The Brew: The Biden Family Goes to the Mattresses. US Marines Had to Pick Up Human Waste for the Taliban

By John Zmirak Published on September 15, 2023

Al Perrotta is on vacation.

The Corleone family … oops, I meant to write “Biden family” … is going on offense, responding to the House Republicans launching an impeachment inquiry. We have already reported on Biden efforts to manage the media, via spoon-fed talking points intended to bias coverage of a real, live, perfectly constitutional probe into “high crimes and misdemeanors” Joe Biden allegedly committed while Vice President and covered up as President.

Now it’s clear that the Bidens are “going to the mattresses” via lawfare: abusive and frivolous legal suits where the process is the punishment. When someone with bottomless coffers decides to sue regular citizens into oblivion, and counts on sympathetic judges and juries to back him, does the little guy stand a chance? Gateway Pundit reports:

Hunter Biden on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler for accessing his ‘laptop from hell.’

The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California just one day after Speaker McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden.

The lawsuit accuses Ziegler of violating California and federal computer privacy laws after he posted content from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop to the website of his nonprofit, Marco Polo.

Politico also reported:

Hunter Biden filed the suit on Wednesday in federal court in the Central District of California, where he now lives. Earlier this year, his legal team called on the Justice Department to open criminal investigations into Ziegler and others who distributed the laptop’s contents, as CNN reported. The suit comes a day after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy authorized an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over allegations that he was involved in, and profited from, his son’s business activities. [emphasis added]

It seems that the Biden family has found a wartime consigliere:

Political Impeachment of MAGA Texas Attorney General Sputters to an End. But How Will TX Senators Vote?

I asked in a column two weeks ago whether the far-left Democrats in the Texas legislature, allied with establishment GOP operatives, would succeed in removing from office Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He’s the only man that prevented a wave of vote fraud in Texas in 2020 that would have turned the state (and hence America) deep Democrat blue.

But country club Republicans don’t care about that. Paxton is a populist who doesn’t play to lose to the Globetrotters like a good Washington General, and they want him out. So they cooperated with Democrats to craft an impeachment case, whose allegations and evidence they tried to keep secret — even from Paxton’s defense team. When that didn’t work, and they had to actually make their case against Paxton in the cold light of day in a Texas Senate trial … things didn’t go so well.

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According to The Federalist:

A week and a half into the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the case against the conservative fighter is falling apart in spectacular fashion.

Witness after witness, all called by the House Board of Managers, have testified under oath that they either have no direct evidence against the attorney general or explained that the articles of impeachment were simply untrue.

All this after Rep. Andrew Murr, R-Junction, chief manager, promised the people of Texas that the trial in the Senate would be the place where the supposed evidence of horrific misdeed would be finally brought to light.

Instead of convincing evidence showing that Paxton abused his office beyond a reasonable doubt, those watching the trial have been met with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The witnesses closest to Paxton, who had the most opportunity to see wrongdoing, have repeatedly testified under oath that they never saw the general do anything wrong or had no evidence to speak of that proved wrongdoing.

As if to punctuate the absolute disaster of the House’s argument, Rusty Hardin, the 81-year-old lawyer leading the prosecution, accidentally rested their case-in-chief before the other side had a chance to cross-examine the witness who was still sitting on the stand.

That precluded Paxton’s enemies from dragging the trial out for days or even weeks. Now it remains with the Texas Senate to decide whether these political attacks, orchestrated from within Paxton’s own party, will succeed. Conservative activist Charlie Kirk lays out what’s at stake:

Biden Ordered Marines Who’d Just Lost 13 Comrades to Clean Up Poop at Kabul Airport for the Taliban

Stream contributor Jason Jones has spoken eloquently and often about the moral disgrace of the Biden surrender in Afghanistan, which left behind American citizens and thousands of U.S. allies we’d promised visas. But we didn’t really know quite how humiliating that cut-and-run from Afghanistan really was for U.S. forces till now. The Daily Mail (U.K.) reports on a scathing new book that tells the story:

US Marines in Kabul were reportedly forced to pick up human feces and other trash from an airport after losing 13 comrades to a suicide bomber.

The soldiers were ordered to clean up the Hamid Karzai International Airport to leave it pristine for the Taliban in August 2021.

A new book, Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End, details the humiliation of the soldiers, with those of all ranks being left furious at the decision.

Just days after a suicide bomb killed 11 marines, a Navy corpsman and an Army staff sergeant – as well as 170 civilians – on August 26, the soldiers were given the orders to ‘police call’ the area.

It meant they would have to stand shoulder to shoulder and walk through the area, picking up ‘every stray piece of trash or debris’ in the path.

The area they were ordered to clean up had previously held more than 120,000 Afghan refugees, who had camped in the area ‘defecating and leaving trash, bags, clothes, and other unspeakable things.’

Remember When the GOP Actually Nominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?

Raheem Kassam at The National Pulse will save you the purchase price of a new book canonizing Sen. Mitt Romney as some kind of civic saint, a principled opponent of “dangerous” and “unconstitutional” MAGA populism. Kassam gives away the plot: Romney “has been trying to plot a spoiler political party where he and Joe Manchin act as kingmakers for the political left.” Kassam quotes the author of the book, a Buzzfeed alumnus named McKay Coppins, writing that Romney

privately approached Joe Manchin about building a new political party. They’d talked about the prospect before, but it was always hypothetical. Now Romney wanted to make it real. His goal for the yet-unnamed party (working slogan: “Stop the stupid”) would be to promote the kind of centrist policies he’d worked on with Manchin in the Senate. Manchin was himself thinking of running for president as an independent, and Romney tried to convince him this was the better play. Instead of putting forward its own doomed candidate in 2024, Romney argued, their party should gather a contingent of like-minded donors and pledge support to the candidate who came closest to aligning with its agenda.

Maybe keep that fact in mind the next time someone like Romney accuses Trump of being disloyal to his own political party and its principles.

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John Zmirak is a senior editor at The Stream and author or co-author of ten books, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. He is co-author with Jason Jones of “God, Guns, & the Government.”

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