The Brew: Parents of Girls Banned for Refusing to Compete Against Boy Sue School District

By Al Perrotta Published on May 1, 2024

Welcome to May! Even if it’s cold outside you really do have the month of May.

Actually, if we’re going to be quoting Motown lyrics, perhaps we should stick with “Ball of Confusion.” That’s what the world is today. The Temptations had no idea what was coming when they sang that song. “And the band played on … ”

NYPD Clears Out Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall and Gaza Camp

Enough was enough. The NYPD moved yesterday to retake Columbia University‘s Hamilton Hall from the pro-Hamas protesters who took over the building Monday night. Breaking through a window to gain access, NYPD methodically removed all the protesters from the building, then announced it also had cleared protesters from the “Gaza” encampment that had been set up on campus.

Shortly before 11 p.m. local time, the NYPD announced that roughly 100 protesters have now been arrested. However, it’s New York City — meaning the genocide-pushing radicals who proudly declare, “We are Hamas,” terrorized Jewish students, and trashed a major American university campus will probably be back on the streets by the time you read this.

Students Who Protested Trans Shot Putter Banned. Parents and AG Fight Back

A few weeks back, we told you about five middle school girls in West Virginia who took a stand against transgender wokeness by refusing to compete in a shot put competition against a male who identifies as a girl, Becky Pepper-Jackson.

Yesterday came the shocking news that the five girls who forfeited have been banned from future meets.

Said activist Riley Gaines on X, “Rather than banning the boy from girls sports, they ban the girls from girls sports. You can’t make this stuff up.”

The good news? The state attorney general and parents of four of the girls are fighting back. The parents filed suit last Friday against the Harrison County Board of Education, and West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has filed an amicus brief in hopes the state Supreme Court will step in.

The suit contends the district has violated the girls’ First Amendment rights as well as their right to due process.

West Virginia has a law banning males from participating in women’s sports. However, two days before the competition, a federal appeals court overturned the law — as least as it applied to Pepper-Jackson, a 13-year-old boy taking puberty blockers and estrogen injections.

By the way, Pepper-Jackson won the event, with a shot put toss of 32 feet — three full feet further than the second-place finisher.

Florida Joins States in Suing Biden Administration Over Trashing of Title IX

Add Florida to the list of states suing the Biden administration over its unilateral upending of Title IX, a move that guarantees more female athletes will be hosed like those little girls in West Virginia — both the ones that are now banned and the ones who competed against Pepper-Jackson and never had a “shot” at winning.

Said Gov. Ron DeSantis, “Biden is abusing his constitutional authority to push an ideological agenda that harms women and girls and conflicts with the truth. We will not comply, and we will fight back against Biden’s harmful agenda.”

Florida joins the lawsuit filed by South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. Texas and Louisiana have filed their own suits to protect women and girls from the White House’s move.

Feds Force Employers to Use Preferred Pronouns and Let People Use the Bathroom They Desire — or Else

Women, are you okay with dudes being allowed to use your bathroom at work? Well, you need to either get used to it, or get yourself to the voting booth.

On Monday, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) set out new “rules” — aka extraconstitutional laws that aren’t passed by Congress — that command employers to use employees’ preferred pronouns and allow employs to use the bathroom of their gender identity, or else be held liable for “harassment.”

The EEOC voted 3-2 along party lines. Andrea Lucas was one of the commissioners who voted no.

“Women’s sex-based rights in the workplace are under attack — and from the EEOC, the very federal agency charged with protecting women from sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination at work,” she said in a statement. “The commission’s guidance effectively eliminates single-sex workplace facilities and impinges on women’s rights to freedom of speech and belief.”

Women going to the bathroom together used to be a cliche. Under Biden it’s becoming a necessity.

Trump Gets to Go to Son’s Graduation After All as Evidence Emerges of Mar-a-Lago Frame Job

Perhaps realizing the PR disaster in the making, “Hush Money” trial Judge Juan Merchan said Tuesday that former President Donald Trump could go to his son Barron’s high school graduation on May 17 after all. At the start of the trial, Merchan had said Trump would have to be in the courtroom every day court is in session. He also threatened to toss Trump in jail if he keeps violating his gag order.

Meanwhile, star witness Michael Cohen is back, blabbing on TikTok for money, trash-talking both Trump and the trial.

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Did you smell a rat the minute you heard about the Mar-a-Lago raid? Your olfactory senses were working fine. Reports have long shown that the Biden administration, including Joe Biden personally, were intimately involved in setting the classified documents case in motion. But now we have a curious twist, thanks to newly redacted documents in the case.

Trump said way back that the General Services Administration (GSA) had packed several of the boxes later found to contain classified documents. Now we are learning that GSA had stored six pallets full of boxes in the D.C. area before insisting they be sent to Florida. Two were designated for Mar-a-Lago, four for a West Palm Beach storage unit. (What, none for Trump’s garage?)

Fishy, says journalist and author Julie Kelly.

A year later, FBI conducts its raid, and surprise, surprise, comes across the GSA-packed boxes. Next thing you know, Special Counsel Jack Smith is charging Trump for improperly retaining the classified documents. Kelly says she didn’t remember the GSA’s “they have to go” command being part of the case timeline. I wonder why that bit of crucial business got left out? Perhaps there’s an innocent reason.

However, according to The Federalist, “It is unclear how long the pallets sat in the Virginia facility or who had access to them.”

Sean Davis put it well: The corrupt Biden administration sent Trump documents he didn’t ask for, then prosecuted him for having them.

Will these revelations help get this documents case tossed in the shredder? Stay tuned.

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Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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