The Brew: Would You Stay and Fight? Biden Goes Full Pinocchio on Domestic Energy

By Al Perrotta Published on March 9, 2022

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Today we got a special treat at the bottom from the great Dr. Jim Garlow that’s a must-share with your pastor.

But first …

Would You Stay and Fight? Most Democrats Won’t.

If the U.S. faced an invasion like Ukraine’s facing from Russia, a majority of Democrats would flee. A vast majority of Republicans would stay and fight. That according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

For Democrats, only 40% would stay, 52% would depart.

For Republicans, 68% would stay, 25% would flee.

Independents? 57% would defend the country.

The numbers do make sense. The Democratic party line now is this is a racist country from birth to this very day, in desperate need of a “fundamental change” as Obama put it. Barely worth the effort of even standing for the National Anthem. Why would they stick around in the face of invaders?

Then again, maybe I’m too harsh. A lot of these snowflakes run away if someone just has an idea they don’t like. You run from a MAGA hat, you’re not going to be brave enough to stand for your country.

Crude Remarks: Gasoline Hits Record Highs Just as Biden Cuts Off Russian Oil Imports

The Quinnipiac poll also shows 71% of Americans favor cutting off oil from Russia, even if it means higher prices at the pump. And sure enough, the day after the poll comes out, Biden announced he’s doing precisely that.

“We will not be part of subsidizing Putin’s war,” Biden said Tuesday, announcing a ban on Russian oil and natural gas. But where’d Putin get the cash to begin with? Those 245 million barrels of crude and petroleum products we imported from Russia in 2021 — a 24% increase in exports from the previous year — certainly filled Putin’s coffers. 

Biden also claimed it’s “simply not true” that he is holding back domestic energy production. Nah, he’s just been cancelling pipelines, cancelling drilling on federal land and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, slapping moratoriums on new oil and gas leasing, cutting fossil fuel subsidies and tax benefits, slamming on new regulations and requirements. And that was just his first days in office.

Pick a week and there is a new way Biden has been picking apart our oil and natural gas production industries.

On February 22, the Interior Department paused new federal and oil gas leases and permits.

On February 17, the administration issued new “guidelines” for future consideration of natural gas projects, with an eye toward fighting “climate change.”

And the simple fact is, we’re going from a net exporter of oil under Trump to net importer this year under Joe’s part-time watch.

The 140th Fib

Of course, this isn’t the first fib Biden’s told since being sworn in. Only the 140th. The Federalist list of the first 139 is right here.

But let’s assume for a second Biden is correct. He hasn’t worked overtime to wreck domestic oil and gas production. If that is true, given the desperate worldwide need and outrageous gasoline prices, why isn’t he now pushing hard for more American oil and gas production?

Yesterday we told you Biden plans to go to Saudi Arabia to urge the Kingdom to pump more oil. He’s also sitting at the negotiating table with the socialist dictator of Venezuela for more oil. He went to the oil-rich state of Texas Tuesday and … he did not urge the state to produce more oil.

In fact, while in Fort Worth he was asked about gas prices. His answer: “They’re going to go up. Can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.”

He said this in Texas

For the record, the average price for gasoline in November 2020 was $2.20 a gallon. Average price in January 2022 … before Putin did anything … was $3.41. Today, before you announced a cut-off of Russian oil, the price was a record $4.17 a gallon. But Russia’s responsible? 

Huh? Is It a War or Not?

Where’s the UN in all this? Still trying to figure out what to call what’s happened to Ukraine. The United Nations sent a note to UN staffers urging them to refrain from calling it a “war” or “invasion.” Instead, call it a “military action” or “conflict.” The Irish Times also reports staffers were told “Do not add the Ukrainian flag to personal or official social media accounts or websites.”

They say they’re doing that in the name of impartiality and to avoid “reputational risk.” But are they trying to appease Russia? Or does calling an invasion an “invasion” risk the United Nations actually having to do its job?

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Another question: If the UN isn’t going to consider what Russia’s doing a war and the invasion of a sovereign nation, why are we? Why is this conflict any different from other “conflicts” around the globe? 

Obviously, Russia’s done something very, very bad. McDonalds is temporarily closing its 850 restaurants in Russia because of its, er, “military action” in Ukraine. In deference to the UN, McDonalds will no longer call it a “Big Mac Attack,” but a “Big Mac Incursion.”

Dual Systems of Justice. Guy Who Put Feet on Nancy Pelosi’s Desk Offered 70-87 Months in Prison Plea Deal. Iranian Assassins Plotting to Kill John Bolton? 

On January 6, Richard “Bigo” Barnett posed for photos in Nancy Pelosi’s office. For that, the DOJ offered a plea deal that’ll put Barnett in prison for 70 to 87 months.

Barnett’s lawyer Joseph McBride called the plea offer “ridiculous.” A 61-year-old man with no criminal record, for a non-violent action? “It is a criminalization of the First Amendment’s right to participate in political speech. While it was not a perfect day, he certainly should not spend years of his life — basically the entire decade of his 60s — behind bars.” He put it more poetically in a tweet.

On February 25, an even more peaceful protester Matthew L. Perna hung himself, after being told the DOJ wanted to sentence him to 41-to-51 months in prison.

Meanwhile, this same DOJ is resisting indicting two Iranians from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard who’ve been plotting to assassinate former national security advisor John Bolton. (They don’t want to upset the Iran Nuke Deal applecart.)

Put your feet on Pelosi’s desk? Hard time. Put a hit out on a Trump-associated government official? A good time.

Along The Stream

We’ve got something special. Last week, a couple dozen faith leaders with a passion for this nation met at our LIFE Today studios. At one point, Dr. Jim Garlow, longtime pastor of Skyline Church, dropped a breathtaking defense of his involvement in matters considered “political.” We have the must see clip: “I Am Not Political, I’m Biblical!



Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTRGabParler, and real soon at TRUTH Social.

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