The Raid Heard ‘Round the World

By Published on August 13, 2022

The one thing, through the years, that has kept the public trust in the FBI was that we thought they were always after the bad guys. We all knew we were safe from Mar-a-Lago-type invasions because we knew we were innocent. We have done nothing wrong, and there was no way the FBI would do a dawn raid on an innocent person, like Roger Stone or Paul Manafort.

Then you think about how they bugged and wiretapped MLK because the Democrats were still clinging to their belief that a segregated society is a polite society. They were still smarting from their defeat in the Civil War because they really loved their slaves.

That slavery mentality was dragged through decades of “separate but equal” slogans while a very comfortable system of the New Deal plantation was erected. Just ask Herschel Walker, Candace Owens, Clarence Thomas, etc., what happened to them when they dared leave that plantation of group think and victimization. Biden will be happy to remind them that “they ain’t black enough if they don’t vote for” this old white guy who is living in a segregated mindset.

Does anyone remember Elian Gonzalez hiding in the closet with armed soldiers pointing loaded guns at him? That was an indication that the Feds were getting out of control. We have seen a slow slide to a police state through the years.

From Peter Navarro in leg irons in a public arrest to Michael Flynn set up by the FBI, with head guy bragging that he did it. And now hundreds of J6 attendees, many who weren’t even in the Capitol, were fingered by FBI informants who set the whole thing up. Their victims are still in jail denied due process with no trial in sight.

FBI Has Solidified Trump’s Support

The FBI has become a domestic terrorist group, yet they have the cajones to say traditional symbols of liberty like the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, Battle of Gonzalez, etc. are icons of white supremacy, and domestic terrorism. We need to add to that, the blue jacket with giant, frightening, yellow letters, “F.B.I.”, which as of Aug. 8, became the ultimate symbol of terror.

That same dichotomy of thought is prevalent in our political, judicial, economic, and even cultural systems. They have successfully erected walls of segregation where the second-class citizens of conservative, Christian, flag waving Trump supporters are incarcerated under a different set of rules than their self-appointed gate keepers.

And it’s not about the man any more. It’s a movement that was started by the Democrat party, the Deep State operatives, the CCP, the clueless Marxists who are working overtime to destroy this country.

I am curious if the Archives are able to tape back the historic “State of the Union” address that Pelosi so ceremonially tore in half, actually thinking Trump cared. But the Archives apparently do care when someone, even the Speaker of the House, destroys historic documents. Oh, you mean they didn’t? Hmmmm. No midnight raid to find that invisible scotch tape we all rely on?

If the items out of the White House are considered historic and belong to the people because the president touched them, then items in his own home would have the same weight of historical significance of the passage of time.

When he is out of office … he is still the president which means that everything he touches in his home should have that same type of significance of the passage of time, Kamala would say.

The FBI has solidified Donald Trump’s support. I doubt if anyone will challenge his primary now. He is a martyr for liberty … a living legend … the leader of a historic movement of freedom vs. oppression.

And it’s not about the man any more. It’s a movement that was started by the Democrat party, the Deep State operatives, the CCP, the clueless Marxists who are working overtime to destroy this country.

The sleeping giant yawned a little in the 2020 election believing no one could possibly vote for a feeble old sock puppet who never came out of his basement and couldn’t get more than 8 people in a circle to hear him ramble incoherently, that Corn Pop was a bad dude.

Follow the Corruption in the FBI

So, if there is a takeaway in all this, follow the corruption in the FBI from the wiretapping and bugging of MLK to the fake white supremacists threatening Gov. Whitmer, to the total control, infiltration and production of the Jan. 6 “insurrection” which lead to the laughable, embarrassing “Liz Cheney” show trials.

Bottom line … The reason they came in with such force, knowing President Trump was not there and not allowing any lawyers to come in, is simple. They were planting bugs, wiretaps, cameras, and any other surveillance device known to man. (Editor’s Note: Sound crazy? Remember they illegally spied on him before. And is it just coincidence that the same day Judge Reinhart signed off on the Mar-A-Lago search warrant he signed off on a “sealed pen register,” a technology that sweeps up phone numbers and internet use of a suspect.)

The Trumps need to hire the experts with the most sophisticated equipment to go over their house with a fine-tooth comb.

They need to bring chemists in wearing Hazmat suits to check every corner of that house for hidden drugs, dustings of fentanyl on the bedroom door handles, highly toxic mold spores, and the type of high frequency devices found in the hotels in Cuba that were slowly driving the guests crazy.

They want us to look at the shiny object which is Trump doing something so horrible that it justified this type of unlawful, egregious action on the part of the government. They are looking at what the FBI wants them to see … not the real purpose for this whole ruse.

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Another very evil ploy would be what they threatened to do to Cheryl Atkinson’s husband if she didn’t cooperate with them. Look it up. Or they might frog march one of the sons just as he is getting on an airplane like they did with Peter Navarro.

Do liberals really, really, really think this will not happen to them. Do they remember a woman named Martha Stewart who dared ask someone about the status of a stock and she spent time in jail? That was a sign that they were gearing up for full deployment.


Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, an international leadership organization with offices in the U.S. and the Republic of Korea. The Renaissance Foundation hosts international seminars, exchanges and events that bring business and political leaders of different countries and cultural backgrounds together. Nina is also a notable film maker, writer, commentator and contributor to many conservative news organizations and sites.

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