The Christchurch Killer and Cardinal Danneels: Two Traitors to Christendom

By John Zmirak Published on March 18, 2019

I won’t use the name of the odious murderer who slaughtered 50 men, women, and children while they were at prayer, just because they were Muslims. Nor will I link to his manifesto. (Though specialists in psychology, terrorism, and political science should read it.) New Zealand, like most Western countries, cringingly abolished the death penalty. So at best, when convicted, he receives a comfy cell for the rest of his life. And writing materials for more manifestos. Probably Internet access, so he can answer fan mail. 

A “Zealous” Gravedigger of Christendom

In other news, Pope Francis just marked with oily praise (a “zealous pastor”) a man who died last week, shortly before the New Zealand massacre. This dead man deserves a similar infamy to the Christchurch killer, for a long list of reasons. The most prominent one? Men like Cardinal Godfreed Danneels of Belgium pave the way for slaughters like this. They create an abhorrent vacuum, which fallen human nature rushes to fill. They carve out the chests of Western Christians, and into the gaping hole the Devil rushes in, to plant a heart of stone.

The murderer had rejected Christianity. That’s no surprise. Every single one of the “right-wing” mass killers in recent decades who targeted civilians had renounced the Christian faith. Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and the latest killer, each saw Christianity as a civilizational suicide cult.

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What made them think that? In large part, that’s the work of the ex-Christians and fake Christians who are doing their best to turn the Church into precisely that. To dissolve the supernatural faith and demanding morals of the apostles into a bourgeois cult of niceness. To pretend, as many American bishops (both Catholic and Protestant) also do, that Christianity amounts to open borders, fat government programs, empty cradles, rainbow vestments, and pink pudgy hands that bless our every perversion. Such men would indeed make the Church the gravedigger of any nation. Men like Godfreed Danneels.

A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothes

I’ve written before about this cardinal, one of the leaders in the conspiracy to elect Jose Bergoglio.

When Belgium legalized same-sex “marriage,” the cardinal congratulated the government for doing so. As Vatican Insider reports, the cardinal went on to say: “The Church has never objected to the fact that there is a sort of ‘marriage’ between homosexuals.”

As LifeSiteNews reports, quoting a recent biography of Danneels, during the 30 years that he led the Belgian church “the country was secularized at a ‘phenomenal rate.’ Churches emptied and the Christian-Democrats lost their traditional influence over Belgian politics.

Belgium is now one of the most “progressive” countries in the world. It was one of the first countries to legalize euthanasia, together with the Netherlands but in more sweeping terms. It was also the second country in the world to make same-sex “marriage” legal, one year after the Netherlands, and it allows single women to obtain assisted reproduction.

Abortion was legalized relatively late in Belgium, compared to its European neighbors, in 1990; Danneels is said to have tried at the time to convince King Baudouin to sign the abortion bill into law even though the monarch was deeply reluctant to go against his conscience in this matter.”

The collapse of the Belgian church under Danneels’ leadership was so precipitous that Pope John Paul II spoke out publicly about it in 2003.

Danneels also presided over one of the worst priestly sex abuse scandals in Europe, whose cover-up was so extensive that it led to Belgian police searching a bishop’s palace and even opening a bishop’s grave to search for evidence.

The most appalling case with which Danneels was involved was of his close friend and collaborator, Roger Vangheluwe, the Bishop of Bruges, a longtime pedophile who was molesting his own nephew. According to two former priests, Danneels knew all about it:

“The daily De Standaard newspaper reported that two former Belgian priests, Fathers Rik Deville and Norbert Bethune had personally informed Cardinal Danneels about Bishop Vangheluwe’s child sexual abuse several times between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Father Deville told the Associated Press that he told Cardinal Danneels about a number of sexual-abuse cases. ‘The cardinal sometimes got angry and said it was not my job, that I should not get involved,’ Deville said.”

The Spectator (U.K.) cites transcripts of a meeting where Danneels was caught on tape urging the victim to stay silent about the abuse, after which he “suggested that the victim should seek forgiveness — and accused the man of attempted blackmail when he demanded that Danneels should tell Pope Benedict XVI about the abuse.”

A Creed for Fat Court Eunuchs

It is “Christians” like Godfreed Danneels that make some Westerners despair of Christianity. Turn away from it in justified contempt. Think of the milk-and-water, open-borders socialism and sodomy cult that currently preens falsely as our creed. Had that been what men like St. Boniface were preaching? The Teutons, Slavs, and Celts of Dark Ages Europe wouldn’t have bothered to martyr them. They’d have been too busy laughing at the eunuchs.

Right now, leading Catholic bishops of Germany are planning to use an upcoming synod to seek approval for same-sex relationships. While their churches and seminaries are mostly empty, they wield inordinate influence in the Vatican. Why? Because they have piles and piles of money. Not from their parishioners, who mostly stay home on Sundays. No, from the “Church tax” which forces Catholics in Germany to give the bishops almost 10% of their income. If they refuse to check the box on their tax forms to permit that? They get excommunicated. That is the only sin which German bishops consider unforgivable. These same bishops, of course, call for Germany to welcome ever more Muslims. That’s part of their pose as missionaries of mercy. They pay no heed to their colleagues from the persecuted Church, in Iraq or Nigeria, where Muslims hunt Christians for sport.

No more than American bishops do, who get 40% of their budget from federal contracts, mostly serving … immigrants. You know like the jihadist from Somalia whom Dallas Catholic Charities helped import into America. The man who went after his fellow students at Ohio State with a machete. The bishop who oversaw Dallas Catholic Charities back then? He’s now Cardinal Kevin Farrell, and he will oversee (perhaps manipulate) the next papal election. He’s the bishop who roomed with flagrant sex abuser Theodore McCarrick for years, but never noticed anything unusual going on.

A Cheap Import from a Twee Corner of Hell

Revulsion at their My Little Pony cartoon of Christianity? That’s perfectly healthy. In fact, it’s essential. This post-Christian mishmash is a cheap import from a Twee corner of Hell. But the devil can hijack our outrage. He feeds on our passions, and knows how to use them. Himself the great enemy of Christ, he can use our repugnance at lesser enemies, like Danneels, to lead us to other evils.

Seeking a creed that isn’t for eunuchs, and doesn’t worship weakness, cowardice, luxury and sodomy, such men in the future are likely recruits for just one world religion. In the decades to come, don’t expect these men to go on massacring Muslims. Instead, they’re more likely to join them.

Convince people to despair of Christianity, and they’ll need to believe in something. Even if they know it offers no actual hope. A few men, gagging on the marshmallow peeps the likes of Danneels and Farrell serve up instead of the Eucharist, will seek out something stronger. Something poisonous, like the fetish of culture, tribe, or race.

Of course, that has no future. How much hope can you really place in a tribe with a 1.7 birth rate? One whose leaders open the borders, and confiscate guns, and welcome jihadists? No, that’s a road to nowhere, as even the tribalists finally realize.

Seeking a creed that isn’t for eunuchs, and doesn’t worship weakness, cowardice, luxury and sodomy, such men in the future are likely recruits for just one world religion. In the decades to come, don’t expect these men to go on massacring Muslims. Instead, they’re more likely to join them. They’ll find the right scripture verses to justify their impulses, and groups like al Qaeda, and Boko Haram, and ISIS, to guide them whom to kill.

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