The Brew: Machetes and Antisemitic Mass Murderer Wannabes in Alvin Bragg’s New York

By Al Perrotta Published on May 31, 2024

It’s Friday morning, in a much different America than it was yesterday.

Late yesterday, the jury in former President Donald Trump’s “hush money” trial reached a verdict in New York City, convicting him of all 34 felony counts against him. We brought you a story on that late yesterday evening, and John Zmirak will have more thoughts to share on that this morning. Stay tuned. We’ve crossed the Rubicon, friends.

What else is happening in the Big Apple while New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg has been strutting in that Manhattan courtroom?

New York Watch

On Wednesday, a Pakistani national tried mowing down Orthodox Jewish students and rabbis with his car — twice. Surveillance video shows suspect Ashgar Ali jumping the curb to take dead aim at the five students and two rabbis before circling the block to make another run at the group. This is the latest of an endless string of antisemitic attacks in New York that have taken place since Oct. 7.

Ali was reportedly screaming “I am going to kill the Jews!”

Watch. Bragg will probably have Ali’s charges downgraded to a misdemeanor for reckless driving. Well, unless Michael Cohen testifies, saying Trump asked him to do it.

Meanwhile, three men with a machete attacked another male at the Times Square McDonalds Thursday. No motive has been determined. Fortunately, the victim is in stable condition. But don’t worry. If the NYPD catches the attackers, Bragg will have them out by lunch — and Mayor Eric Adams will put their machete-swinging skills to work carving up bushes in city parks.

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Why do we keep mentioning Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter here at The Stream? Because she’s gotten wealthy in the pursuit of Donald Trump. The latest bit to scream “conflict of interest” in the case against him? Paul Sperry reports Loren Merchan’s firm, Authentic Campaigns, received nearly $10 million from the Biden-Harris campaign in 2020 to influence the vote in swing states. Her pops presided over the case against her client’s political foe, which was run by her client’s former #3 at the U.S. Department of Justice.

Laura Loomer on Thursday broke the news about another direct connection between Merchan and Trump’s trial: One of Loren Merchan’s clients had a writer in the courtroom who published a piece this month that is arguably an effort to influence the jury: “Can We Trust the Jury in Trump’s Manhattan Trial?” from Joyce Vance of the Brennan Center for Justice.

Keep in mind that all of this happened while Democrats have been screaming for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to recuse himself from Trump-connected cases simply because his wife flew a flag at their beach home.

Supreme Court Unanimously Sides With NRA Against NY State

The radicals in New York just got smacked down by Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the rest of the U.S. Supreme Court. The High Court ruled unanimously Thursday that Maria Vullo, the former head of New York’s Department of Financial Services, violated the National Rifle Association’s First Amendment rights when she strongarmed banks and insurance companies into cutting business ties with the organization in order to “punish or suppress” Second Amendment advocacy.

May this serve as a warning to all those leftists who are pushing debanking as a way to shut their political enemies up. May it serve as inspiration to those, like Mike Lindell, who have been the victims of such heinous attacks on free speech and the American way.

First-Quarter GDP Revised Downward

The U.S. economy continues to slow. The first-quarter GDP was revised downward from 1.6% to an even more anemic 1.3%. That’s way down from the 3.4% pace in the fourth quarter of 2023. Apparently the folks who keep the official government stats don’t know the economy is doing fabulous under Bidenomics. Isn’t that what we keep hearing?

So what is the Labor Department doing to help grow the economy? Calling women “menstruators.”

Dept. of Labor Shredded for Referring to Women as “Menstruators”

At some point, maybe the people employed by the federal government will start talking like normal human beings again. But at the moment, the Department of Labor is calling women “menstruators.” It’s part of their celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day. (Yes, there is such a thing. It was Wednesday.)

Not for nothing, but is it coincidence they picked a model who looks like a member of a K-Pop boy band?

As Gateway Pundit reported, the Department of Labor’s blog post about how to help “menstruators thrive at work” included lines like, “Provide a sufficient supply of varied period products in bathrooms and ensure menstruators can access products privately” and “Allow flexibility in uniforms, with options in dark colors to ensure menstruators do not need to worry that an unexpected period or heavier flow will lead to noticeable stains.”

The good news? Some people are starting to wake up.

Victory Across the Pond: UK Issues ‘Emergency Ban’ on Puberty Blockers for Minors

The Brits continue awakening from the dystopian nightmare of transgendering children. The U.K. government on Wednesday announced an “emergency ban” on privately prescribing and dispensing puberty blockers for minors. Effective June 3 through September 3, the ban is designed to address the “risks to patient safety.”

As the Daily Caller News Foundation reports, the new regulations come after the four-year-long Cass Review study concluded there is “weak evidence” supporting puberty blockers for minors and “insufficient/insignificant” research on how the treatment impacts mental health and fertility.

Democratic California Lawmaker Shreds Party Over Its Coddling of Child Sex Offenders

In a powerful statement from the floor of the California State Senate, Sen. Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-San Joaquin County) said she is “done” with her party coddling child sex abusers and traffickers.

The California Senate was debating a bill that would increase the punishment of those who solicit underage prostitutes. Democrats on the Senate Public Safety Committee watered down the bill to weaken the proposed punishment.

Describing herself as a “progressive, proud member of this body,” Talamantes declared, “I’m done. I’m done with protecting people who would buy and abuse our children.

“I don’t want people buying girls. I don’t want people buying little girls anymore. And I’m tired of saying it’s okay and that we have to protect the men who do it.

“What do we stand for? Girls are being bought and sold. Men are being given a slap in the hand or a couple days [in jail] and then they’re back out again and they do the same thing.”

Watch her amazing statement.

Well done, ma’am. Well done.

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At 7 a.m. Eastern, we’ll have MassResistance on “Citizens Keeping Rainbow Flag Off Public Buildings in Los Angeles Suburb.”


Al Perrotta is The Stream’s Washington bureau chief, coauthor with John Zmirak of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, and coauthor of the counterterrorism memoir Hostile Intent: Protecting Yourself Against Terrorism.

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