The Moral Case for God — Can You Be Good Without God?

By The Stream Published on August 29, 2020

Can a person be good without God? Does moral truth mean it’s also true that God is real?

It’s a fascinating question, though it’s easy to get it wrong — not just the answer, but even the question. It’s not, “Can you be good without believing in God?” Atheists can be good in many ways, sometimes outshining believers, though they don’t do so well on the first three of the Ten Commandments. 

You may agree or disagree with that, but there’s only one reason to bring it up here, which is to make it clear that this is not the question this video is about. This video raises the question instead, “If there is no God, can anyone be good?” It’s not about whether you believe in God or not, but whether God actually exists.

It gets really interesting, though, when you see how this leads to the question, can good exist without God?

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