The Comedy Team of Hillary and Franken

By Al Perrotta Published on November 19, 2017

I’m feeling a bit like Al Pacino in Godfather III. “Just when I thought I was out on vacation, she pulls me back in.”

Last year I warned those who weren’t around in the 90s that a Clinton presidency would be exhausting. (That from someone who voted twice for Bill. Hillary was thrown in at no charge, as they liked to say.)
Should she win, hardly a day would pass without a Clinton scandal, shock or bit of silliness. Hardly an hour without some bit of corruption or moral corrosion.

I was wrong. Hillary lost and still the nation’s stuck with the nonsense.

Clinton also slammed the “politicization of the Justice Department.” That’s a classic. Like “I’m not some housewife just baking cookies.” Or the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Or “What difference, at this point, does it make?!” Or “deplorables.”

Last week, Clinton gave an interview to Mother Jones that was the mother of all Clinton-esque moments. She likened to a dictatorship the notion of investigating any connection between Russia bribing US officials to get our uranium, her foundation getting $145 million from those interested in the deal, and her signing off on the deal.
Clinton also slammed the “politicization of the Justice Department.” That’s a classic. Like “I’m not some housewife just baking cookies.” Or the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Or “What difference, at this point, does it make?!” Or “deplorables.”

The head of the DOJ met with her husband in the middle of an investigation into her criminal activities and forced the FBI director to describe that investigation as a “matter.” That same FBI not only changed the wording of their original assessment in her favor. It’s just been revealed they deliberately gave the investigation “special status” to keep the investigation away from the career guys and in the hands of a small group led by then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe’s the guy whose wife got $700K from Hillary’s henchman Terry McAuliffe for her “campaign” in the midst of the investigation.

Ironically, Clinton declaring the Uranium One allegations baseless and debunked came while other outlets were playing old video of Clinton saying the sexual allegations against her husband are baseless and debunked.

Then, in another interview, Hillary once again attempted to nullify the election. She said there were “questions about its legitimacy” and Russian interference was responsible for her loss. And she bemoaned the lack of remedy in our system to rectify the situation.

Remember when Trump suggested he might not accept the results of the election if it was proven there was funny business? She basically called him a traitor. Here she is openly rejecting the 2016 election, which was certified by all 50 states. By her own standards, does Benedict Arnold need to make some room for Hillary in history’s penalty box?

Bill the Predator, Sen. Gillibrand the Opportunist

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who owes her political fortunes to the Clintons, now says Bill should have resigned because of the Lewinsky scandal. Why does she say that now? Because Gillibrand is thinking of running for President and doesn’t want the weight of the Clintons on her back. I love her campaign slogan: “I’m Behind You 100% … Until I Push You Off a Cliff.”

She’s not alone. You’re hearing a lot in recent days from Democrats and the media about the “Reckoning” with Bill Clinton’s behavior. The Clintons, they say, are over.

I suspect it isn’t the result of self-examination. It’s self-preservation. The Storm is coming. It will shake the foundations (and Clinton Foundation) so strong the media won’t be able to hide it.

But by shedding the Clintons now, they’ll be able say they’re old news.

Al Franken

Sen. Al Franken may be the only one in Washington praying for the Storm to hit. The photo of him groping the sleeping Leeann Tweeden has put a big target on his head. Even his old show Saturday Night Live took a shot at him last night.

Although Democrats are loath to call their criminals and creeps to account, Franken poses a problem. You can’t well object to Alabama electing Roy Moore after allegations of assault when you’ve got photographic proof of your guy with his paws on Tweeden’s chest.

Franken has apologized. Tweeden has accepted. Hillary’s applauding his accepting responsibility. I had no idea she was even familiar with the concept.

Still, the question arises: Would he have apologized if Tweed hadn’t released the picture? Of course not. It’s not like he apologized in the 11 years since the incident.

I do credit for Franken for not saying, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

I also am not in the chorus of those calling for Franken to resign over this. Yes, Franken is an obnoxious unfunny blowhard who stole his 2008 Senate election from incumbent Norm Coleman. If he did resign I might well sing the chorus from “Hey, Hey, Goodbye.”

The Comedy World

However, given my background I have a different perspective than most. The comedy world is bawdy, risqué, vulgar and offensive. Like coal dust for miners it simply is part of the work atmosphere. When I worked for All Comedy Radio our lawyers made every visitor and guest sign a release absolving ACR of any responsibility for what they might see and hear.

The perpetual search for a gag or joke can easily leave you oblivious to lines of taste and decency. It’s the job hazard. For men and women both. (Kathy Griffen and the severed Trump head, being one example.)

I’d love to say I was completely above such things. Yes, I tended to avoid blue humor and when I was in a position to make it happen our content cleaned up dramatically. However, I am also the guy who wrote a bunch of jokes about Columbine an hour after it happened. I get that Franken can look at his groping photo now and go, “What in the world was I thinking?!”

I’m not excusing Franken. He’s responsible for his actions. I’m simply pointing out that his antics with Tweeden are no more surprising than finding flour all over a baker.

What I am doing, based on the grace God showed me, is granting Franken a couple years out of the comedy world to have purged himself of its harmful effects. If there are no accusations of harassment since he’s been a senator, then I’m okay with letting Tweed’s acceptance of his apology and her desire for him not to be booted stand.

Then I hope the next time he’s up for re-election the voters of Minnesota will decide against the blowhard. Hey, who knows? Perhaps Franken & Clinton can become the next Martin & Lewis.

Just watch yourself, Hillary, if you do any USO shows.

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  • Howard Rosenbaum

    When it comes to abstract thinking, Hillary gives new meaning to the phrase “artificial intelligence”. Al on the other hand , having less time (crime) in the political arena to hone his craft would inevitably need more scandals to even approach the status reasonable folk have awarded Ms Clinton. As to their future in comedy ..? Well, not since the inimitable style & timely wit of Groucho, the slapstick genius of Chaplin, the low brow humor of Moe, Larry & Curly or the irreverent yet biting perceptions of the recently departed Robin Wiliiams have I been entertained so liberally in so outrageous a fashion. Yeah even the sardonic self deprecating virtuosity of the newly outed Louis C.K. can’t approach the contemptuous satirical muses of that once future glass ceiling breaker. So as far as I’m concerned no one on the current political platform can come close to the antics of that former Ms ubiquitous Hilarity herself. Not even a former SNL joker ….

  • Patmos

    That picture… Hillary is so psycho.

  • Jim Walker

    Franken’s apology will close all MSM’s talk about him, while the news of Trump grabbing women still lives on.
    The people on the left still loves Hillary. Talk about mass hypnotism, I’m seeing many zombies, do you ?

  • Hmmm…

    She is like someone here on borrowed time, an extension to a lease, renewed over and over, which should just stop and this overstaying tenant get booted out. What would be better for the country is for her to be prosecuted for her crimes. The double standard needs to get busted down to single, and this bonnie and clyde team need to stand up to bold, aggressive and solid charges, which are there, with evidence, for the prosecuting. The youth of the nation, if anything, need to see that indeed, your sin will find you out. The $64,000 question is: What/Who is preventing that from happening? Even with a new administration and investigation head?

  • Sam Topeka

    Frankenstein was never funny.
    Old pros, like Johnny Carson and Jack Benny, demonstrated you didn’t need to be pornographic to get laughs.

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