The Brew: ‘There’s No Religious Bigotry in Baseball!’

By Al Perrotta Published on May 24, 2023

Happy Wednesday!

A lot going on today. Including Ron DeSantis jumping into the race this evening at 6 p.m. during a Twitter chat with Elon Musk.

L.A. Dodgers Whiff by Re-Inviting and Honoring Anti-Catholic Drag Group

“The Los Angeles Dodgers announced that tonight’s National Anthem will be performed by the Mambo Blackface Minstrel Band … a group of white musicians out of Simi Valley. The Dodgers will then honor the band with their ‘Community Hero Award.’”

Why would they do that knowing such a group is so deliberately, outlandishly and egregiously offensive? The answer is “Of course the Dodgers wouldn’t do that. They would never dare be that insensitive and cruel to their African-American fan base … and all fans with a sense of decency.”

Unfortunately, the Dodgers are doing it to Catholics and Christians. After days of pressure from L.A’.s very influential LGBTQ community, and mindful of the scorn of media elites, the Dodgers have reversed course and will honor the L.A. Chapter of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with a Community Hero Award during the team’s Pride Night June 16.

Talk about a drag bunt.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is an anti-Catholic drag ensemble that grotesquely dresses as nuns, mocks religion and carries the motto, “Now go and sin some more.” Last Easter Sunday, for example, they held a Jesus-and-Mary striptease.

You think the Dodgers would honor an Allah AkBar and Grille whose gay waiters dress like Mohammed? Whose motto is “God is Grating?”

The Dodgers had disinvited the group after Catholic groups expressed their shock and outrage, but the team changed its mind and apologized after L.A. Pride threatened to pull out of the Pride night event.

As one who lived 25 years in L.A. and took in many a Dodger game, this story is so sad.

You would think the Dodgers — who play 1.5 miles from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Our Angels, 3 miles from Azusa Street, and just 15 miles from the Museum of Tolerance dedicated to Holocaust survivors — would have an aversion to promoting religious bigotry. In the City of Angels.

But alas, no. You’d also think the team’s massive Hispanic, predominately Catholic fan base would give them pause. Or at the very least the recent sale numbers for Bud Light at the stadium.

P.S. If you’re wondering why the name Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence sounds familiar, the group was recently in the news thanks to Sam Brinton. The former Biden official with a habit of stealing women’s luggage from airports is a member. Townhall has more details on Brinton and the group.

Bud Light Fallout Continues. Anheuser Busch Buying Back Unsold Cases of Bud Light

Teaming with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney continues to cost Anheuser Busch a pretty penny. Sales in May are down 28% from last year, and now the company is buying back unsold cases of Bud Light from wholesalers. The Wall Street Journal story is behind a paywall, but Newsmax has the details.

It all began when Bud Light created a single personalized can for Mulvaney to celebrate 365 days of living as a girl. Mulvaney shared it on a sponsored Instagram post, and the rest is corporate misery — I mean, history.


Yikes: White Supremacist Slams U-Haul Into White House Fence! Wait. He’s a Person of Color?

A U-Haul truck smashed into security gates near the White House late Monday night.

Authorities made a good show of the Nazi flag found inside the truck, laying it out on the ground for all the media to see.

White supremacy being the nation’s greatest terrorist threat and all that.

Then later Tuesday morning, police released the identity of the suspect. He’s 19-year-old Sai Varshith Kandula of Missouri.

Once again, it seems the white supremacy business is soooooo booming, they have to outsource some of the jobs to people of color.

In all seriousness, it’s too early to know the deal with this guy. He reportedly told the FBI he wanted to overthrow the government, kill Biden and seize power himself. Fox 5 reports a notebook with pages full of writing were found in the truck. What we do know is those writings will be on the front page soon enough if they fit the administrative narrative. If not, they’ll go in the same drawer as the Nashville mass murderer’s manifesto.


Trump Plan to Reduce Abortions: Incentivized Adoptions

If President Donald Trump returns to office, he promises to focus on incentivizing adoptions as a way to reduce abortions.

In addition to tax breaks for both expectant mothers and adoptive parents, Trump threw his support behind the idea of an adoption corps, similar to the Peace Corps, that would get parents pre-approved to adopt babies from pregnant women weighing whether to have an abortion.

In an interview with Just the News, Trump also touted his success in bringing down Roe v. Wade.

What it really did is it gave pro-life people the right to negotiate and a tremendous power to negotiate. Before they had no chance of doing anything. You could kill a baby after nine months in the womb, you could kill a baby after birth.

Before they (pro-life activists) had no power in negotiation. Now, the pro-life group actually has the upper hand, and they can negotiate something that will be very fair, and very good.

From Celebrate Your Abortion to Celebrate Your Euthanasia

An Instagram video where an influencer cheekily discusses with her matter-of-fact grandmother her pending euthanasia has garnered nearly 3 million views. The lady has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has decided she no longer wants to be a “burden.” “I have always made my own decisions for myself in living, and I trust that I will in death.”

Have we so deteriorated into a culture of death that grandma getting euthanized is made to sound as if she’s moving to The Villages?


IRS Whistleblower’s Subordinate Also Warned for Years of DOJ Interference in Hunter Investigation

So a senior investigator at the IRS comes forward in April to report DOJ interference in the IRS’s investigation of Hunter Biden. Last week, this whistleblower and his whole team were unceremoniously dumped from the investigation. (Shades of payback, just like the FBI whistleblowers.) Now, in a new letter to the IRS commissioner, one of those subordinates who worked five years on the case says he warned higher ups at the IRS for years about DOJ interference. Warnings that fell on deaf ears, leaving the case agent to feel as if he was “left out on an island.”

Just the News has the full story.

The whistleblower is scheduled to testify Friday before the House Ways and Means Committee. He’d been hoping to testify before the Senate Finance Committee was well, but Senate Democrats are blocking the efforts. However, as The Federalist reports, lawyers for the whistleblower offered a way around that. Seems Section 6103 (f)(4) of the IRS Code — I’m sure you know it well — authorizes the chairman of Ways and Means to “designate or appoint” an agent to receive confidential information. Thus Chairman Jason Smith can simply appoint Senate staffers like those working for Chuck Grassley as “agents” who can attend and participate in the House hearing.

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Meanwhile, here’s a crazy stat. According to a new poll from Harvard CAPS/Harris, 59% of Democrats still believe the Hunter Laptop story is disinformation. This even after the man who gathered the 51 IC officials to lie about the laptop admits the effort was just designed to help Biden. Even after media outlets left, right and center have confirmed the contents.

Speaking of Hunter, the mother of his four-year-old daughter Navy wants the First Son tossed in jail for his “dodging of court orders” in their child support case. The bag man for Biden Inc., says a lawyer for Lundon Roberts, “does not want to disclose his income and assets, says that he is somewhat financially destitute, while he lives on a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, has Secret Service protection, and enjoys his time abroad.”

“Forget It, He’s Rolling”: Biden Has a Bluto Moment

A word of advice to Joe Biden. Women don’t like it when you insinuate they’re very old.

Or maybe that’s not what happened. While touting Nancy Pelosi during a speech, Biden declared the former Speaker “helped rescue the economy in the Great Depression.”

Then she sprang to action when the Nazis bombed Pearl Harbor.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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