The Brew: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Star Mira Sorvino Reveals Only 0.4 Percent of Trafficking Victims Get Rescued

By John Zmirak Published on July 19, 2023

Al Perrotta is away from the cappuccino machine today.

Few things in recent news have been as encouraging as the public embrace of Sound of Freedom, the powerful anti-trafficking film that Disney and other studios sat on for years. But glad as we are of the support, the underlying reality is so tremendously sad, we must keep things in perspective. It was great that Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a bestseller … but slavery lingered on for decades. Movieguide reports:

SOUND OF FREEDOM Actress Mira Sorvino recently shared her powerful perspective on human trafficking in an interview with CBN.

Sorvino’s new film, SOUND OF FREEDOM, is currently playing in theaters. She plays the wife of a man who devotes his life to rescuing young victims of human trafficking. Sorvino shared what it was like to witness people’s reactions to the movie.

“To see people… [with] their hearts in their throats, like watching this unfold and I think that the human brain has a hard time understanding coming back from something so horrific as child rape of small children. I mean, it’s so dark. That we’re just like, oh those poor children, oh, but almost like they’re already dead, you know. Like, we turn away because … we feel powerless to help and so horrified that we’d rather not think about it.

That’s where the traffickers win, that’s where the evil people win. And you know, we all have to rise up and be so disgusted and so moved to help these people that we change the equation for them and we give them that hand out of this trafficking situation, which right now only 0.4 percent of all trafficking victims in the world enjoy. Only 0.4 percent of trafficking victims get discovered, rescued, or exited themselves. The [other] 99.6 percent are going to be trafficked for life or until they…get sick, or age out, or die.

Keep in mind that the Biden administration has made life vastly easier for human traffickers by throwing open our southern border, and even eliminating DNA tests for adults who claim that the children they’re transporting are family members. Ask yourself, “Who benefits?”

Democrat Congressman Calls Parents Against Grooming “Out of Touch Extremists”

The reliable (if creatively spelled) Connecticut Centinal points out the latest Democrat to go all-in for explicit books aimed at kids:

US Representative Jim Himes just sent an email to constituents all about “book bans” and challenges that are being made all across America by so-called “MAGA Extremists”.

But no matter how hard Democrats like Jim Himes try to tell you that “out of touch MAGA Extremists” are trying to ban books, the truth is that concerned citizens, including plenty of regular folks who don’t care one bit about politics, just want to make sure that school library and classroom books are age-appropriate. That is all. No one is trying to stop publishers from publishing these books — that would be a true book ban — rather, concerned adults simply want to ensure that the content in books given to children inside a school setting is in fact suitable according to the standards of the community.

After all, the protection of children should be the primary concern for all adults in the community, especially since there are known risks to exposing children to pornographic content before they are mature enough to handle it. Remember this article from the NIH’s Pub Med database?

Exposure to sexually explicit media in early adolescence is related to risky sexual behavior in emerging adulthood.

In fact, most previous studies have shown that exposure to sexually-explicit content during adolescence is related to early sexual debut, inconsistent condom use, unsafe sex, and multiple sexual partners. The conclusion of the study said: “Exposure to sexually-explicit media in early adolescence had a substantive relationship with risky sexual behavior in the emerging adulthood.”

Maybe not all Democrats oppose “risky sexual behavior” on the part of “emerging adult[s]” (i.e., young teens).

How Our Permanent Government Targeted an Elected President: A Detailed Timeline

Are you still on speaking terms with anyone who doesn’t believe that the Deep State is a profound threat to our democracy? Personally, I’d just lose that person’s number. But some of you are more dogged than I am about keeping in touch with parents and siblings, I guess. So here’s something to help you red-pill your hapless, Ned Flanders pals and relatives: Conservative Treehouse’s detailed, multi-year timeline of the illegal, dishonest, unconstitutional, and immoral actions taken by U.S. government officials to thwart the will of the voters, and nullify Donald Trump’s term in office. To build bridges, you might send this link to people in lieu of birthday greetings. Or maybe once a week, just to celebrate “Deep State Wednesday.”

Tucker Carlson Inks Million-Dollar Deal With Conservative News Site

Gateway Pundit passes along some encouraging news:

Tucker Carlson reportedly struck an ad deal with Public Square – a conservative “pro-life, pro-family, pro-freedom marketplace.

Public Square has doubled its number of users over the past month following the boycott of Bud Light over their spokesperson Dylan Mulvaney.

News of the contract comes just days before Public Square (PublicSq.) goes public.

Conservative Leader of Hungary: The West Wants War

The Balkan quotes Hungary’s pro-family, conservative leader Viktor Orbán:

“The West wants to continue the war, and this was confirmed at the NATO summit. There is little talk of peace, so the war will not end in the foreseeable future and sanctions will not be lifted,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Hungary’s Kossuth Rádió on Friday.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stated that it was essential to prevent Ukrainian demands from being accepted at the NATO summit because this would increase the risk of a World War. He sharply criticized the tactics employed by the Zelensky government at the summit, saying “If you are in trouble and you ask for help, behave appropriately,” adding that even the British defense minister criticized Zelensky after the NATO summit for his lack of gratitude. Orbán added that “it is important not to accept the Ukrainian point of view because that would drag us into war.”

Orbán agreed that the Americans could end the war tomorrow if they wanted to. “At the NATO summit, we did not get an answer as to why the Americans do not want this.”

Our columnist Jason Jones, no fan of Putin or his aggression, asked the same question in his interview with me, which we published yesterday.

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Desperate Bidenistas Falsely Smear RFK, Jr., as Racist Conspiracy Theorist

Creative Destruction Media points to the usual media suspects engaged in their typical tactics — dishonest drive-by smears which they expect will play with a lazy, ill-informed, or censorship-addled public:

We have known RFK, Jr. for some time. He is a warrior for truth.

This is why he has so many enemies.

NY Post reporter Jon Levine lied in a recent report, stating that Kennedy suggested the Covid-19 virus was ethnically targeted to spare those of Chinese and Jewish descent.

In fact, the truth is, Kennedy simply told the truth that those least impacted were Chinese and Jews; this is well-documented.

“It was Levine, and not myself, who invoked anti-Semitic tropes when he attributed words to me (that Covid was engineered to “spare the Jews”),” said Kennedy. “Levine is fabricating an opinion, attributing it to me, and trolling for scandal.”

“By cynically leveling anti-Semitism charges, Levine devalues the term at a time when REAL anti-Semitism is rampant. What’s more, by using the racially-charged words, ‘sparing Jews,’ with their Biblical associations, he is inflaming fear, hate, and suspicion.”

Kennedy has Jewish staff in very high positions in his organization. We know them.

Kennedy has been a force against racism where it counts, like environmental abuse against poor segments of our society, and medical tyranny against our youth.

The White House is now jumping on the smear bandwagon; it won’t work. What’s Joe Biden done except lie to the American people? And enable child trafficking across our southern border … ?

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