The Brew: States Rally Around Texas. Bills Fans Forgive Kicker Who Shanked Crucial Field Goal

Texas knows which way the nation's winds are blowing.

By Al Perrotta Published on January 26, 2024

Happy, happy Friday!

As we face the weekend, Texas and the Fed continue facing off over the border.

Eyes on Texas

It’s not rocket surgery, people.

And when 300,000 people, mostly military-age males, come pouring over your border in a single month, that’s an invasion.

Yet, once again, the Federal government is trying to stop Texas from protecting itself. The Supreme Court this week gave Biden and media apologists a talking point when it appeared to side with the White House. Across the media land you hear Texas is “ignoring” or “defying” the Supreme Court by continuing to put up fencing. Except as people like David Harsanyi at the Federalist point out:

Abbott can’t ignore the Supreme Court because Texas wasn’t ordered to do anything. SCOTUS vacated an order against the Department of Homeland Security [sic] that stopped the Feds from cutting down razor fencing along the border. Nothing says that Texas can’t erect the fencing.

Regardless, the confrontation between Texas and the White House is intensifying. The White House Thursday didn’t rule out federalizing the Texas National Guard, as the open border Democrats are demanding. That will not go over well in a state that has “Come and Take It” tattooed on its heart.

A growing number of states have vowed to have Texas’ back. Fox News’ man at the border Bill Melugin names 17 states and counting that have thrown their support behind the Lone Star State. Arkansas’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined the list Thursday afternoon as did Wyoming. Said Governor Mark Gordon, “We are all border states now.”

Texas also has the backing of independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Gov. Abbott told Fox News Thursday there is an easy way to make this tension go away. “Joe Biden actually does have an option here. Joe Biden’s option is to enforce the laws of the United States and stop this illegal entry.”

We have two powerful articles connected to the Texas Border Stand-Off:

John Zmirak’s “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Stands Firm Against Federal Lawlessness, Foreign Invasion.”

Stream contributor Nolan Lewallen’s “The Senate ‘Border Deal’ Is a Scam and a Surrender.”

The stand-off between The State of Texas and the Feds is heavy stuff. Perhaps we can take a chuckle break before moving on.

Critics immediately accused Cruz of wanting a Civil War. Cruz responded, “Democrats have no sense of humor.”

Some may argue a civil war is already underway. When high-ranking opposition figures start getting put in jail for the exact thing done by the president’s son, you have to wonder.

Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Sentenced to Four Months for Refusing to Appear Before J6 Committee

Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro has been sentenced to four months in jail for blowing off a command to appear before Nancy Pelosi’s Stalinesque circus known as the J6 Committee. Technically, he was convicted for “Contempt of Congress,” except nobody is ever charged by the DOJ, let alone convicted, for that. Just look at Hunter Biden. Preferably an image where he’s wearing clothes.

As huge as this story is … I mean, True America does not jail political opponents … another Navarro story this week really must garner our attention.

Navarro wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times speculating how China, Russia, North Korea and Iran may be plotting together to destroy America. He sees a direct connection between Russia invading Ukraine, Iran using Hamas and Houthis to attack Israel and inflame the Middle East, North Korea back firing missiles and China eyeballing Taiwan.

We are the target. And the operation is underway now.

One cannot read Navarro’s scenario and not grasp the enormous stakes over the next year … and hit our knees.

But let’s jail Navarro for telling Pelosi’s illegitimate January 6 Committee to pound sand. That’s more important than the fate of the United States.

BLM Rioters Get $10 Million From Seattle

All that rain has made brains soggy in Seattle. BLM, the violent, anti-American Marxist group that teamed with ANTIFA to turn Seattle into a dystopian wasteland in 2020? They’ve just been awarded $10 million by the city for their trouble.

Fifty BLM protesters sued the city claiming they were injured by police while rioting. The city settled without admitting fault. Seattle City Attorney Ann Davidson argues, “This decision was the best financial decision for the City considering risk, cost, and insurance.” Yo, Ann. Save a few bucks for the huge “Hit Me” sign you just put on Seattle’s back.

Then again. Don’t think of it as $10 million for BLM’s rioting in 2020. Think of it as a down payment for their rioting in 2024.

You know what? It’s Friday. Let’s cease the heavy stuff and dance.

Hillary Clinton Dances the Macarena … Again

How can anybody be married to Bill Clinton for 50 years and still lack any sense of musical rhythm? But bless her heart, Hillary Clinton tries. After a diplomatic event in Spain, the former Secretary of State joined participants in the Macarena. As Spanish newspaper Olive Press put it, Clinton brought “the cringe.”

Yeah, but she’s having fun. The only bad dancer is one who doesn’t want to get out there.

For those too young to remember, the Macarena dance craze swept the country in late 1996 through early 1997. Not that Clinton was actually doing the Macarena this weekend. Let’s call it a liberal interpretation of the Macarena. Olive Press found this odd because “Macarena” was a regular fixture on Bill’s 1996 re-election campaign. Clinton was even caught attempting the dance at the DNC convention, as ABC News recounted.

To Ted Cruz’s point before, this video is also a reminder that Democrats used to know how to laugh and have fun.

Bills Fans Amazing: Donate to Charity of Bills Kicker Who Shanked Game-Tying Field Goal

You ache for the long-suffering Buffalo Bills fans. But you’ve also got to stand in awe.

For those who don’t follow football, on Sunday the Bills were in another nail-biter of a game with their nemesis the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs had twice defeated the Bills in the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion. And now, they were up by three points, with a minute and 43 seconds remaining. The Bills lined up for a relatively easy field goal to tie the game, and likely send it to overtime.

And kicker Tyler Bass shanked the kick. He missed.

There goes the game. There goes the Bills’ season.

Pouring salt on the wound, the failed kick was a brutal reminder of how these same Buffalo Bills lost the 1991 Super Bowl, when kicker Scott Norwood missed an easy kick at the end of the game.

How angry would you be as a Bills’ fan at Bass? How quick would you want to run him out of town? You think he’d be as hated in Buffalo as a broken down car heater in January. Indeed, Bass got so much hostility and threats he shut down his social media.

Oh, but that’s not how Bills Mafia as a whole rolls. You know what they’ve done? According to the Associated Press, they have raised over $260,000 for Tyler Bass’ favorite charity. A cat shelter, of all things, called Ten Lives Club.

A quarter of a million dollars!

Let’s be honest. Philadelphia Eagles fans would only be raising money to hire a hit man.

So a huge tip of the Brew to Bills fans for an amazing lesson in forgiveness, and a beautiful reminder of what sport can be.

Unfortunately, the Bills will be sitting at home this week as the Chiefs battle the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers take on the upstart Detroit Lions. The winners advance to the Super Bowl.

As a Marylander, I have to go for the Ravens. Besides, who doesn’t like a team named in part after an Edgar Allan Poe story?

Have a fantastic weekend from all of us at The Stream.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration and co-author of the counter-terrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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