The HEROES Act: Disturbing Finds in the Dems’ New $3 Trillion Relief Bill

By The Stream Published on May 13, 2020

Tuesday night during his opening monologue, Tucker Carlson reported on many disturbing finds his team has uncovered in the latest coronavirus relief bill being proposed by House Democrats.

Among the most troubling inclusions are:

  • $1,200 each to all illegal immigrants 
  • An amnesty provision for all illegal immigrants in “essential” jobs 
  • Automatic extension of guest worker visas and higher ceilings for new visas 
  • An order to the DHS to expedite visas for foreigners seeking to work in the medical field 
  • Expanded access to financial services for minority-owned and women-owned cannabis-related businesses 
  • $1 Million to the National Science Foundation to study coronavirus “misinformation” 

Regarding the many provisions for illegal aliens, Carlson expressed deep concern for the lasting effects this bill would have on the future of our nation.

This is a blanket amnesty for virtually every illegal alien that has already taken an American job. And once this amnesty is granted, it will never be taken away. Bet on that, no matter what they tell you. Anyone who lives in Washington can confirm that. Once passed, it’s not going away. And at that point, there will be no debate about illegal immigration. The issue will be settled permanently. Democrats will win every presidential election for the rest of your life, the rest of your children’s lives, and the rest of your grandchildren’s lives. 

“Who wrote this thing?” Carlson quipped. In answer to his own question, he concluded, “Probably not scientists. Lobbyists and ideologues wrote it. The same people who control the Democratic Party. The same people who badly want to control this country.”

Watch the full video above for a deeper look.

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