The Gospel Preached, Lives Changed at Site Where George Floyd Was Killed

By Nancy Flory Published on June 10, 2020

On the very streets where George Floyd was murdered, the Gospel of Jesus is being preached, people are being baptized and lives are being changed. 

“I came here and I was broken,” Christophe Ulysse, a YWAM leader from Kona, Hawaii, told Fox News. “It affects team members differently, but those of us of color, as we’re here, we’re watching the change happen through the gospel. My heart is so filled with hope. Those in the neighborhood are saying this is unprecedented unity. They’re feeling an outpouring of love and hope from this nation.” He added, “We’re going from pain and hatred to healing and hope. There’s this new narrative of the gospel.”

Lives Changed

Other ministries joined Ulysse — Circuit Riders, a missional community based in California, and Worldwide Outreach for Christ, a local church. Together they’ve been holding daily services at the intersection where Floyd was killed.

Joel Bomberger, a pastor with Circuit Riders, posted on Facebook that many people have accepted Jesus and been healed during the open-air preaching. “Dozens and dozens of people healed, filled with hope, changed, and born again by the power of Jesus this weekend in Minneapolis!”

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One preacher led the crowd in a sinner’s prayer. “I believe that You rose again, defeating life and defeating death. I give you my life. The Holy Spirit lead me, guide me, show me the fullness of what it means to follow You, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”


“There are too many testimonies to recount!!” Bomberger posted. “They were able to preach to thousands and saw hundreds responding to the Gospel of Jesus!!

Miracles have also happened at the memorial site. “Just got a text that a deaf ear was just opened by the power of Jesus! Praise God!” Bomberger posted on Facebook. Bomberger also shared that a girl was planning to take her life but after the event, she gave her life to Jesus. In another case, Circuit Riders leaders prayed over a man who’d overdosed on drugs. The man was limp on the gurney when they prayed. Then, as paramedics administered aid, the guy woke up.

Ulysse told Fox News that this is a “historic moment.” He explained, “The pain went to the nation and now the globe, but we believe that healing is now going out from the intersection to the nations and the globe.”

‘A Place of Healing and Hope’

In a Facebook post, Ulysse wrote, “We built a stage and have been sharing the love of God at the death site of Gorge Floyd [sic] since Saturday. It’s the epicenter of so much pain and hatred, now it is turning into a place of healing and HOPE. People weeping and giving their life to the God. Right at the site of the murder — LIFE!!! We have seen people healed, baptized, and many set free.

“Great to run with such amazing people in this. We are seeing a new narrative emerge, from hatred to healing and hope!”


Nancy Flory is an associate editor at The Stream. You can follow her @NancyFlory3, and follow The Stream @Streamdotorg. 

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