The Morning Brew: Sinema Chased Into the Toilet by Illegal Immigrant and No, NASCAR Fans Aren’t Chanting ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

By Al Perrotta Published on October 4, 2021

Happy Monday!

As it is the First Monday in October, we’ve got a “Supreme” Brew for you today.

Supreme Court Starts New Session

The Supreme Court begins what the Washington Post says “could be an extraordinarily controversial term.” Translation: In its first full term with conservative Amy Comey Barrett rather than liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Court may well rule with the Constitution when it comes to abortion and gun control and religious rights.

As the Court gets busy, quick prayers for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Though showing no symptoms, he did test positive for COVID last week. Naturally, some liberals took to Twitter to celebrate.

“Let’s Go Brandon”? Yeah, Right, NBC.

Those “F Joe Biden” chants are spreading beyond college football games. On Saturday, as NBC interviewed NASCAR racer Brandon Brown after his victory in the Xfinity Series Race in Talladega, the chant could clearly be heard in the background.

But this isn’t about the chant. This is about the fake news. The NBC reporter doing the interview, Kelli Stavast, tried passing off the chant as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The camera pans to the crowd, the cheer is as clear as day, and Stavast says, “As you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s Go Brandon,’” and changes the subject. Newsweek calls Savast “quick-thinking.”

Agreed. Given the chuckle in her voice, Savast knew what she was hearing. Was she doing damage control to protect the sensitive ears at home … or was it to protect Biden?

Where’s Joe? What’s Kamala Up To?

And where was Biden for all this? He certainly wasn’t down in Louisiana. Even CNN is reporting how Biden’s FEMA is getting hammered for a lack of response after Hurricane Ida. Down at the border? Forget it!

No, Biden was back in Delaware. Again. His 23rd known trip, by Wikipedia’s count. If Biden isn’t actually going to live in the White House, can we at least rent it out as an Airbnb make back some of the money he’s wasting?

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As for Kamala Harris, she took off to Friday afternoon in the middle of the Congressional wrangling for a mysterious overnight trip to Palm Springs. No reporters. No reporters even allowed to see her take off. No reporters allowed to see her land. Nothing on her schedule. Local officials were taking by surprise, reports the Palm Springs Desert Sun.

The White House refused to give a reason for her trip. Her hubby was campaigning Saturday in Virginia for Terry McAuliffe, so it wasn’t a family getaway. Harris was scheduled to return to Washington Saturday morning. So that rules out a girl’s weekend.

I was gonna suggest Harris dropped into Palm Desert for a “nip and tuck,” a visit with “Dr. Special.” However, it is generally recommended one wait a week before flying after cosmetic surgery.

So what were you doing, Kamala … on our dime?

Trump Calls on Pulitzer Prize Board to Rescind 2018 Prize for Bogus Trump-Russia Collusion Reporting

In 2018, the once-venerable Pulitzer Prize was awarded to the Washington Post and New York Times for their reporting on Trump-Russia Collusion. As those with any common sense knew at the time, and has been proven repeatedly in the years since, the Trump-Russia Collusion story was a fiction, a black op spun by Hillary Clinton campaign operatives and carried on by Obama administration figures and Trump-haters in the FBI and DOJ.

On Sunday, President Trump published a letter to the Pulitzer Prize board, calling on them to revoke those 2018 Pulitzer Prizes, “based on false reporting of non-existent links between the Kremlin and the Trump Campaign.” Trump pointed to the recent indictment of Perkins Coie lawyer Michael Sussman.

“It has since been confirmed that the allegations were false and I have been exonerated of these charges. Most recently, John Durham’s indictment of former cybersecurity attorney and Hillary Clinton Campaign attorney, Michael Sussman, serves as a damning repudiation of the media’s obsession with the collusion story.”

Illegal Immigrant Student Chases Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Into a Bathroom to Gripe About Not Being Made a Citizen 

Further evidence the left is heading into the toilet. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who’s been holding tough against the radicals in her party, can’t even go to the loo without getting grief. Sinema was back at AZU where she teaches when a group of “activists” including an illegal immigrant student followed her all that way into the women’s room — with camera rolling — to gripe about not being made citizens.

Steve Cortes of Newsmax asks the obvious: “How can our Republic survive if we tolerate border trespassers who openly live here unlawfully, publicly and aggressively harass elected officials, and demand even more accommodations for illegal aliens?” And, we would add, follow women into the ladies room? (Did any of the January 6 protests rotting in prison accost females in Capitol Hill bathrooms?)

Meanwhile, there’s a word for males who record women in the bathroom. What is it? Oh, yeah. Perverts. Try this on someone other than a U.S. Senator and you’ll find the police offering you accommodations.

Both Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin are getting hammered by Democrats for not giving into The Squad, Pelosi, Sanders and Joe Biden’s handlers in wrecking the country with that $3.5 Trillion socialist monstrosity. In fact, Ilhan Omar (and the Twitterverse) is labeling the two “Republicans.” If only Manchin had the chutzpah to say, “Omar’s right. I’m taking her advice and switching parties.” 

Since Omar has us on the topic of corrupt would-be tyrants … 

Tyrannical Lockdown-Loving Aussie Leader Quits in Corruption Scandal

Things get wilder Down Under. Gladys Berejiklain, premier of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, has been militant on the topic of lockdowns and vaccines to a manic degree.  Now she’s been forced to resign amid a corruption investigation. Berejiklain says she’s being investigated over “historical matters” and insists she’s always acted with the “highest level of integrity.”

At issue, according to CNBC, “some grants were awarded or promised to community organizations” in a place called Wagga Wagga. The district was represented in the Aussie Parliament by her secret lover.

Pat Robertson Steps Down From 700 Club, Steps Up His Work at Regent

Sixty years to the day after launching the Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson announced he’s stepping down as host of 700 Club effective immediately. The 91-year-old televangelist’s son Gordon takes over the reins today.

Robertson isn’t walking totally away from the show he’s helmed since 1966. He’ll appear on a monthly, interactive version of The 700 Club and on the day show “occasionally as news warrants.”

The rest of his time isn’t going to be golf and early bird specials. Robertson is turning his full-time attention to teaching and equipping students at Regent University.

We pray Pat Robertson continued success in this new season of his life.

Clown Shortage in Ireland

And finally, COVID related lockdowns have led to a shortage of clowns in Northern Ireland. Said clown spokesman Sparkles O’Tootles, “How can we possibly socially distance when there’s 20 of us in the same little car?” (Okay, no clown really said that.)

Actually, circuses in Northern Ireland have been running short of clowns. As David Duffy of Duffy’s Circus explained to the BBC, many clowns left Northern Ireland to return to their home country during the 2020 shutdown and haven’t returned. Experienced clowns have been drawn to countries that have reopened sooner than Northern Ireland.

So if you’re interested, Duffy is recruiting. But you have some really, really big shoes to fill. 

Along The Stream

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And just up, Jason Jones and John Zmirak spell out the consequences of leaders, particularly military leaders in the U.S., lying to the public. “We Live Now By Lies”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Morning Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at Gab, Parler, MeWe and now GETTR.

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