The Brew: Trump Arraignment Day … As Big Apple Identifies as a Banana Republic

By Al Perrotta Published on April 4, 2023

A precious Tuesday to you on this historic day.

(Soros) Puppets Take Manhattan

In a matter of hours, the America we’ve known for 250 years goes away. Or if you think that’s heavy handed and want to put a pleasant spin on the day, Donald Trump is offering yet another headline-filled chapter in his colorful life.

At roughly 11 A.M. this morning, former President Trump will arrive at a Manhattan court, a couple hours ahead of his scheduled arraignment. The exact details of his arrival are secret, for security reasons. Even the court won’t know until shortly before he arrives.

At around 2:15, Joe Biden’s likely opponent will be arraigned. For what? Thanks to (illegal) leaks from the D.A.’s office, we’re told the unsealed indictment will show over 30 counts connected to him being “Orange Man Bad.” The process is expected to take 15 minutes to a half hour.

A couple questions to consider: Does Bragg bring these charges against anyone else? No. You don’t invent “novel” contortions of the law for random citizens. Besides, someone could stab Stormy Daniels in a street and Bragg would downgrade the charge to jaywalking and then dismiss it.  

Does Bragg even bring these charges against Trump if Trump was just out playing golf rather than being favored now to win back the presidency? TDS destroys all logic. 50 years from now, Trump’s bones will be put on trial like a king of old.

Does Bragg bring these charges without the tacit or direct approval of the Biden Administration? Of course not. Biden’s been clear he will use the power of the judiciary to stop Trump from again holding office. A top DOJ official named Michael Collangelo was put in Bragg’s office. And Biden knows what happens in a free and fair election. Biden can read his poll numbers, even if he can barely read his cue cards.

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Which leads to the real question we face. Are we truly ready for the consequences of launching a political prosecution of the leading political opposition figure and former President of the United States?

Hold tight, crew. We’re going where no Americans have ever gone before.

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Crowds North and South

The streets in West Palm Beach were lined with Trump supporters as the former president left Mar-a-Lago for the airport.

Trump supporters are gathering in New York, led by Marjorie Taylor-Greene. She’s holding a rally at Collect Pond Park at 10:30. NYC Mayor Eric Adams is warning MTG to be on her “best behavior.” (Kinda funny imagining a New Yorker lecturing a southern lady on behavior, but these are strange days.) MTG responded she wasn’t going to let Adam’s mess with her first amendment rights:

“Mayor Adams should be more concerned about NY citizens and taxpayers being murdered, raped, robbed, and carjacked than an elected Member of Congress coming to town. Or should I be the one concerned that the mayor of NYC will weaponize his government or maybe his thugs like DA Alvin Bragg against me?”

What’s Trump himself going to do this morning? Jack Posobiec has a suggestion.

Yeah. Do that and go straight to the gravesite of one of those murdered in New York by criminals let loose by Bragg.

Another Failure and Lie: That Chinese Spy Balloon Was Able to Nab Intelligence Despite Administration Claims

Remember how the White House insisted that Chinese spy balloon it let saunter about the country wasn’t able to gather intelligence? Check out this greatest hit from CNN’s Jim Sciutto.

Not true, according to an NBC News report Monday. The balloon was able to scoop up intel from several military instillations and transmit it back to Beijing in real time. In fact, it did figure-eights over some of the sites.

The military attempted to block the transmissions, but failed. And yet, the balloon was not shot down. Even after being spotted by a civilian and the story went viral, the Biden Administration refused to take action … until the balloon had left the coastal U.S.

Bud Light Celebrates Transgender Celeb Dylan Mulvaney as CMT Goes Drag

From Clydesdales to a dude who pretends he’s a little girl. What’s the deal, Bud? Bud Light is getting roasted for celebrating transgender flavor-of-the-month Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney is the D-list actor who has struck fame pretending to be a little girl. Now, Mulvaney’s a spokesperson for the popular beer.

Tweeted Derek Hunter: “@BudLight. The groomer of beers.”

Bud Light defended the partnership with Mulvaney, saying it “helps authentically connect with audiences.”  Yeah. Nothing says “authentic” like a grown man prancing about like he’s Heidi. 

What Next? Drag Queens at the CMT Music Awards? Yes.

Sunday night’s CMT Music Awards, one of country music’s most important nights, was a drag. Kelsea Ballerini used drag queens for her performance of her hit “If You Go Down (I’m Going Down Too).” The stunt is seen as a middle finger to Tennessee’s new law restricting drag queen performances in front of children.

The CMT drag queens came less than a week after a disturbed transgender executed six Christians, including three children in Nashville. Probably not the week for CMT to be throwing gender distortion in the face of country music fans.

If you watched CBS News you might not know Covenant School killer Audrey Hale was transgender. According to a Daily Caller report, CBS banned staffers from mentioning Hale was transgender. This even though police strongly suggest gender ideology and grievances was behind the massacre.

Even more warped, protesters at one of the weekend’s “Day of Visibility” events cited Audrey Hale as one of the victims of the massacre.

Bill Maher Recognizes the Social Contagion … as Boston Children’s Hospital Cheers More Sex Changes for Children

Meanwhile, tip of the cup to Bill Maher. He acknowledged on his show Saturday night that there is “social contagion” factor to the sudden spike in children claiming to be transgender, as it is “somewhat trendy.” “I know people hate to hear that,” Maher said, “but it’s obviously true, there is an element of social contagion, or else it wouldn’t be so prevalent in here [California] and not in Indiana, it wouldn’t be regional.” 

The contagion continues spreading by the gender cult like sarin gas by Fulan Gong. Boston Children Hospital’s co-director of their gender surgery center is calling for more “gender affirming care.” The euphemism for sex-changes for kids. Oren Ganor is also predicting an “increased flux” of minor patients.

Along The Stream

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