The Trump Presidency Hangs by a Thread. Will the House GOP Throw It All Away With an Immigration Surrender?

By John Zmirak & Al Perrotta Published on June 9, 2018

Why did Donald Trump win the GOP nomination? Because he promised to put America First. Not in a crudely selfish way, like some dictator stealing land from weaker neighbors. Not even in a classically isolationist sense. Trump didn’t call for the end of NATO. Our troops haven’t come home. You might not agree with his tariffs and other flirtations with protectionism. But he’s not looking for autarky, where we grow and build everything within our borders, disdaining global trade.

No, Trump has made a moderate course correction of our policies in the direction of serving its citizens’ interests. This was long overdue, after 20 years at least of the GOP subordinating our citizens to the service of abstractions. Enough wars to spread democracy where it likely would never grow. Enough trade deals that let the other parties cheat. And quite enough cringing and apologizing for our nation’s history, while dictators and theocrats strut the world stage, boasting.

Our Crackpot Immigration Policies

But more than on any other issue, Trump called a halt to our crackpot immigration policies. To the lawlessness that leaves our southern border the sovereign territory of gangs like MS-13. To arbitrary and foolish attempts to promote “diversity” for its own sake by peddling U.S. citizenship as a prize in a lottery. An end to “catch and release” of illegal immigrants, as if law enforcement were a sport like marlin fishing. Reform of our legal immigration system, which makes it hard for employers to bring in highly qualified workers, but easy for amnestied illegals to import their extended families via “chain migration.” (The euphemism invented by Ted Kennedy for this form of legal nepotism was “family reunification.”)

According to Pew, 81 percent of Latino immigrants favor big-government policies of the rabidly pro-choice Democrats. In brutally practical sense, amnesty equals abortion.

Now the RINOs and cheap labor hirelings in Congress are on the verge of throwing all that away. Of caving to the demands of Congressional Democrats who oppose almost all enforcement of our immigration laws. Whose rhetoric suggests that it’s “racist” to distinguish a legal, U.S. citizen from someone who just snuck in.

Betraying the Voters

Tucker Carlson, a national treasure, laid out the stakes of the upcoming “discharge petition” fight in the House:

Americans of all backgrounds and all ethnicities are deeply skeptical of immigration. They wanted it reduced. Republicans can win elections by listening to them, but they’re not. Congressional Republicans are on the brink of giving amnesty to a huge number of the illegal aliens just in time for the fall election.

Some of these Republicans are plotting with Democrats to give amnesty to every illegal who originally entered this country as a minor,” he continued. “Potentially that is millions and millions of people. In return for that, voters would get nothing — no border wall, no reduction in overall immigration rates, no defunding of sanctuary cities, no abolition of chain migration, which is indefensible. Wages will stay low because it turns out supply and demand is real. Give an overabundance of something including labor, its value falls. Politically more states will go the way of California. So, what exactly is the point of this?

Amidst a tangle of competing bills, some of them solid enforcement laws, it’s quite possible that the GOP House will offer a bill that makes some cosmetic fixes, maybe even offers a partial funding for the border wall. Listen to conservative Rep. Dave Brat discuss the tortured negotiations with National Public Radio.

The Reagan Amnesty, given away without enforcement, backfired massively. It increased illegal immigration, and helped turn places like Reagan’s own California into one-party failed states.

Each DREAMer Gets to Sponsor His Parents

But make no mistake, if we fail, the price will be high. If we grant citizenship to those whose parents smuggled them into our country (DACA/ “DREAMERs”), each one of those 1.8 million people will be eligible for public assistance. They will vote. And how do you think they will vote? For the party that championed them, or the party whose President wants to build a Wall? For pro-life, pro-religious liberty candidates? Or for left-wing Democrats? Statistics answer that question. According to Pew, 81 percent of Latino immigrants favor big-government policies of the rabidly pro-choice Democrats. In a brutally practical sense, amnesty equals abortion.

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Much worse, without a fix to our current system of chain migration, each amnestied illegal will be able to sponsor his family for citizenship. Including the parents who snuck him into the country. What message will that send to the next wave of poor people in Latin America who want to move to the U.S.? Remember that the Gallup Poll found 710 million adults around the world want to emigrate. For 147 million, the U.S. is their destination of choice.PIG Immigration

So look at that 1.8 million, and double or triple it, assuming that most immigrants will want to sponsor parents, or siblings, as citizens. Think of what that influx of mostly poor people with minimal education and job skills will do to the U.S. To our politics. To the wages of blue collar workers. And our already crowded, limited funds to serve the native born poor.

Another Amnesty Giveaway?

The Reagan Amnesty, given away without enforcement, backfired massively. It increased illegal immigration, and helped turn places like Reagan’s own California into one-party failed states. So did subsequent, less famous amnesties. If the House chooses to defy President Trump and the voters by making the same blunder again, how will those voters react in November? Do you think they’ll turn out in droves to guarantee the GOP keeps control of the House? Or will they decide that politics is futile, since however you vote and whomever you elect, the same stupid things keep happening, over and over again?

John Zmirak and Al Perrotta are authors of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration.

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  • Marilyn Griffin

    You say that giving them ammesty equals abortion. It also equals welfare services, millions more anchor babies, continued degradation of our own children’s education, continued overwhelming of our medical centers and clinics, continued serving the illegal aliens better than American citizens, increased and ever-larger tax refunds, more and more additions to SS/Medicare, increased crime against American citizens, increased costs to American taxpayers, increased degradation of our freedoms/benefits/rights/privileges all once limited to American citizens and eventual takeover of the USA by corrupt Mexico (And maybe others). Our once wonderful country is literally being given over to foreigners, illegals, refugees, asylees, TPS, foreign work VISAS, foreign investors. — foreigners, foreigners, foreigners. Down goes the United States of America, never to rise again. If I thought it would do any good, I would ask all the leftist Americans, including congress to think about the future they are creating today for their descendants. While the rest of the world always has its hands out for America’s help, they never hesitate to criticise us when we dare do just one little thing in OUR best interest. They will all take and take from America but, secretly, resent us for it all and, I believe, in their resentment will be glad to see America fall. But, I urge them all to try to picture their world without America!

    • Boris

      Let’s ask the Native Americans how they feel about immigration.

  • Linda Choquette

    You lost me at “Tucker Carlson, a national treaure…”

  • bbb

    The Establishment is now a cohesive group of Ivy League lawyers who legislate their financial welfare and work toward globalism, One World Government. They hate the Constitution and refuse to represent the people who vote for them.
    DACA will guarantee Democrat voters, the DNC adopted the tenets and tactics of communism [2017 DNC conf] and the elitists envision themselves [as taught by Ivy League professors] to be rulers of the One World Government.
    But for the GOP in DC their push for DACA amnesty is their way to force Trump to veto the bill. They believe this will crush the implied RNC wave in November, 2018.
    Do bigwig GOP politicos want to lose the party altogether because the elites prefer “tradition”?
    Satan nudges all the prideful elites into that deception.
    There are …seven things which are an abomination to the Lord: haughty eyes [arrogance], a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood [abortion – both Dems and Reps voted to fund Planned Parenthood] a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run to evil, false witnesses who tell stories and lies, and those who spread strife among brothers. Proverbs 6:16-18.
    What a perfect verbal picture of the currently elected neo-nobility in DC that have an Ivy League fraternity who rule by their rule, not God’s and not the Constitution.
    Yes, they are ignoring the November 2016 platform that elected Trump.
    Yes, they are ignoring the voice of the people.
    Yes, they are a godless lot.

    • Boris

      As soon as you mix religion with politics you discredit everything you say. Human rights and democracy are not biblical.

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