy to ever hurt themselves trying to terminate that very real, precious life. In 1943, that’s what my mother tried to do with me, and the doctor refused. His refusal caused her to pray, and God told her to have the baby and offer me for adoption.

Had Roe v. Wade been passed in 1943, I would not have been born, would have never known and married Betty, would not have had three of the most beautiful children one could ever hope for and 11 grandchildren that have brought beautiful spouses into our lives and now 14 great-grandchildren, with more likely on the way.

Our family is grateful that I was born, and the millions of people we have led to faith in Jesus Christ here in America and around the world are eternally grateful. The more than 18 million lives we have saved in Africa and other Third World countries through our feeding programs are grateful, as are the millions of people who receive non-contaminated, clean water and thousands who have been set free from sexual trafficking.

I wonder how many people like me, who could have touched the lives of many, have been aborted.

Our son, Randy, could easily have been one of the blessings lost. He is the result of an unwanted pregnancy. Facing difficult circumstances, his birth mother made the right decision to give birth and place him for adoption. To God be the glory! We are eternally grateful.

Roe v. Wade Didn’t Start the Problem. The Supreme Court Wasn’t in the Garden of Eden

As we consider the backlash from abortion, let’s recognize the problem started way before Roe v. Wade. Our heavenly Father, referred to by our founders as “Divine Providence” and “Our Creator,” desires the best for every person born on His planet, which is God’s garden. Remember, we have been left here as His overseers. The Father not only wants the best for every person born, He knows how to deliver it. He also knows what matters.

If God, our Creator, the Almighty, says something matters, it matters. We are created in His image — not as puppets or robots, but individuals with a free choice. As a matter of fact, our choice is distinct. We can follow the deceptive, divisive, damaging, destructive desires of Lucifer, Satan, who is the father of lies and the murderer. That’s the choice God gave us.

We don’t have to love God. We don’t have to recognize Him as God, and we can actually make gods of idols and even the things God gave us that are exciting, like exhilarating physical experiences that are visually pleasant, attractive and too-often inappropriately distractive and damaging. My excessive love of sugar led me to say, “I’m a chocoholic.” It ultimately led to an addiction that caused me to develop Type 2 diabetes. I was told this could have caused COVID to be deadly for me.

We can enjoy the benefits of what God gave us to enjoy without allowing them to take over and control us. The American people are being controlled by out-of-control appetites, desires, and destructive, deadly practices.

Ronald Reagan was right when he said we’ve got 50,000 or more commandments because we don’t keep the Ten God gave us.

Disobeying God

The horrors of abortion emerged from disobeying God about controlling appetites concerning human sexuality. People began to live in what they called “sexual freedom” — do anything you want to do — which has led to many other tragic results. We redefined marriage. What is sexually appropriate is deemed not best. We find ourselves redefining gender, denying it or trying to change it.

When we violate the first Commandment and don’t allow God to be God, we will live breaking all the others. You can’t even have a good business without honest people. If you have thieves, liars and people who care nothing about others, you can’t have a meaningful relationship of any kind, beginning with marriage.

We are living in a very chaotic state — out of control because we started by denying the First Commandment, not acknowledging that if God our Creator, our Father in heaven says it matters, it matters.

And one prime thing that matters is every life matters!

We Need to Reach Out

We need to reach out to all who have cast aside God’s truth — even changed it into a lie. We need to embrace those women who have been deceived and defeated. We need to love them with every fiber of our being just as we love their unborn.

We can love everyone who has been misled or misguided and show them we will help them through their serious challenges.

Please, Christians, rise up with the same unconditional love you are expressing for the unborn so that people like me and our son and millions of others can be born and have a chance at life. You will have an impact!

Three of my staff adopted girls from China. The parents there by law were allowed to have only one child, and girls aren’t as valued as boys. Years ago, our ministry helped inspire China’s leaders to make the adoption of those little girls a very real and even honest possibility.

I want to repeat something I’ve said over and over: The only way we stop abortion is to accept what God says that matters, really matters — and that is life itself. The only way mothers will not kill their unwanted, unborn child is by recognizing the value, the preciousness and potential of every single life from the womb to the tomb.

Love Those Who Hate Us

We must also recognize the preciousness of the lives of the people who are so angry. Angry, as we’ve seen in dozens of attacks around the country, to the point of violence.

We must help them know we’re actually trying to help them overcome the most deadly disease in the Universe: denying God’s Word and God’s will by accepting something as best that God says is not only not best but is actually damaging, dangerous and deadly.

When we deny what He says and disobey Him in rebellion and self-centered living, we have taken the first step toward a living death that only the cross of Christ and the love of God expressed in the gift of His Son can ever cure. The salvation He freely offers makes us into a new creation that is the hope of the world. Yes, it’s the only way to heal the division and dissension that is leading to the destruction of everything precious, including freedom.

Please, Christians, let’s get God’s loving arms around the people who wish we were dead, just like they wish to be able to take the life of an unwanted child.

“Return to Me”

It doesn’t just start with abortion. God says, “Return to me” — that is called repentance, changing your mind and direction — “and I will pour out blessings on you beyond anything you could ever imagine.”

We have seen this throughout history, including the birth of this once truly great nation. Not perfect, but we knew who the Father is and when we accepted His truth and applied it, His blessings were the immediate result. That will be the case now. Scripture is clear that choosing life over death is always God’s best.

God help us fulfill His kingdom purpose by placing His arms around those who now seem to hate us as we seek to help them experience God’s great love for all — born and unborn. 


James Robison is The Stream’s founder and publisher. He is co-founder of LIFE Outreach International and co-host of LIFE Today. He’s the author of many books, including Indivisible (with Jay Richards) and Living Amazed.

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