The Top Domestic Violent Extremist Threat Comes From … Attorney General Merrick Garland

By John Zmirak Published on June 16, 2021

The National File reports:

As the Biden administration continues its persecution of political dissidents using the vast powers of the National Security apparatus, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the “top domestic violent extremist threat” comes from “those who advocate for the superiority of the white race” in a statement regarding domestic terrorism today.

Describing America’s new “National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism,” Garland told the world that the Biden regime would be heightening its efforts to turn the federal government against the American people to “counter the heightened domestic terrorism threat using all available tools.”

First Demonize, Then Terrorize

When you want to persecute a political or ethnic group, it helps to demonize it first. The Natural Law, which God wrote on our hearts, rebels against open persecution of those who are clearly innocent, just because they’re weak.

So if you wish to dispossess, impoverish, imprison, or even kill members of a given group — for whatever reason — you’d better get busy manufacturing “proof” that they deserve it. That they’re carriers of some profound, contagious evil. That they stand as an imminent threat to all that is good and decent. In fact, they’re a real and present danger to public order. So the regime must crack down on them before they do harm to others.

You’ll need to whip up some genuine fear first. That’s the most useful goad in getting people to enforce what’s cruelly unjust. Convince them they have to do it out of self-preservation. Sure, outright hatred sometimes will do the job. But rarely can you get vast numbers of people to sustain that emotion unless it’s undergirded by terror. First you must use propaganda to convince them they’re in danger. Then they’ll do pretty much anything. If only to protect themselves and their families from the “threat.”

The Boilerplate Tactic of Fanatics

Here are just a few historical cases where elites whipped up that kind of fear, as a pretext to crushing groups they considered their enemies:

  • Intolerant Integralist Catholics convinced the Paris mob in the 16th century that Huguenot Protestants (a tiny minority) wanted to impose Calvinism on France. That led to massacres like the most infamous one on St. Bartholomew’s Day. And a protracted civil/religious war that devastated the nation for decades.
  • Intolerant English Protestants in the 17th century convinced the British rabble that Catholics (a tiny minority) wanted to impose their faith on England. This led to riots, lynchings, and legal persecution aimed at Catholics.
  • Radical mobs in Paris during the French Revolution targeted any foreigner, priest, or nun as an agent of royalists trying to restore the monarchy. They hustled thousands of innocents to the guillotine.
  • The Russian Bolsheviks whipped up their supporters to target, rob, and murder landlords, small business owners, priests, religious Jews, and members of many ethnic minorities. Soon private property had largely disappeared. Russia went from an exporter of food to a land of famines.
  • The Nazis convinced large numbers of Germans that Jews were intrinsically hostile to “Aryan” peoples. That they somehow both caused capitalist plutocracy and Communist revolution. So they must be stripped of citizenship, labeled with badges, exiled, imprisoned, or killed. Once the fog of war descended, the Holocaust proper could start.
  • The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia declared that anyone with a high school education was an enemy of the people. By the end, they were beating to death with clubs any Cambodian they found wearing eyeglasses.
  • The Hutu extremists in Rwanda used mass media to label their rivals, the smaller but more prosperous Tutsi tribe, as “cockroaches.” They hogged all the wealth in that country, and deserved extermination.
  • The Communist Chinese government labeled pious, peaceful Muslim Uyghurs “Islamists” and “terrorists.” That was the pretext for subjecting them to forced abortion, imprisoning 3 million of them in concentration camps, and stealing organs from prisoners for sale on the black market. This persecution is still going on.

“Communist-Trained” Race Hustlers and their Enablers

The American left knows its history. Its leaders have studied the practical methods of terror. Patrice Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, boastfully described herself as a “trained Marxist.” Maybe our billion-dollar corporations should have thought about that before they flooded her extremist organization with money they made from us. She now can read Karl Marx in one of her several mansions.

But now after our fraud-ridden 2020 election, the US government itself is taking the first steps toward a persecution. The target? Conservatives and Christians. The pretext? “White supremacist” attitudes.

America Rooted in Evil, Requiring a Purge

Remember the official ideology getting pumped into schoolchildren’s heads, and imposed in a purge of our military. It asserts that white Racism infuses all America’s history and culture. So the purge of our culture and media must prove ruthless and all-inclusive. What else did you think it meant when our elites tried to ban the National Anthem from sporting events? When mobs, with blue-state government connivance, burned cities and tore down the statues of our founders? When the New York Times, the Pulitzer Committee, and leftist teachers unions declared the very existence of the US a slaveowners conspiracy?

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In real ways, the militant phase of the planned persecution already started. Veteran and small businessman Jake Gardner was hounded to suicide for defending himself, and his elderly father, from BLM-inspired thugs. Kyle Rittenhouse faces first-degree murder charges for resisting a mob that had already shot at him. Nick Sandmann and his fellow pro-lifers were vilified as racists by the entire media for facing down leftist protesters. Dozens of peaceful demonstrators from January 6 still rot in solitary confinement, denied bail and accused of terrorism or treason for … trespassing. This after thousands of leftist thugs saw all charges dropped for torching whole cities. Non-violent protester and US veteran Ashli Babbitt was gunned down by an officer of the Capitol Police. The Capitol Police, the Metro Police (who investigated the shooting) and Nancy Pelosi are still refusing to identify the shooter. Illegally, according to a lawsuit by the grieving Mr. Babbitt, her widower.

The Washington, D.C. Gulag

Read Julie Kelly’s report in American Greatness, “Letters from a D.C. Jail” about the thuggish behavior of guards and inhumane treatment of prisoners. She quotes one prisoner who managed to send her an email:

We are charged with every possible offense and held in the DC jail on solitary [sic] confinement and treated inhumanely. For example, a correctional officer from a different pod came to C2B screaming at us late at night on 6/1/21 because we had just sang ‘God Bless America’ [sic] from behind our locked doors like we do every night. Being as we are on lockdown 22 hours a day it’s nice to keep morale up through patriotism. When [name omitted], my next door neighbor, informed the officer that we were just singing ‘God Bless America’ the officer responded by yelling, ‘F— America!’

After the officer left the pod for several minutes he came back in through the back door with another guard, walked upstairs, and opened [name omitted]’s door to go inside with him. I believe 2 other guards came up the other stairs to stand near [his] door as well, although I could not see them. I live right next door so I listened through the vent to the officer threaten [him], ‘Shut the f— up or I will beat your ass!’ and, ‘F— you!’

Waiting for a Race Riot

Accused rapists and murderers await trial in a nearby cell block. And just as happened in Soviet gulags, street criminals get better treatment, and pose a threat to the political dissidents. As another Jan. 6 peaceful protestor told American Greatness:

The problem is . . . if the other cell block breaks in and starts a massive brawl, WE would get blamed in the media. (Many are concerned guards will allow the general population of D.C. prison to mix with January 6 detainees.) We are white. They are not. We are conservative. They are not. They can do whatever they want. We can not. If they busted in here and caused problems, we would be accused of racism, ‘continued violence,’ and ‘rioting,’ and the usual lies and slander.”

Remember that “white supremacists” lurk everywhere, as the greatest domestic terror threat. Big lies like that one let a tyrannical government of dubious legitimacy cling to power at any cost. Who are the extremists here? Who poses the real threat to Americans?

In case you’re not convinced, check out this blockbuster piece from Revolver News. It turns out that the leading “militia” style groups connected with seriously illegal actions on January 6 are … riddled with FBI informants and agents. At least 5 of the 14 people who supposedly plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer turned out to be feds. Did feds give hapless dupes the idea in the first place (via entrapment)? Only time will tell.

Revolver asks whether undercover agents either had foreknowledge of, or indeed were the instigators, of the breach of the US Capitol. In other words, will we learn that in important ways the January 6 riot was a false flag operation condoned by a Deep State eager to crack down on its critics? Would you really put it past the folks who gave us the Russian Collusion hoax?


John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream, and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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