The Brew: Say ‘Boys are Boys,’ Say ‘Sayonara’ to Graduation

By Al Perrotta Published on June 6, 2023

A good and golden Tuesday to you.

Remembering “The Longest Day”

79 years ago this morning, the liberation of Europe from the grip of Nazi Germany began. D-Day. The largest, most complex, invasion in history. Hundreds of thousands of troops crossing the choppy English Channel to storm the beaches and scale the heights at Normandy under withering German fire.

The outcome was far from certain. Allied Supreme Commander Gen. Dwight Eisenhower had in hand a statement taking full responsibility for the invasion’s failure. By the grace of God and the grit of those soldiers, he never had to issue it.

God bless the memories of all who, in FDR’s words in his D-Day prayer, “set free a suffering humanity.”


Update: Six Flags of Texas Backs Down From Drag Shows for “All Ages”

Yesterday we told you how some of the Six Flags amusement parks were going to be hosting “all ages” drag shows every weekend in June. We posted the Instagram announcement from Six Flags Over Texas announcing the show on an outdoor stage in its “Gotham City.” Well, it looks like Six Flags Over Texas realized the huge cow pie it was stepping into. The Instagram post was taken down. And the drag shows moved out of sight of children.

According to the Six Flags website, the drag shows are now at the indoor “Southern Palace” venue. And you must be 18 or older to attend.

Six Flags will still be all decked out for Pride Month and has “Pride”-connected events all month long, but at least innocent eyes will be spared the drag shows. Thank you, Gayle, for catching the change!

Kids Tipping Drag Queens?

Children tipping drag queens? Fairfax City, Virginia’s “Pride” month event Saturday encouraged children to tip drag queen performers. The event in the city’s old town hall was met with protests. Organizer Stacy Langton wasn’t protesting the LGBTQ+ event per se. She tells the Epoch Times it was having drag queens with children present … and the tipping.

“That means they are handing cash to an adult male for a sexually suggestive dance. That’s wrong. There’s no way it’s right from a moral standpoint.”

Fairfax City Mayor Catherine Read is vexed why anyone would be protesting males in bikinis gyrating in the face of little kids and kids paying for the privilege. “I don’t know what their point is,” she told the Epoch Times, “I really don’t know.”

Let’s pray the scales fall from Mayor Read’s eyes. And Fairfax City voters respond to what is being done in their name. And more will stand with Stacy Langton.

Young Man Barred From Graduation for Saying “Boys are Boys. Girls are Girls” Also Loses Firefighting Gig

Might as well replace “Pomp and Circumstance” with the Soviet National Anthem. Kellogg High School in Kellogg, Idaho, of all places banned young Travis Lohr from participating in his graduation ceremony this weekend. No cap and gown, but plenty of hammer and sickle.

What was Travis’ crime? Did he threaten to pull a Columbine? Cheat on a final? Get caught smoking weed in the boy’s room? No. He merely said, “Boys are Boys. Girls are Girls. There is no in between.”

Happened at an assembly where seniors like Travis were asked to share what advice they’d give younger students. An off-script, off-the-cuff remark. A remark met with cheers. A remark that wouldn’t have batted an eyelash until about three years ago. And yet the school chose to punish Travis — make an example of him to those same younger students — and refused to let him graduate with his class.

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Hundreds of parents, students and community members gathered at the school Friday to protest, the Idaho Tribune reported. Travis says he’s grateful for the support, telling Fox News, It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone and realize what I did wasn’t wrong.”

But Wait, There’s More. He Lost His Job

CORRECTION: We’ve been contacted by Scott Phillips of the Idaho Department of Lands. They tell us that Travis did not apply to the Idaho Department of Lands. It was the U.S. Forest Service. Their note says in part:

Your story incorrectly says that Travis Lohr had a job offer from the Idaho Department of Lands that was rescinded. This is not true. Travis Lohr has NEVER applied to work at the Idaho Department of Lands using our online seasonal employment app. Also, John Heyn, the individual who rescinded the offer, DOES NOT work for the Idaho Department of Lands.

Your source for this story,, initially published inaccurate information, but has since corrected their article.

Media coverage elsewhere correctly notes that Travis was offered a job by the U.S. Forest Service. Idaho Department of Lands is NOT the U.S. Forest Service.

We thank Mr. Phillips for reaching out and apologize to the Idaho Dept. of Lands for the error. 

Unfortunately, the persecution of Travis didn’t stop at school. Travis was supposed to start work Sunday as a fire fighter, fighting wildland forest fires. But when he went in to complete the final paperwork, he discovered the offer from the Idaho Department of Lands had been rescinded. The Idaho Tribune confirmed the contract had been pulled by John Heyn, the head of the North Idaho Type III Incident Management Team. The newspaper also confirmed his wife is a teacher at Kellogg High.

As is the wife of the lesbian sheriff. In fact, that teacher is said to be one of the teachers who was reportedly most angered by Travis saying “boys are boys, girls are girls.” Shoshone County Sheriff Holly Lindsay initially announced graduation was going to be postponed because a “group known to commit violence” was coming to protest on Travis’ behalf. Lindsay pointedly did not name the group. As we’ve learned since January 2021, “group known to commit violence” is used to describe anyone who honors the flag or attends school board meetings. (The graduation ended up taking place at the same time as scheduled.)

Says Travis, “I don’t believe I would have been punished at all, personally, if I had said ‘black lives matter.'” You know, a group that actually does commit violence.


NYC Mayor Wants to House Illegal Immigrants in Private Residences

NYC Mayor Eric Adams said Monday he wants private citizens to house the illegal immigrants pouring into the city. “It is my vision to take the next step to this faith-based locales and then move to a private residence,” he said. “There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms.”

So the administration opens the border and wrecks the economy. And rather than seal the border and improve the economy, Adams’ big solution is to stuff those who came through the open borders in the homes of those being hurt by the wrecked economy. That’s using the ol’ noggin’.

But you know who else has spare rooms in New York? The ritzy liberals who supported sanctuary cities and called you a racist for wanting The Wall. I’m sure Joy Behar and friends would love to put their spare rooms where their mouth is.


Sen. Tim Scott Braves The View

By the way, where was Joy Behar yesterday on The View? Senator and GOP presidential candidate Tim Scott was on to challenge Joy for her comments saying he doesn’t really understand black issues. Sure Joy usually has Mondays off. But c’mon. Easy enough to basically call Scott an “Uncle Tom” in front of an adoring audience. But not face-to-face?

Even without Behar, Sen. Scott’s appearance turned into an argumentative mess.

Along The Stream

Dr. Michael Brown wrestles with some of the difficult questions that arise for Christians during Pride Month. “The Human Side of LGBTQ Pride and the Predicament It Causes Loving Christians.

Hmmm. Shouldn’t “loving Christian” be redundant? It’s on us if it isn’t.


Al Perrotta is the Managing Editor of The Stream, chief barista for The Brew and co-author, with John Zmirak, of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration. You can follow him at @StreamingAl at GETTR, Gab, Parler, and now at TRUTH Social.

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