The Brew: The Truth Can Be Like a Christmas Present … or In This Case, Hysterically Funny

By Al Perrotta Published on November 30, 2023

Happy Thursday!

A hearty thanks to John for filling in the past couple days. The first story is so tasty, it’ll make you forget about Christmas cookies.

Tale of Young Chiefs Fan in Face Paint Dubbed a Racist by Deadspin Takes Glorious Twist

The truth can be like a Christmas present. Unwrap it and you find something wonderful. Take the young Kansas City Chiefs fan who was slandered as a racist and cultural appropriator when Deadspin posted a profile shot of the boy seemingly in blackface and headdress and ripped the kid to shreds.

Immediately, folks rushed to X to post other photos of the boy, Holden Armeta, showing he wasn’t in blackface at the game. He had his face painted black and red for the Chiefs.

Writer and race hustler Carron J. Phillips doubled down. (Before deleting the tweet.)

However, here comes the glorious twist.

On Tuesday, the boy’s mother responded. “Just stop already,” Shannon Armeta posted on Facebook, “He is Native American.”

In fact, Holden’s grandfather serves on the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians.

Lighting of National Christmas Tree is On Despite Tuesday’s Tree Topple

One of my most cherished memories growing up near D.C. is of going down to the annual Pageant of Peace across from the White House. Trees representing all the states and territories formed a circle. A yule log burned. Reindeer milled in a pen. A local choir filled the air. I distinctly remember the joy of free hot chocolate and M&Ms handed out by the National Park Service when I was a wee lad. But dominating the marvelous scene was the massive National Christmas Tree.

This year marks the 101st year we’ve had a National Christmas Tree. The tradition started in 1923 when President Calvin Coolidge strolled over to light a 48-foot-tall fir. This year’s tree is scheduled to be lit by Joe Biden this evening at 5 p.m.

In what is being seen as symbolic of his administration, this year’s national tree came crashing down in a gust of wind Tuesday. Fortunately, a crane was able to get the 40-foot Norway spruce back upright, additional cables were added to secure it … and amazingly, only 20% of the ornaments were damaged.

Every year the president, with his family, lights the tree. Well, almost every year. In 1979, mere weeks after the start of the Iranian hostage crisis, President Jimmy Carter shocked the crowd and viewing audience when daughter Amy pushed the button, and only the top star on the tree lit, leaving the rest of tree in darkness.

“Amy has lit fifty trees — one for each American hostage,” Carter stated. “We will turn on the rest of the lights when the hostages come home.”

They would not be freed until President Reagan’s inauguration day, January 20, 1981, over a year later.

Will Biden similarly honor the American hostages being held by Iran’s proxy in Gaza? Just one reason to tune in for the annual ceremony. Sorry. Can’t do anything for you about the hot chocolate and M&M’s. 

Brrrrrrr. You Think the Temperatures are Cold … The Bidens’ Latest Snub of Granddaughter

Temperatures plunged well below freezing in the Nation’s Capital Wednesday morning. And still the temps weren’t as cold as the Bidens.

The first two years in the White House, Joe and Dr. Jill put up stockings representing each of their grandchildren as part of the White House Christmas decorations. Well, except for Hunter’s little love child, Navy Joan. No stocking for grandchild number 7. After two years of ignoring the girl, and getting increasing heat even from the liberal media, Joe Biden finally acknowledged Navy this year when Hunter settled with the child’s mother.

So you’d think they’d have the class this year to toss up a seventh stocking. A symbol of inclusion from the man whose political brand pushes him as a family guy. Whose only crime, we’re told, is “Loving his son too much.” No. The Bidens chose instead to not put up any stockings for any of the grandchildren.

When called out on the stocking dumping, the White House said the family will be at Camp David for Christmas and the stockings will be there. They wouldn’t tell the New York Post if that included one for little Navy.

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Here’s what I find curious. The stockings were hung on the fireplace in the State Dining Room. They were part of the public White House decorations, not the private residence. Knowing critics would be watching, you’d think Jill Biden … who oversees the décor … would take the easy political win. Is she that politically tone-deaf or indifferent? The Federalist thinks the Bidens deliberately dumped the stockings to avoid further acknowledgement of Navy Joan.

“It’s about time Navy Joan Roberts gets a place of honor at the White House. But considering Joe and Jill Biden would apparently rather not recognize any of their grandkids than hang a little stocking for her, it’s painfully clear she’ll never have her place on their mantle — and certainly not a seat at their table.”

If Navy Jones wants a stocking, and a stocking filled, perhaps she should change her name to Zelenskyy.

Record Number Shopped After Thanksgiving

A record 200.4 million people went shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to the National Retail Foundation. This blew past the 182 million the NRF was expecting. The average spending was $321, slightly down from last year.

The shopping included Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. I wonder. After spending days buying gifts for others, should there be a day focused on buying something for yourself? What would we call it? “You for Tuesday”? “What About Me Wednesday”? Or is that “Selfish Saturday”?

Seriously, Tuesday was “Giving Tuesday,” a special effort to focus spending on charities and the less fortunate. Planned Parenthood wanted a cut of the action for themselves. Herod also slaughtered innocent children, but even he didn’t beg for money under the guise of charity to do it.

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Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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