The Morning Brew: Mistakes ‘Rein’ in the Swamp as Politico Admits Biden Emails Legit

... and last night's late night #ClimateNight event is no joke. (But we try!)

By Al Perrotta Published on September 23, 2021

Happy Thursday!

Today’s Morning Brew comes with some late night levity. 

But first …

They’re Reins. Not Whips. Media and Harris “Covington Kid” the Border Patrol

About 15 years ago, there was an hysterical ad for the L.A. County Fair. As I remember it, the spot featured two ritzy, ditzy California Girls looking into a pen at the fairground and urging a goat to moo.

Kamala Harris is a ritzy, ditzy California Girl. And so is the mainstream media.

They’ve taken a photo of border agents on horseback chasing Haitian migrants in our country illegally, and accused the agents of using whips on them. As if it were the antebellum South circa 1850. Except they weren’t whips. They’re holding onto reins. As Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar tried explaining to CNN. And even the Associated Press only says the agents were “using aggressive tactics.”

Harris, despite being the border czar, has been absolutely AWOL as the border’s been overrun. But now she’s popped up, demanding an investigation into the Border Patrol over the whips that aren’t whips. The real “horror”? How she’s throwing her own people under the bus.

As the Associated Press confirms, the Harris-Biden administration — as Joe used to say — is lying about what it’s doing with the Haitians. Rather than being returned, countless of these illegal (and untested) Haitians are being released into the U.S.

I’m curious about the average liberal viewer watching the mainstream media hyperventilate over this delusion just like they did in the Covington Kids case. The mainstream media has been virtually ignoring the Del Rio crisis. So wouldn’t your normal reaction to the new “Texas border patrol agents are whipping Haitians” plotline be, “What are thousands of Haitians doing in Texas?”

Even if you slept through geography class, you know Haiti is an island nowhere near the Lone Star State.

Oh, by the way, Maxine Waters declared yesterday that those border agents doing their job was “worse than what we witnessed with slavery.”

White House Press Corp Files Formal Complaint After Biden Refuses to Answer Questions

Did you see the surreal scene Tuesday when Joe Biden met up with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson? Johnson answered a couple questions from British reporters, but Biden refused, and his White House handlers worked to shout down the reporters.

After nine months of this nonsense, the White House press corps apparently has had enough. On Tuesday, White House Correspondents Association president Steven Portnoy filed a formal complaint against Biden. (Of course, Biden’s response would be “Don’t blame me. I get in trouble if I answer questions. I answer questions, I don’t get ice cream.”)

After the embarrassing Johnson incident the reporters went straight to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. According to a statement from the WHCA, Psaki said something rather remarkable. As scary as it is idiotic.

“Psaki was unaware that the incident had occurred, and suggested that she was not in a position to offer an immediate solution.” (Emphasis mine.)

How’s this for a solution? Let Joe Biden answer questions. Immediately! A solution! Yeah. Genius, I know.

Politico: Gee, Those Emails on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Pointing Toward Joe’s Business Ties With China are Legit After All

Just weeks before the November election, the New York Post broke a damning story about Joe Biden and Biden Inc. Emails on a laptop left at a repair shop by Hunter Biden demonstrated Joe Biden was neck-deep in business dealings with the Communist Chinese. “The Big Guy” was going to get a 10% cut of a huge deal Hunter was arranging. 

Big Tech censored the story. A few dozen top Obama and Bush intelligence officials declared the laptop emails “Russian misinformation.” Other media outlets, handed a massive scandal involving the Democratic nominee right before the election, not only failed to investigate for themselves, not only dismissed the story, they boasted about how they weren’t going to cover it.

A quick reminder: 

Well, now that Big Tech, MSM and the IC world have installed Biden, looks like at least one outlet feels its safe to report what was proven true in October. The emails are legit. 

Yes. Politico is reporting that a new book by their Ben Shrekenberger confirms the two emails at the center of story are the real deal. The book is called The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s 50 Year Rise to Power. The subtitle is: “And how we helped this corrupt, compromised political opportunist do it.” Okay, I made that up. But I didn’t make up this Politico headline from October: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

Glenn Greenwald (a leftist!) breaks down the Big Tech, Media, Intel Community conspiracy to suppress and lie about the story to keep the truth from the American people. 

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But here’s the thing. The emails are true. Meaning, Joe Biden repeatedly lied about his involvement in his son’s business ventures. It means Biden was a secret business partner of the Communist Chinese. It means Biden used his status as a former VP and soon to be presidential candidate to enrich himself with Chinese cash. (Look to the CCP’s donations to the “Biden Center” at Penn State for further payouts.) It adds further credence to the idea that when VP Biden was Obama’s point man in China, he flew Hunter to China with him on Air Force 2 in order to further enrich his family.

Perhaps Biden isn’t just avoiding questions from the press. He’s practicing taking the Fifth. 

“But Al, so Biden has personal business dealings with China. It’s not like he’s doing something now, like, oh, having the Secret Service buy security drones from a Chinese company the Pentagon says poses a threat to national security.” What? He did?!?!?! Yup.  

Late Night Hosts Teamed Up for #ClimateNight Last Night

All the MSMS late night TV hosts, from Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel to Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, teamed up last night for something called #ClimateNight.

Don’t know why they’re bothered. Their ratings have gone so cold its reversed the effects of global warming.

Those late night guys only think the planet is getting hotter because they’re getting burned by Greg Gutfeld.

By the way, Seth. Nothing says late night laughs more than talking with John Kerry and crying that the planet is doomed.

If only last night’s monologues had been truthful, they would have gone something like this:

“AOC says that thanks to global warming the planet is going to end in eight years. Or roughly three years before we run out of jokes about that stupid Met Gala dress.”

“Major hurricanes are striking the U.S. with more strength and more frequency! The science doesn’t actually show that, but this is Hollywood. We have no concept of history earlier than the last Sweeps Week.”

“And you want to talk about carbon emissions, let’s talk about China! What? Wait. I’m sorry. Nike’s a sponsor and Jon Cena’s got a new movie to plug.”

“We’ve got to eliminate fossil fuels! If only to stop any more Fast & Furious movies.” 

“Rising sea-levels will soon destroy the coasts! You’ve got to take it seriously! Me? I just dropped $7 million on a Malibu beach house.”

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