The Latest on the Push and Pull in Fight to Determine the Truth About November 3

By Al Perrotta Published on July 12, 2021

The battle for integrity continues. On the one side, those who want an accurate accounting of the 2020 election. On the other, those who’d sell their own mother to block it. Plus Tucker Carlson presented a remarkable Twitter thread that lays out why Trump voters have every reason to be suspicious.

Let’s go through the cases state by state.


The Arizona State Senate announced they’ll be doing their own counting of the number of ballots actually cast in Maricopa. The Senate-ordered audit has finished its count. The Senate just wants to double-check. As former Arizona Secretary of State and Senate audit liasion Ken Bennett told Epoch Times: “Maricopa County says there’s 2,089,563 ballots. We did the hand count, and they’re finalizing that number, but we just wanted a third number to tie everything together.” With this election, “the more data points, the better.”

This third count is expected to take only a week.

At issue is whether Dominion calculated more votes than there were ballots. In other words, this isn’t about whether the ballots on hand are legitimate. That’s a different matter under investigation. This is about whether votes were counted that never existed.

As a refresher, here’s a May article from Redstate recounting some of the extremely dubious — dare we say impossible — numbers from Election Night in Arizona.


The headline from The Federalist is an eye-catcher: “New Evidence Indicates Enough Illegal Votes in Georgia to Tip the 2020 Results.”

This one has less to do with out-and-out fraud than with Georgia law. Residents must vote in the county where they reside. Period. New analysis has proven that at least 10,500 people … perhaps as many as 35,000 voters … violated this law. As such their ballots should be tossed.

Biden’s alleged margin of victory in Georgia was less than 12,000.

This new data is separate from Georgia’s other issues. Allegations of photocopied ballots, for example, and pristine ballots, the rerunning of ballot batches, dismal chain of custody issues that alone would give Trump the victory. That’s to say nothing of ineligible ballots, voting by illegal immigrants, extraordinary adjudication numbers, vote tabulating without observers, vote curing for Democrats but not Republicans (organized by an election official). Or the illegal deal between Sec. of State Ben Raffensberger and Stacey Abrams that made cheating easy-peasy. Or lying about water main breaks to shut down counting and usher out GOP and media observers.


Mark Zuckerberg bought the 2020 election. He spent $400 million, in fact, according to the Amistad Project. $400 million. He funneled it through progressive group Center for Tech and Civil Life (CTCL), to Democratic-run cities and elections boards. The money was supposed to help them collect, run and count ballots. With conditions, of course, favoring Democrats. Don’t meet the conditions, don’t get the Zuck Bucks. And cash-strapped towns want the Zuck Bucks.

This was the private management of public elections for strictly partisan purposes. In no state was this more clear than in Wisconsin. Five Democratic cities took the Zuck Bucks.

That’s how you end up with Joe Biden, without lifting a finger or letting go of his ice cream cone, taking the state (barely) while being blown out in neighboring Iowa.

Well, Wisconsin’s legislature doesn’t like the idea of some Silicon Valley billionaire buying their elections. So they passed a bill outlawing such private money being used by local governments to administer the election. Unfortunately, Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers loves outsourcing his elections to California radicals. He vetoed that bill.

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke blasted Evers. “Tony Evers had an opportunity to take a stand for free and fair elections in our state by signing this bill,” Steineke said. “Instead, he chose to stand with big-tech billionaires and liberal political operatives.”

Biden’s margin of “victory” in Wisconsin is less than 21,000.

In April, the Amistad Project filed formal complaint with the Wisconsin Elections Board over the funding. “CTCL created a ‘shadow government’ without oversight or accountability — they deliberately bypassed municipal clerks, who have the legal responsibility to manage elections, and got partisan mayors to approve their grant conditions” said Amistad Project Director Phil Kline. “It’s impossible for the public to have confidence in the election process when private interests are able to dictate the rules and exercise authority that actually belongs to public officials.”

Pennsylvania Department of State Tries to Sabotage Potential Audit

Last week, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano announced his committee will begin a formal audit of the 2020 election. He requested information and material from three counties: Very blue (and corrupt) Philadelphia County, and two leaning red counties, York and Tioga.

Because this was the most free, open and clean election in the history of elections, you’d think the Democrat-run Pennsylvania Department of State would be eager to help. As we keep saying, nothing would be better for Biden than to confirm the counts were legit. Nothing would be more fun than mocking Mastriano when audits prove the official results correct.

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However, the Secretary of State’s office is moving quickly to quash any formal audit. They instructed Pennsylvania counties not to allow “outside access” to any voting systems. In other words, no objective forensic experts or auditors. Now, according to the Epoch Times, the Secretary of State may not have the power to muzzle the counties. If the legislature orders an audit, they get an audit.

Then again, it was also in violation of the state constitution for the former Secretary of State to rewrite election procedures and law on her personal (Soros-funded) whims.

What ever happened to former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar anyway? Her sudden departure two weeks after Biden’s inauguration should have opened a massive can of worms. Why? She was forced out because she had skirted the state constitution and the state legislature in an election-related matter. A law violation, the Democratic governor Tom Wolfe assured us was absolutely, positively, entirely, completely not at all like how she skirted the state constitution and the state legislature in the presidential election.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has convened a special session of the legislature. He wants new laws to better secure elections in the state. Think the Democrats will help? Nope. The ol’ “Make Voting Easier, Cheating Harder” sends them into a frenzy. Rather than try to win the debate, or work to fix problems, they plan to flee the state to deny Republicans a quorum for any votes.

What kind of Texans flee a fight?


Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel is trying to punish lawyers who worked on Michigan-related election cases. The city of Detroit is helping. Today, nine such lawyers, including Sidney Powell, were dragged in front of an Obama-appointed judge (at least virtually) to answer for having the gall to file legal challenges to the November election.

Attempting to ruin the lives and careers of lawyers simply for representing people who challenged aspects of an election? Does that sound American to you? Constitutional? Citizens have the right to sue. Lawyers have the right to represent them. That’s how our system works. Or did.

But tell me this. If I say Nessel was involved in a coordinated effort to suppress Trump’s election chances … and her response is to try to destroy my lawyer, isn’t she making my case? If I say election officials in Detroit violated election law every which way to Sunday, and I have the affidavits to show it, isn’t Detroit coming after my lawyer making my case as well?

Detroit, among its other sins, was where election workers blocked the ability of GOP observers to watch any of the vote counting. They did it with Zuck Bucks, by the way.

Want to see something interesting? It’s a story from December, 2016 in the Detroit News.

Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday.

State officials are planning to examine about 20 Detroit precincts where ballot boxes opened during the recount had fewer ballots than poll workers had recorded on Election Day.

And yet, to say the same thing happened on 2020, with more votes being tallied than there were ballots, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and your lawyers get threatened.

Why Trump Voters Know They Were Shafted

On Friday night, Tucker Carlson read from a remarkable Twitter thread written by podcaster @MartyrMade, aka Darryl Cooper. Cooper lays out with stunning clarity and empathy why Trump voters are convinced the election was stolen from them. It doesn’t start in November. The thread looks back five years. The five years of lies, frame-ups, set-ups and attacks … with no accountability.

If you missed Tucker’s narration of the tweets, it is a must watch. Might be fun to keep count of how many times you nod and say, “That’s right.” As Tucker says, “Every honest person knows it.”


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at Gab, Parler, MeWe and now GETTR.

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